Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder Review

The performance of a mixer grinder depends on its motor. So, the higher the wattage, the more powerful the appliance. Sujata Dynamix Plastic Mixer Grinder features a 900W motor to rank among the most robust devices in its niche. So, let us review this mixer grinder for your benefit.

Before discussing the details of its features and performances, here are its pros and cons at a glance.

Sujata Dynamix unboxing

Pros of Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

  • This appliance delivers a powerful performance as it can reportedly function for 90 minutes continuously.
  • The Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder is a durable appliance with a powerful motor.
  • It delivers high-quality wet and dry grinding performance to prove an asset in the kitchen.
  • Grinding challenging ingredients like turmeric, spices, garlic, ginger, and others is easy.
  • Stainless steel jars and high-quality blades ensure a top-class performance.
  • This appliance has aesthetic looks that suit the modern kitchen ambiance.

 Cons of Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

  • The primary drawback of this mixer grinder is the lack of an overload protection switch.
  • The aluminum jar base is sturdy but loses the white paint covering after a few years of using the product.
  • Sujata does not offer reliable after-sales service because of its limited reach.
  • The appliance does not have vacuum suction feet to securely hold onto the kitchen platform. However, the mixer grinder does not wobble even when performing at full speed.

Our Opinion

Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

Utility and performance-wise, the Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder is an excellent device. The durability is a significant plus. While the lack of overload protection is a major drawback, you can overcome it by being careful. This mixer grinder is suitable for grinding idli and dosa batter. Besides, dry grinding is its forte. So, overall, the machine is a handy appliance in any Indian kitchen.

Let us now review the Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder.

The Components

Sujata Dynamix
  • The heart of this mixer grinder is the 900W powerful motor with double ball bearings to ensure high efficiency, trouble-free functioning, and low maintenance.
  • The package comes with three jars made of stainless steel with aluminum bases and polycarbonate lids.
  • 400ml chutney jar for dry grinding masalas, turmeric, and other chutneys.
  • 1L dry grinding jar for your regular dry grinding purposes
  • 1.5L wet grinding jar with a dome lid for wet grinding purposes like idli and dosa batter
Sujata Dynamix Jars

These jars have polycarbonate transparent lids that allow you to inspect the grinding process. The wet grinding jar has a lockable lid to keep it in place during the wet grinding process. All the caps feature robust rubber gaskets that help hold the covers tightly and prevent the ingredients from spilling outside. The jars have ergonomic handles with finger-shaped grooves to allow for easy gripping.

  • The jar has a gauge of 0.8mm thickness, whereas the blades are 1.2mm thick. Hence, it ensures robust performances.
  • The blades are fitted close to the jar’s bottom. Hence, it ensures perfect and uniform grinding without leaving any residue.
  • Besides the regular blades, Sujata offers whisking and chopper blades as additional attachments.

Sujata Dynamix Performance

The robust 900W motor ensures a high rotational speed of up to 21000 rpm to ensure excellent grinding performance.

The high-speed rotation helps retain the food’s aroma and flavor while ensuring minimum residue. For example, I have tried grinding onions and garlic using the chutney jar. The final product was smooth without any lumps.

Sujata Dynamix Chutney jar
Sujata Dynamix Chutney

Similarly, there was no residue when I ground turmeric and other masalas. This product is excellent for preparing milkshakes and purees. However, we recommend the Sujata Powermatic Plus for preparing juices because it features a specific juicer arrangement.  

Sujata Dynamix Dry Grinding jar
Sujata Dynamix Turmeric Grinding
Sujata Dynamix Offers Best Turmeric Grinding

The best aspect of this Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder is its ability to function continuously for 90 minutes. Though I did not try this out, this appliance has proved excellent for wet grinding idli and dosa batter. This process takes more than half an hour of continuous grinding.

I did not experience the motor becoming hot during the grinding period. Other mixer grinders available in the market become hot after 30 to 45 minutes of continuous grinding.

However, this mixer grinder does not have a flow separator arrangement that helps remove air bubbles and ensures better grinding. So, you must stop the process for a few seconds and use the spatula to stir the batter and eliminate the air pockets.

