Tips to select Mixer Grinder for Indian Cuisine!



Technology has developed a lot, whereby we have witnessed the death knell for the proverbial grinding stone. Mixer-grinders have taken over as they perform the grinding and blending jobs with equal felicity.

Check out the below tips before you purchase a Mixie

Consider your usage patterns. If you intend to use your mixer-grinder for heavy-duty jobs, it is always advisable to go for a 1000W machine, such as the Bosch TrueMixx Pro.

Homes with families of four to five people can opt for a 750W motor, depending on their grinding requirements.

Smaller families and individuals do not need more than a 500W mixer-grinder. Under such circumstances, the Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder should prove adequate.

It is natural for a mixer-grinder to make noise. However, the more expensive models come with noise reduction features.

Mixer-grinders can emit a burning odor, primarily when you use them for the first time. It is because of the burning of the varnish coating on the motor.

You should ensure that your mixer-grinder has an overload protection feature. It helps protect the motor, especially when you overload idli batter ingredients. The machine stops working until you reduce the load and reset the option.


The mixer-grinder motor generally does not become hot with usage up to a maximum of 25 minutes. The jars can get hot. Therefore, it is better to go for jars with handles to enable convenient use.

Stainless steel blades are always preferable to the cast iron blades you find in some old models.

It is not advisable to grind hot ingredients directly from the frying pan. Allowing the ingredients to cool down a bit can enhance the machine’s longevity.

Many people have the habit of switching the control knobs swiftly towards the maximum speed. It is not a particularly good idea to do so. One can turn the knobs slowly and gradually increase the revolution speeds.

It is any day better to give some rest to the jars between your grinding assignments. It helps the jars and the motor to cool down sufficiently.

It is not necessary to have a juicer arrangement unless you specifically decide to have one. Investing in a separate juicer is a better option. 

One should check out the warranties available on the product and the motor. A good model should offer a minimum warranty of two years on the product and five years on the engine. 

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