TDS Controller vs Mineralizer | Which is better?



This comparison table should answer all your queries concerning TDS Controller and Mineralizer.

TDS ControllerMineralizer
It introduces a part of the source water to RO-purified water. The mineralizer introduces essential minerals lost during the RO purification process. So it does not contaminate the water.
This arrangement is suitable if the TDS in the water source is less than 1200. Such water does not have heavy metal impurities like arsenic, lead, etc.The mineralizer works for all RO water purifiers, regardless of the TDS content. So it is suitable for water sources with TDS content up to 2000.
Users can control the TDS levels in water by adjusting the water input.Users do not have any control over the TDS content in the RO-purified water.
The TDS controller is a built-in arrangement. It does involve any additional expenses.The mineralizer arrangement requires the replacement of cartridges and incurs additional maintenance costs.
TDS controller is a mechanical arrangement.The mineralizer introduces a chemical reaction as the water passes through the cartridge.
Users do not get 100% RO-purified water.Mineralizer ensures 100% RO-purified water.
A water purifier with a TDS controller arrangement is less expensive.The mineralizer makes the RO water purifier more expensive.
TDS Controller

You have seen the functions and the working of the TDS controller. There is a new concept in water purifying technology that uses mineralizers.

Let us see what a mineralizer is and how does it work. This will explain the difference between the TDS controller and the mineralizer.

The mineralizer works on the principles of ionization and electrolysis. This process involves the passing of variable low voltage Direct Current into the ionization chamber to enable the process of electrolysis. 

There is a release of positively charged ions of copper and silver. Copper and silver ions have anti-toxic properties. Silver is a natural toxin for bacteria and copper to algae.

The release of these positively charged ions purifies the water completely without causing any side effects that you would usually observe when you use chlorine for purification. The resultant water has a refreshing smell and taste.

In addition to removing the toxicity, the mineralizer ensures the release of essential minerals lost during the RO purification process. This enables selective infusion of minerals. 

This is not possible in the case of TDS controllers. When you use TDS controllers, you mix purified source water with normal TDS along with RO purified water with a minimum concentration of TDS.

Strictly speaking, you infuse the same minerals that the RO process has eliminated. Of course, you purify the water by passing it through the UV chamber and UF membrane.

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Nevertheless, you do not remove the heavy metals like arsenic, lead, or mercury. Theoretically speaking, you contaminate the water purified by the RO process. The Mineralizer differs in the sense that it infuses the lost minerals alone and this certainly does not include the heavy metal impurities like arsenic, lead, or mercury.

This is not to say that the TDS controller is ineffective or anything of that sort. Both TDS controller and the Mineralizer have their importance in the water purification process.

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