Sleepyhead Flip Mattress Review

Some people like it soft, whereas some prefer mattresses to be a bit firmer. So should you purchase two different mattresses to suit individual preferences? No. It is unnecessary because Sleepyhead Flip provides the comfort of a soft foam bed and the support of a firm mattress in a single product.

Sleepyhead Flip review

Here is the Sleepyhead Flip mattress review. But before that, here are the pros and the cons that everyone should know.

Sleepyhead Flip Pros

  • The Sleepyhead Flip is available in four categories with 35 size options to suit everyone’s requirements.
  • The Sleepyhead Flip mattress is priced reasonably to suit every budget.
  • The double-sided option is excellent because you can flip it over and use it whichever way you prefer.
  • The Sleepyhead Flip is one of the lightest mattresses to carry around comfortably.
  • Removing the outer covers and washing them is convenient.
  • The firmer side is excellent for relief from backache because it is not so firm and soft.  
  • Though it does not provide a cooling effect, it does not feel hot even during summer.
  • Your partner’s movements on the bed are not disturbing.

Sleepyhead Flip Cons

  • Though this bed is suitable for people with mild to regular backache, it is not the best option for those with severe back pain. Instead, they should go for an orthopedic mattress after consulting their doctor.
  • The foam is soft and comfortable but does not provide the ideal comfort when sitting on it for long periods. The bed sinks a bit and can cause mild back issues. However, the firmer side is better to sit and work on laptops.
  • The kids might not like the firmer side because it is not bouncy. But, simultaneously, the softer side brings joy to children as they can jump on the bed and have a great time.
Sleepyhead Flip soft side
Sleepyhead Flip soft side
Sleepyhead Flip Firm side
Sleepyhead Flip Firm side

Our opinion

An ideal mattress should provide the perfect comfort and convenience while ensuring relief from normal backaches. The Sleepyhead Flip fits the bill perfectly because the foam side is soft, and the firmer side relieves back pain. Besides, this mattress is priced reasonably, making it an ideal choice for every home.

Sleepyhead Flip – The Highlights

Sleepyhead Flip mattress reviews

Sleepyhead Flip is a versatile mattress that provides ideal comfort on both sides. This mattress ranks 7.7 on the firm side on a scale of 1 to 10, whereas the soft side rating is 6 out of 10. Unboxing the mattress is easy, and this bed is light enough to carry around. Here are the highlighting features of the Sleepyhead Flip mattress.

The Firmness Quotient

Sleepyhead Flip weight distribution

This double-sided mattress offers excellent support on the firm side to provide long-lasting relief from back pain. This side has a high-density foam layer that aligns perfectly with your body shape. However, it works with mild or regular backaches, not severe ones requiring orthopedic beds. This Sleepyhead Flip mattress ranks 7.7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

The Softness Quotient

Sleepyhead Flip mattress weight

The best feature of this Sleepyhead Flip mattress is its double-sided advantage. The soft side of the bed allows you to slip into the mattress like a cocoon. This comfort layer cushions you and suits all types of sleepers. The soft knit fabric is made of superior foam, enabling the mattress to rank 6 on a scale of 10.

The Structural Breakup

Sleepyhead Flip mattress firm

The Sleepyhead Flip has a 4-layered structure that allows you to use the mattress on both sides.

The breathable outer fabric forms the topmost layer of this mattress. It comprises a soft touch knitted fabric cover equipped with loose pores. It removes body humidity and provides the best comfort and a perfect night’s sleep.

The soft foam forms the second layer to provide comfort and cushioning to all sleepers. This layer ensures that you do not get disturbed even when your partner tosses around in sleep.

Soft foam can sag with continued usage. This mattress’s rigid foam layer offers superior support for back pain. The dense foam is hard enough to prevent sagging. Thus, it enhances the mattress’s lifespan and durability.

Finally, the soft knit knotted fabric provides the highest levels of comfort.  

The Unboxing Procedure

Unboxing the Sleepyhead Flip mattress is easy. The product comes vacuum-packed in a compact package. You can open the package and lay out the mattress on the bed. Generally, it takes three to four hours to expand to its maximum size. The mattress is light in weight, making it easy for one person to carry it easily.

Sleepyhead Flip Performance

Sleepyhead Flip review

The Sleepyhead Flip mattress is one of the most comfortable beds. It does not matter whether your partner is a restless sleeper. The memory foam absorbs the pressure and does not pass it on to the other end of the bed. However, the bed is perfect if you like to sleep alone. Sleeping at the center of the bed is best because it allows the memory foam to adjust the best.

The Sleepyhead Flip mattress is a double-sided mattress allowing you to flip it over whenever required.

The firm side is best for people with back pain, whereas the softer side appeals to children because it allows them to jump around and have a great time.

The flipping over of the Sleepyhead Flip mattress enhances the bed’s durability. The firmness quotient makes it one of the best mattresses in your home. Usually, this mattress features a white cover that makes it look attractive.  

The 100 nights trial is an excellent feature that allows you to test the mattress and return it if unsatisfied.

Weak areas

Memory foam beds have an inherent disadvantage because they retain heat. Therefore, these beds can seem uncomfortable, especially in the summer. But all homes have ACs that can help cool the beds comfortable. Unfortunately, this bed has no cooling pads or air pockets to provide air circulation.

Warranty Information

Sleepyhead offers a 7-year warranty on this mattress. Besides, the 100-nights trial offer is excellent because it allows you to use the mattress and return it to the manufacturer if unsatisfied with its performance.

Who benefits from it, and who should avoid it?

Sleepyhead Flip mattress review

People with mild backache should get excellent relief using the firmer side of this Sleepyhead Flip mattress. In addition, this bed’s medium firm layer helps relieve the pressure points to ensure maximum comfort from regular back pain.

However, people with acute backache should avoid using this mattress because such problems require an orthopedic mattress capable of catering to such issues.

review of Sleepyhead Flip mattress

Sleepyhead Flip – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Sleepyhead Flip mattress different from the 3-layered orthopedic mattress?

The Sleepyhead Flip mattress has four layers, including a breathable top fabric, soft foam, rigid foam, and soft knit fabric. In addition, this mattress can be used on both sides, whereas the 3-layered orthopedic mattress is one-sided.

2. What is the thickness of the Sleepyhead Flip mattress?

The Sleepyhead Flip mattress is available in two sizes, 5 and 6 inches.

3. How much does this bed weigh?

This bed weighs 16 Kg and 200g. It comes packed in a vacuum-packed package that can be unpacked quickly.

4. Is the Sleepyhead Flip mattress foldable?

No, you cannot fold this Sleepyhead Flip mattress. However, you can flip it over and use it on both sides.

5. Is the bed waterproof, and does it feature a mattress protector?

No. This bed is not waterproof. In addition, it has no mattress protector, but you can purchase one separately.

6. Does it have curved or protruding edges?

The Sleepyhead Flip mattress has curved edges. But it provides excellent support while sitting.

7. Can you vacuum the bed when transporting it to another place?

You need specialized vacuuming apparatus to do so. Hence, it is better to contact the Sleepyhead service provider and arrange to vacuum the bed before transporting it.

8. Can you customize the Sleepyhead Flip mattress size according to your requirements?

No. Presently, the company does not offer customizable options.

Motion Isolation
Temperature Control
Back Support
Edge Support
Ease of Movement
Pressure Relief
Value For Money
One side provides firmness for a sore back, and the other offers comfort. Sleepyhead Flip is a versatile addition to any home.
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One side provides firmness for a sore back, and the other offers comfort. Sleepyhead Flip is a versatile addition to any home.Sleepyhead Flip Mattress Review