The winters are coming to an end. You will have to start using the ACs in the next couple of months. People who do not have ACs and wishing to buy one for their homes will have a tough task in choosing between the split ACs and the window ACs.

Every person has his / her opinion. It can be conflicting and confusing at times. This article will help you make the choice between split and window ACs.

An air conditioner is a long term investment. Usually, one does not change air conditioners for at least ten years. This makes it all the more important to take the right decision while buying your AC unit. An air conditioner can consume a lot of electricity if you do not make the right choice.

Energy efficiency

You determine the return on your investment based on the energy efficiency ratio (EER). What does EER represent? In very simple terms, EER is the amount of cooling provided by the air conditioner on consumption of one watt of electricity. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates these air conditioners based on their EER. An AC unit with a higher EER gets a higher rating. Thus, a 5-star AC provides higher cooling in terms of consumption of electricity.

You have both split as well as window AC units with 5-star rating in the market. Hence, both of them are equally efficient. However, split ACs have more models with 5-star rating in comparison to the window ACs. Hence, you have a wider choice of you go for the split ACs. Secondly, the split AC makes less sound in comparison. There are 2 units in a split AC thereby making it more complicated to install.

Factors affecting efficiency of AC

Various factors affect the efficiency of an AC. One should be aware of them to make the right choice. Choosing the right tonnage is of utmost importance. The tonnage depends on the amount of heat it can displace. This, in turn depends on the following factors.
Room size – Larger the room, the larger is the amount of heat to be displaced. Hence, you require a higher tonnage for the bigger rooms.

Room population – More the number of people in the room, greater is the heat generated. Hence, an AC has to work harder to displace the heat.

Room congestion – A highly congested room requires an AC of higher tonnage because every item in the room gets cooled by the AC unit.

Electrical appliances – Greater the number of electrical appliances, higher is the emission of heat. This results in installing an AC of higher tonnage.

Number of windows – If there are more windows in the room, there will be more flow of heat from the outside. This requires the AC to work harder. Insulating the windows is an important factor.

Position of the room – The wall facing the sun becomes hot. This can increase the cooling load on the AC necessitating the installation of an AC with a higher tonnage.

BTU Concept

The cooling capacity of the AC is represented in BTU/hr. The amount of heat coming inside the room is represented in British Thermal Unit (BTU). All the above-mentioned factors contribute to the BTU. The higher the BTU/hr figure, the higher is the capacity of the AC to remove the heat from the room. It reflects on the efficiency of the AC.

If the heat coming inside the room is more than the cooling capacity of the AC, it will result in the AC working for a longer time thereby increasing electricity consumption. This is a clear case of an undersized AC.

On the other hand, an oversized AC can cool the room faster, but is ineffective in removing the humidity. This AC will run in shorter cycles than the optimum figure. This can also result in reducing the efficiency of the AC.

Therefore, choosing the right tonnage is of utmost importance. An inverter AC can also be useful under the circumstances as it can adjust to the size and cooling requirements of the room. Now, inverter AC unit are only available in the Split AC mode.

Which one is better? Split or Window

1 A Split AC is more efficient than the window AC of similar tonnage

2 Installation wise, Split ACs are comparatively tougher because it involves two units.
Looks wise, split AC units are more aesthetic in comparison.

3As far as ventilation is concerned, the split AC units are more convenient because they are situated in a properly ventilated space.

4Split AC units make less noise when compared to window ACs.

5Price wise, split AC units are more expensive when compared to window ACs of equal tonnage. However, you save money in the long run because they have to work less in comparison thereby saving electricity.

6You have the option of going for a split AC of a lower tonnage for a perfectly sized room.


Consider the above points while purchasing an AC. Making a smart choice is always better. It can differ from situation to situation. You should weigh in all these factors before making your choice, split or window.

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