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Water purifiers have become an integral component of our homes. Today, we shall review an affordable water purifier model, Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT, manufactured by Eureka Forbes.

Our Verdict

We have been using this water purifier for over a year and have no significant complaints about its performance. We selected this model after researching well factors like TDS in input water sources, purification technology, after-sales service, performance reviews, and budget.

Fortunately, we found this water purifier the ideal appliance for our kitchen. The performance is excellent, but the AMC is expensive, almost 50% of the appliance cost. Nevertheless, we are happy with our choice.

Before proceeding with an honest review, let us glance through the pros and cons to get a fair idea of the product’s performance.

Aquaguard Delight review

Pros of Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT

  • The 6L storage tank is ideal for small and medium-sized families.
  • The 8-stage purification takes care of almost all kinds of water contaminants.
  • This appliance feels light on the pocket as it is budget-friendly.
  • Its stylish looks complement its performance and add to your kitchen ambiance.
  • The sensors are valuable features. In addition, the LED indicators are handy. Besides, the 6L storage feature dispenses pure water even during power cuts.
  • The first-year AMC is available for free.

Cons of Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT

  • Water wastage is high on this machine.
  • Generally, users have complained of poor after-sales service, but we did not experience any hassle.
  • Maintenance costs are high.

The pros and cons must have given you a good idea of what this water purifier is capable of. Therefore, we shall proceed with our review from a user’s viewpoint.

Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT Review

Choose your water purifier appropriately

Many people think that a water purifier is a water purifier and should be the same for all water sources. But it is not so.

The choice of your water purifier depends on the TDS and other contaminant levels in the water source.

For example, we rely on groundwater sources for our water consumption. The groundwater in our area has TDS levels of around 600 ppm. Hence, we had to settle for an RO water purifier.

On the other hand, you might not need an RO water purifier if you receive an RO-purified water supply from your municipality. However, since the TDS levels are in check, you might need a UV/UF water purifier to eliminate bacterial contamination and other impurities the water might collect on the way to your home.

Sure From Aquaguard Delight

We chose this Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT water purifier because it offers multiple water purification technologies, including RO, UF, UV e-boiling, and carbon filtration. In addition, this water purifier has an I-filter to remove minute-suspended impurities like mud and sand from our groundwater sources. Groundwater contains chlorine and other organic impurities. Hence, the Chemi-Block filtration feature proves handy. Finally, this water purifier can handle TDS levels up to 2000 ppm.

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But RO purification can waste water

Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT water wastage

Yes. RO purification wastes water, and this machine is no different. Our experience shows that this water purifier wastes around two liters of water for every liter of water purified.

However, much depends on the TDS levels in the water source. The higher the TDS levels, the more wastage. The product manual states that this machine saves up to 60% water, but we found no specific water-saving feature. So, it is more of a marketing gimmick from Eureka Forbes.

Does the water taste change after purification?

Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT TDS

Yes. There is a marked change in the water taste before and after RO purification because the technology removes as much TDS as possible. However, the RO water purification technology, MTDS, eliminates essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. In addition, this water purifier features a Taste Adjuster facility that adjusts the water taste depending on the water source.

This technology involves mixing raw water from the water source, bypassing the RO purification with the RO-purified water to restore essential minerals. It improves the water taste but contaminates the water to a certain extent.

The MTDS technology is good if the source water does not contain toxic impurities like lead, mercury, or arsenic. However, we do not recommend this water purifier if you depend on river water sources, especially near industrially polluted areas.

The MTDS feature in this machine can be controlled from the inside. Our technician tweaked the controls and set the output TDS levels to 50 ppm. Our water tastes good. But the primary drawback is that you cannot change the setting. It requires technical assistance, opening the machine, and adjusting the TDS levels.

Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT Filters

Is the machine user-friendly?

Yes. This water purifier features LED indicators that glow when the tank gets filled. The LED alerts prove handy because they indicate when the cartridges are due for replacement. In addition, it enables you to contact the technician and arrange for replacements accordingly.

Sensors in Aquaguard sure

The 6L water storage is ideal for my small family. Since it stores water continuously, I can access RO-purified water even during water cuts. Though the machine can be placed on the countertop, I hung it on the wall. Thus, it saves space and allows me to place the machine close to the water source in the kitchen. I can comfortably direct the wastewater outlet into the kitchen sink without affecting my daily activities.

Any installation issues?

Many users have complained of poor service, especially during installation and when attending to complaints. However, we did not find such problems because the technician attended the installation the next day after the purchase.

However, he advised us to install a water pressure-reducing valve because the input water pressure was high. However, it is not always necessary. But if you live in high-rise apartments, the water pressure can be high. Under such circumstances, you will need this valve, which costs around Rs 500.

