The Sleep Company Smartgrid Luxe Mattress Review

The Smartgrid Luxe mattress differs from memory foam because it offers better comfort while eliminating the heat one associates with memory foam beds. As a result, this mattress is excellent to use even in the summer months. So you wake up feeling more energized.

This mattress is available in four categories and three heights, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches.

The Sleepcompany Smartgrid Luxe Mattress review india

Who will love this bed?

  • Everyone should love to sleep on this bed because of its bouncy feel.
  • Stomach sleepers should relish this mattress because it allows them to sink in beautifully without feeling uncomfortable.

Who will not love this bed?

  • People with a history of back pain will not like sleeping on this bed because it provides too much comfort that could aggravate the pain instead of relieving it.
  • People who love to sleep at the bed’s edges will not experience the same level of comfort as those who sleep at the center.

Smartgrid Luxe – At a glance

The best part of the SmartGRID Luxe mattress is its promotional advertisement where you find a man being dropped on the bed with eggs strapped to his body. While you expect the eggs to break and create a mess, you are in for a surprise as the eggs remain intact. It shows that the SmartGRID Luxe can bear the heaviest of shocks without compromising comfort.

However, on usage, We have observed that the mattress is too soft for comfort, especially if you sit on it and use your laptop. You sink with your weight and, thus, start feeling uncomfortable after some time. Otherwise, the mattress is excellent.

The Sleep Compnay Smartgrid Luxe Mattress Review

SmartGRID Luxe – Who does this bed suit the most?

The SmartGRID Luxe bed is ideal for persons without any back problems. It is an excellent bed for couples, especially if one partner loves to toss around during sleep. The outstanding motion isolation feature ensures undisturbed sleep for the other partner.

The best aspect of the SmartGRID Luxe is that it suits all kinds of sleeping positions. Stomach sleepers also find it comfortable to breathe when sleeping on this mattress. So, I trust it should be an excellent bed for people with snoring problems.

The Sleep Compnay

This bed can comfortably bear heavy weights. So, it should not be a problem even if your weight exceeds 100 Kg. But, getting out of bed can be a problem for obese people because they must put in extra effort to pull their weight out.

Advantages of the Smartgrid Luxe Mattress

  • It gives a luxurious feel because of its softness.
  • The mattress comes with a beautiful cover.
  • The mattress comes in a compressed format at the time of delivery.
  • The mattress comes in many sizes to suit all requirements.
  • The absence of memory foam eliminates heat to add to your comfort level.
  • Stomach sleepers find it easy to breathe when sleeping on this mattress.
  • It does not require a person to use big pillows.
  • Fellow sleepers do not get disturbed when the partner tosses and turns around.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It is a great mattress to sleep on if you do not have any back pain. You do not get one sleeping on it.
  • The edge support is excellent. So, you can sit at the edges and not experience the sinking feeling.
  • The most exciting aspect of the Smartgrid Luxe mattress is the absence of the smell that memory foam beds emit for the initial few days.
 SmartGRID Luxe Mattress

Disadvantages of the Smartgrid Luxe Mattress

  • The extra softness makes the person sink when sitting on it.
  • It can be challenging to eat when sitting on the bed.
  • The customer service needs improvement.
  • The mattress takes time to get used to. It requires around two weeks for the user to adjust to the softness.
  • The 100-night trial is not available on Amazon.
  • People with back pain should avoid sleeping on this mattress because the pain can get aggravated.
The Sleep Compnay Smartgrid Luxe Mattress not suitable for working on laptop

The Egg-Break Test

Smart Grid mattress egg break test

This mattress passes the “Egg-Break” test, where an adult person with a couple of eggs strapped to his back is dropped on the mattress from a height. The mattress absorbs the weight, and the eggs do not break. In addition, it shows the elasticity of the mattress and its capability to adjust to heavyweights without compromising the comfort level.

Smartgrid Luxe Mattress review

This test shows that the SmartGRID Luxe mattress can withstand heavy weights and absorb pressure beautifully.

Composition of the SmartGRID Luxe Mattress – What lies below the covers

The SmartGRID Luxe Mattress is available in three different heights, 6-inches, 8-inches, and 10-inches.

The composition of the mattress is as follows.

Top Layer – The topmost layer is an organic viscose quilted cotton cover that ensures breathability and superior comfort.

Smart Grid – The 2-inches SmartGRID is common to all three variants.

 SmartGRID Luxe Mattress compsition

Transition Layer – The 6-inches models come with a 2-inches soft transition layer to enhance bounciness and comfort. The 8-inches models feature a 4-inches soft transition layer, whereas the 10-inches models feature two soft transition layers (2-inches and 4-inches) to provide additional support.

Resilient Support Foam – All three models have a 2-inches High Resilient Support Foam to provide strength and support to the mattress for a long time.

Mattress Cover – The mattress comes with a sleek and attractive removable cover that makes it easy to wash. It is beneficial to people suffering from allergies.

How does the SmartGRID technology work?

SmartGrid Technology

This patented Smartgrid technology provides the ideal softness when you need it the most. But, simultaneously, it offers the right firmness when you need support. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds with this technology.

The Smartgrid features 2500 air channels using temperature-neutral technology to keep you cool and comfortable. In addition, the premium cotton viscose cover enhances the softness and cooling, thereby ensuring maximum comfort.

Smart Grid mattress technology

The SmartGRID mattress comprises multiple layers to provide a soft and luxurious feel and the ideal comfort for the body. The grid is made from innovative hyper-elastic polymer that adapts to the body and retains its shape without crumbling for extended periods.

The grid provides the ideal support to the spine and. But, at the same time, it is soft enough to conform to your body shape and hence, provide the ideal comfort to the individual.

