Tips to select the Right AC brand in India

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Which brand of AC should I buy? This is a million dollar question.

There are many top brands available in the market. Each of them is good in its own way. Making the choice is difficult. It depends on a lot of extraneous factors. Naming any brand should not be the right way to go about it because different people have different choices.

Let us take a pragmatic approach and look at things from a broad angle.

Product reviews matter

It is always a good thing to do your homework before embarking on the task of purchasing an AC.

You will have to contend with various confusing terms like BTU/hr, BEE Star ratings, EER, and so on. Going through the product reviews will let you understand the meaning of these terms. Hence, you will be in a better position to judge.

Secondly, these reviews deal with numbers. Higher the star rating, the better is the AC. This is the thumb rule. However, there will be many ACs with similar numbers. You need to learn to read between the lines. Hence, this article should be of help to you in deciding which brand of AC.

Customer reviews matter as well

Customer reviews can be of great help in choosing the right brand. Remember, these are reviews from people that have actually used these AC units. They are definitely in a better position to comment on the vital aspects of the AC units. One should pay more attention to the negative reviews more than the positive ones. This is because people might not always post reviews if the product is good, but they do so if the product is bad.

These reviews do not deal with numbers. They are actual experiences. Hence, they are a better tool for determining the brand of AC units you wish to buy.

There are three categories of AC manufacturers, the specialist, the generic, and the inexpensive. Let us look into each category individually.

The specialist brands are advisable

Out of the numerous AC manufacturers out there in the market, some brands are known especially for the technology they use. These brand manufacturers do their research on the subject of cooling technology. These models last longer than the others and are energy efficient.

Energy audit reports state that these brands provide a higher degree of efficiency even when the machine becomes old. The better technology in use makes them last longer. Naturally, these AC units are expensive compared to the other units available in the market. They have a higher capital cost, but it evens out in the end because of their higher efficiency and longevity.

There is a minor disadvantage as well because these specialist brands of AC manufacturers might not have servicing units in all cities. Hence, they incur a higher maintenance cost. Nevertheless, they are worth the expense.

Generic AC brands are economical

There are some brands that sell a lot of other electronic items in addition to the air conditioners. They might be great manufacturers of other electronic items, but might not be experts in cooling technology. However, they do sell good equipment that can be classified as above average.

These companies specialize in other electronic appliances, but they have a reputation in the market. Hence, they adhere to quality norms. These companies are also very flexible with their pricing. These machines are definitely cheaper, but they might just fall short on the technology aspect. Buying such AC units is also a good choice especially if you do not use the AC for longer periods.

These companies have a dedicated market and enjoy deeper penetration than the specialist brands. Hence, you get good after-sales service. This helps in the maintenance aspect. They have efficient models. They are extremely popular as well.

Stay clear of the cheap brands

In addition to the specialist and generic brands, you have the inexpensive brands as well. Normally, these brands are extremely cheap. They compromise on the quality aspect that affects the efficiency a lot. The manufacturers of such brands indulge in all sorts of marketing gimmicks like “Buy One Get One free”, and other attractive discounts.

They are available very cheap, but they do tend to consume a lot of electricity. This increases the operating costs of the AC. Therefore, it is not advisable to go for such AC units in spite of the aggressive marketing techniques. One should always take the capital cost as well as the operating cost into consideration. Over the life of the AC, these cheap ACs cost more because they consume more electricity. They require higher maintenance as well.


Various factors go into the choice of brand of AC. If you have the money, it is always better to go for the specialist brands. The generic brands are also advisable. Nevertheless, one should be careful about the inexpensive brands. They can actually cost you more because these units consume more electricity.

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