We have been using this machine for more than a year. Unfortunately, the machine required changing the filters once during the period. Fortunately, it was covered in the free AMC available for the first year. We intend to continue the AMC for the second year, but it costs Rs 4,500. Since the membrane and filter replacement costs are similar, the AMC is a better option because it includes free servicing. However, an AMC costing nearly 50% of the machine cost is expensive.

Any fancy features?

Aquaguard sure tap design
Aquaguard sure tap design

This machine does not have any fancy features. It is a straightforward machine that purifies water and makes it fit for human consumption. The 8-stage purification feature is not new because many products offer RO plus UV and UF in their products. This machine offers additional filters to remove organic odor and replenish lost minerals.

The membrane life enhancer is optional if the source water has TDS levels over 1000 ppm or the water hardness is over 300 ppm. We advise you to check the TDS and hardness levels before opting for the membrane life enhancer. It is available at an additional cost because the original package does not offer it. Our machine does not have this feature because our source water TDS levels were around 600 ppm.

Sure From Aquaguard Delight sound
This Aquaguard does not make much noise

What did we like about the machine?

According to us, the best feature of this water purifier is its excellent combination of high-quality performance and aesthetic looks. Besides, this machine fits perfectly within our budget. This water purifier suited our requirements perfectly because we needed an RO water purifier to remove TDS from our groundwater sources. Besides, the UV feature was also necessary because it eliminates bacterial contamination and purifies the water better.

We loved the LED indication alerts, especially the cartridge replacement alert. It ensures that we arrange for the replacements on time.

Sure From Aquaguard review

What did we not like about the product?

We did not like the water pressure-reducing valve, but it was necessary because the high-water pressure could damage the filter components. Secondly, the AMC costs are high at Rs 4,500 from the second year onwards. However, replacing RO membranes is always expensive.

Another improvement factor is adjusting the MTDS feature to suit our requirements. The facility is provided inside the machine and requires technical expertise. For example, we asked our technician to set the output water TDS levels at 50 ppm. However, you can get it adjusted according to your requirements.

This feature can be risky because it involves adding untreated water after the RO purification process. It can contaminate the water, especially if the source water has heavy impurities. Fortunately, our source water does not have heavy metal contaminants like lead or mercury. The Mineralizer facility would be better because it does not contaminate the water but adds the essential minerals separately. However, this feature is expensive and increases product pricing.

Sure From Aquaguard

Tips for choosing the right water purifier for your home

  • Choose the product that suits your requirements the best.
  • Check the TDS and water hardness levels before selecting the purification mode. TDS levels over 500 ppm require using RO water purification.
  • All RO water purifiers waste a significant amount of water. But you can use the rejected water for other purposes like watering plants, cleaning floors, etc.
  • Please do not fall for fancy features like Zero Water Wastage because it is impossible in an RO water purifier.
  • The after-sales services are crucial because the RO membrane and other filters require replacement annually. Some manufacturers offer AMC. It can be expensive but valuable.
  • Finally, select the water purifier that fits your budget.


The Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT from Eureka Forbes qualifies as an affordable water purifier capable of delivering excellent performance. It is an ideal machine for households not receiving municipally treated RO-purified water. UV e-boiling is essential because it eliminates bacterial contamination. Thus, this water purifier delivers pure and hygienic water for consumption.

Water Taste
Water Savings
Installation & Service
Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT from Eureka Forbes qualifies as an affordable water purifier capable of delivering excellent performance.
Sai Sahithya
Sai Sahithya
Sai Sahithya Ponguru is an Associate Engineer at Cognizant, holding a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. Her creative pursuits include writing and producing videos about small home and kitchen appliances. She's passionate about maintaining a clean and organized home and kitchen, and sharing practical tips and insights.


  1. Worst service.
    Service engineer insisted selling new system saying spare parts are costlier and not available. We have to pay service charges for not doing anything.
    Insisted to buy a new product at a discount wherein the amc is 25% of the new system costs when enquired.
    Worst experience..

  2. My warranty expires on 22/7/23. Still under warranty. But the company refuses to replace the membrane which is under warranty. They insists me to buy a AMC plan which costs about 4150₹ per annum. They told me if you buy a AMC plan then we can replace you the membrane which is under warranty. I think I have to go to the consumer court.

  3. Excellent. I appriciate your effort in sharing such a detailed review. Now a days there are rental options from Livepure and Drink prime. You have to pay for the quantity of water that is purified. But they are available only in Tier-1 cities. They are worth, as you mentioned the AMC costs are significant and going for a rental model is always hassle free.


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Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT from Eureka Forbes qualifies as an affordable water purifier capable of delivering excellent performance.Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT Review