The Sujata Dynamix features three adjustable speed settings, low, medium, and high. Besides, it has a pulse or whipping mode. This mode proves handy for whipping eggs and cream using the whisking blade. 

The Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder has copper winding to ensure high-quality performance and improve heat dissipation. However, this mixer grinder has a significant drawback as it does not have an overload protection switch. Secondly, it does not have vacuum suction feet to hold the machine securely. But, this mixer grinder is stable and does not wobble or vibrate much when performing at full speed.

The blades help mix and grind your food ingredients well. The chopper blade attachment is perfect for chopping vegetables like carrots, radishes, beetroot, and onions. The whisking blade is ideal for churning buttermilk, beating eggs, and preparing purees.

I observed that the noise levels at around 75 to 80 decibels. So it can be a bit loud. But, it is OK considering the 900W motor. In comparison, mixer grinders with similar wattage, like Bosch TrueMixx, have higher sound decibels.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sujata Dynamix Motor

The positive aspect of Sujata Dynamix is its low maintenance cost. People have used the machine for many years without incurring substantial maintenance costs.

Generally, the only thing that could require maintenance is the blades. Replacements are conveniently available. Removing the blades is easy. You can use the reverse side of the spatula to remove and replace them.

Cleaning the jars is not an issue at all. You can remove the blades, caps, and gaskets and clean them thoroughly using soap and water. The jars and the lids do not have uncomfortable grooves that cause the food ingredients to stick to them. The ideal way of cleaning the jars is to add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and a cup of water. Then, run the mixer slowly for half a minute to allow proper cleaning.

Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder review

The jar base is robust as it is made of aluminum. However, the white paint can peel off the base after some years. But that should not cause any significant problems. Many mixer grinders have plastic bases that can crack with continuous use.

The Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder has multiple vents at the sides and the bottom to allow heat dissipation. Hence, the motor remains cool even if it functions continuously.

Safety Aspects

Sujata Dynamix 900W Mixer Grinder

Sujata Dynamix is a sturdy product with excellent balance. The machine does not vibrate or move even if it functions at full speed continuously. The device does not have vacuum suction feet to grip the kitchen platform. But, it does not matter because of the appliance’s stability.

The Sujata Dynamix does not offer an overload protection switch, which is available in various other mixer grinder models. However, you can overcome this issue by not overloading the machine.  

This device has a sufficiently long power cord with earthing. The ABS shockproof body adds to the sturdiness.

The wet grinding jar has clamps on its lids to hold them properly. So, you need not secure the cover with your hands when grinding. The smaller jars do not have clamps but feature high-quality gaskets that help hold the jar body firmly. Nevertheless, we advise you to keep your hands on the lids to prevent them from coming off accidentally.

Sujata Dynamix excellent dry grinding

Warranty and After-Sales service

This product has a 2-year manufacturer warranty covering all its components, including the motor. However, it does not cover the plastic parts because they are vulnerable to damage.

Though the machine does not require constant maintenance, the after-sales services are not up to the mark. Many users have complained of poor service from the manufacturers. First, it is primarily because Sujata does not have sufficient service centers in India. But spare parts are readily available. Secondly, any mixer grinder service person can repair the units.

Other comparable Sujata mixer grinder models

The Sujata Powermatic Plus is a good model that features a juicer attachment. It has a similar 900W motor and delivers a comparable performance.

The Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer grinder is an excellent alternative to the Sujata Dynamix. The motor is similar with 900W capacity. This appliance has three jars, including a blending jar. However, it does not have a wet grinding jar.

Sujata Dynamix powerful dry grinding

Final Thoughts

Usually, people go for brand names. However, Sujata Dynamix and its other comparable models have proved that brand name is not the only factor that one should look for in a power mixer grinder. These appliances are efficient, built to last long, and deliver quality performances. So, the Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder is an ideal appliance in the Indian kitchen.

Wet Grinding
Dry Grinding
Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder is Perfectly suitable for grinding idli and dosa batter. Besides, dry grinding is its forte.
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Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder is Perfectly suitable for grinding idli and dosa batter. Besides, dry grinding is its forte. Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder Review