Superfan Ceiling fan | Saves Over 56% Power!

India is a power-deficit country. It entails that the demand for power is more than the supply. Yes, we have some states in India that are power-surplus states.

Overall, we are facing a deficit. Hence, power conservation assumes tremendous importance. We can take steps to improve the power situation in the following ways.

  • Switching off the electrical devices when not in use
  • Smart usage of electrical devices
  • Preference to use BEE 5-star rated electrical and electronic appliances

Coming to the question of power conservation, we can say that the most widely used electrical device in India is the ceiling fan.

India has about 350 million ceiling fans. Assuming that these fans run for seven hours a day, there is a demand for nearly 14000 MW per day.

The market is expanding at tremendous speed, but the power supply is not. Hence, there is an apparent mismatch leading to a precarious situation.

If we can reduce the power consumption of the ceiling fans, more power will be available for other purposes. This idea is the background behind the invention of the Superfan. A company in Coimbatore named Versa Drives manufactures these Superfans.

The Superfan is the brand name of the super-efficient ceiling fan made by Versa Drives.

The idea behind the Superfan

Ceiling fans available in the market use single-phase induction motors. They derive the power directly from the 220V AC input using a capacitor. It is a simple and inexpensive design.

However, it consumes more power. The search was on to have a system that consumes less power. One solution is in the use of Brushless DC motors also known as BLDC motors.

The BLDC motors have permanent magnets that not only make the system efficient but also expensive. The BLDC motors face another challenge in the sense that they require sensors to indicate the rotor position to the electronic drive.

A BLDC motor Source: renesas

Versa Drives came up with a solution in the form of an electronic drive circuit that uses a microcomputer to control the BLDC motor. It has given birth to India’s first super-efficient ceiling fan. These Superfans come with the following advantages.

  • Minimum power consumption
  • High speed
  • Remote control fans
  • Stable speed in the event of voltage fluctuations
  • Simple to install
  • Attractive colours
  • Reasonable cost

The highlight of this Superfan is that if you replace each ceiling fan in India with the Superfan, the demand for power will come down to nearly 5000 Watts. Hence, you save almost 9000 Watts per day that can have other productive uses.

The features of the Superfan

These fans save a lot of energy. You reduce your power consumption by more than 50%. Hence, you end up with a lower electricity bill every month.

You have the facility to control these fans using a remote control unit. There is no need to invest in a regulator. You also do not need to get up from the bed at night to switch these fans on or off.

These fans run efficiently on the inverter and the UPS. They do not make any noise at all.

These fans function perfectly during voltage fluctuations. They do not lose their revolution speed in any way.

The BLDC motors do not emit heat. Hence, the fans do not heat up.

These fans come with a powder-coated aluminium body. Hence, there is no question of any formation of rust.

These fans have a service value of more than 6. It entails they are better than the 5-star rated ceiling fans that come with a service value of around 4.4.

The fans have an LED indicator to assist in the remote operation.

The Superfan comes in different and attractive colours.

How much do you save on using the Superfan?

If you use one fan for a minimum of 12 hours a day, you end up saving ₹ 1050 annually as compared to a regular ceiling fan.

The Superfan is comparatively expensive. On an average, it costs about ₹ 2000 more than the regular ceiling fan. However, you can recover the difference within two years.


Considering the power shortage situation in India, it is better to switch over to the Superfan. You not only save on the electricity bills but also play a part in reducing global warming. These fans are environmentally friendly devices.

Source: Superfan


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