The Sleep Compnay Mattress Review GIF

Features of the SmartGRID Luxe Mattress

Relieves Pain – The mattress is soft on your shoulder and hips while supporting the spine to keep it straight.

No Sweat – The open-air structure allows easy air circulation, ensuring that you do not sweat while sleeping.

No Sagging – The Smart grid has a firm design that does not sag for years.

Motion Isolation Technology – The SmartGRID isolates motion and ensures against partner disturbance. Hence, the tossing and turning of one partner during sleep do not disturb the other.

Preson sleeping on Smartgrid Luxe Mattress

Edge Support – This mattress is comfortable to sit on, even when you sit on the edges.

Compatibility – The SmartGRID Luxe mattress is compatible with all sleeping patterns. Hence, it is ideal for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

Sleep Company Smart Grid luxe mattress images

Smartgrid – Different from other mattresses

SmartGRID is different from the memory foam in many ways.

  • It changes firmness depending on your body weight and body parts. Memory foam is different because it provides the same dense feel across all body parts.
  • While a memory foam tends to collapse with time, SmartGRID aligns to your spinal position at all times.
  • SmartGRID ensures that it does not retain heat because of the 2500 air channels that ensure proper air circulation.
  • Memory foam sags with time, whereas SmartGRID retains its position for more than ten years.
The Sleep Compnay Mattress

Size – Available in a wide range

The SmartGRID Luxe Mattress is available in four categories and different sizes.

Single Bed – The single bed is available in three sizes (72” x 36”, 75” x 36”, 78” x 36”). The pricing is between Rs 14,235 to Rs 17,940.

Queen Bed – The Queen bed is available in eleven sizes (72” x 48”, 72” x 60”, 72” x 66”, 75” x 48”, 75” x 60”, 75” x 66, 78” x 48”, 78” x 60”, 78” x 66”, 84” x 60”, 84” x 66”). The Queen Bed is available between Rs 25,900 to Rs 33,240.

King Bed – The King bed comes in five sizes (72” x 72”, 75” x 72”, 78 “ x 72”, 84” x 72”, 84” x 78”). The King bed costs between Rs 26,935 and Rs 35,900.

Custom Size – The customer can specify the size, and the company arranges for the requirement accordingly.

The different sizes allow people with different sleeping styles to use the bed. For example, single beds can support a person weighing up to 200kg, whereas double beds can support up to 400Kg.


sleep company mattress packaging

The SmartGRID Luxe mattress is compressed using unique vacuum-press technology to transport the mattress easily. On delivery, it gets restored to its original shape and size within a few hours on unpacking. However, this facility is available at the time of initial delivery alone. If you plan to shift houses, this mattress is heavy and challenging to transport, especially with a King-size bed.

Warranty Information

This mattress is available with a 10-year warranty. However, the mattress can last much longer if you maintain it well. The mattress does not sag even for ten years. Thus, it provides comfort for extended periods.

Sleep Trial

The SmartGRID Luxe mattress comes with a 100-night trial offer where the users can return the mattress if they are not happy with its performance. However, this facility is available under specific conditions and unavailable for Amazon/Flipkart purchases. It is also not available on custom-size mattresses.

Smart Grid luxe mattress for backpain


The SmartGRID Luxe mattress is a comfortable mattress to have in your home. Its highlight is the patented Japanese SmartGRID technology. Therefore, it is a recommended option for all kinds of sleepers. Furthermore, as the mattress is available in different sizes, it is ideal for couples and small families. Besides, the 10-inches model should prove ideal for overweight people. Smartgrid Luxe Mattress is Not suitable for people with backpain.

Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress FAQ

1. What is the significance of the ‘Egg Break’ Test?

The Egg Break Test displays the shock-absorbing capabilities of the SmartGRID Luxe mattress. It shows that this bed can withstand the weight of a heavy person without compromising comfort levels.

2. What distinguishes it from a memory foam bed?

Memory foam beds tend to absorb body heat and cause discomfort in the summer months. It can be challenging to sleep without the AC. But, the SmartGRID Luxe, with its air pockets, does not absorb body heat. Hence, it is comfortable to sleep even in summer.

3. Is the SmartGRID Luxe mattress good for people with back pain?

Unfortunately, the SmartGRID Luxe is not recommended for people with consistent back pain. You can aggravate it further. But if you have no back problems, the mattress is perfect for delivering the highest comfort levels.

4. How do you rate the SmartGRID Luxe on the firmness scale?

The SmartGRID Luxe mattress is a medium-firm mattress. Though it provides comfort while sleeping, it is not the ideal bed to sit and work on your laptop for long hours. Instead, you experience a sinking feeling that can be uncomfortable.

5. Can you flip the SmartGRID mattress and use it?

No, you cannot use this mattress on both sides.

Motion Isolation
Temperature Control
Back Support
Edge Support
Ease of Movement
Pressure Relief
The Smartgrid Luxe by Sleep Compnay is an excellent mattress that is suitable for Most People. If you are suffering from back pain, you can skip this mattress and opt for Smartgrid Ortho model which is priced lower than this one.
Dr Sandeep Raj
Dr Sandeep Raj
Dr. Sandeep Raj Bharma is a Pulmonologist and Sleep Specialist. He got International fellowship in sleep medicine in sleep medicine in 2010 and he is a member of american academy of sleep medicine. He did his MD in Pulmonary Medicine from Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, At kitchenarena he offers expert advice and oversees content creation concerning sleep and bedding topics.



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The Smartgrid Luxe by Sleep Compnay is an excellent mattress that is suitable for Most People. If you are suffering from back pain, you can skip this mattress and opt for Smartgrid Ortho model which is priced lower than this one.The Sleep Company Smartgrid Luxe Mattress Review