Sleep Company Smart Ortho Mattress Review

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Back pain can be excruciating to bear.

Though you can have medications, a lot depends on your sleeping patterns. Your mattress plays a critical role in providing the necessary relief. Orthopedic surgeons recommend patients use ortho mattresses.

The Sleep Company has introduced the Smart Ortho Mattress, which uses SmartGRID technology to provide the best relief for your back pain.

Here are the highlights of the Smart Ortho Mattress

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Highlights of the Smart Ortho Mattress

  • The Smart Ortho Mattress uses the pioneering SmartGRID technology, a first in India.
  • The bed provides the best relief from back pain and comforts your spine.
  • A 10-year warranty is available on this mattress.
  • Exciting offers like the No Cost EMI can suit all budgets.
  • The mattress comes in various sizes and categories.
  • The 100 Nights Trial Offer is available on the Smart Ortho Mattress.

We shall understand the pros and cons of the Smart Ortho mattress before reviewing it in detail.

Sleep Company Ortho Mattress unboxing

Advantages of the Smart Ortho Mattress

  • The SmartGRID technology is innovative and provides the highest levels of comfort.
  • This bed is ideal for relief from back pain.
  • The packing methodology is excellent.
  • This Smart Ortho mattress can last comfortably for more than 10 years without sagging.
  • The 100 Nights trial is a welcome offer.
  • This mattress does not heat up like the sponge mattresses. Hence, they are comfortable to sleep.
  • The mattress comes at attractive and competitive pricing.
  • The Smart Ortho mattress is available in different sizes, thicknesses, and categories.
  • The Motion Isolation factor ensures that the tossing and turning around of your partner does not affect you in any way.

Disadvantages of the Smart Ortho Mattress

  • Though the cover is thick and comfortable, the white color makes it prone to become dirty. Therefore, it requires frequent cleaning. Alternatively, you have to use bedsheets.
  • The 100 Nights offer is not available on e-commerce purchases from Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • The large-sized mattresses can be heavy and uncomfortable to shift when changing homes. In addition, unpacking the mattress takes a lot of time.
  • Some users have complained of after-sales service issues. However, it depends on the individual and the respective dealer.
  • The corners are not reinforced as good mattresses should be.

Composition of the Smart Ortho Mattress

Composition of the Smart Ortho Mattress

The Smart Ortho mattress features multiple layers, each scientifically designed to provide the ideal support for your back and comfort from backaches. The SmartGRID technology combined with super-soft fabric offers the ultimate comfort and convenience and ensures undisturbed sleep.

The Smart Ortho mattress is available in three thickness categories, 5-inches, 6-inches, and 8-inches. Though the composition of all the different categories is similar, it varies in degrees of thickness.

The Top Layer – This mattress features a soft and breathable cover made from a knitted cotton white cover with 550 GSM. This layer is common to all three sizes.

The SmartGRID Layer – The second layer comprises the 1-inch revolutionary SmartGRID technology to provide the best pain relief and ultimate comfort.

The Transition Layer – The 6-inches and 8-inches models feature a 3-inches and 5-inches soft transition layer, respectively, enhancing the bounciness aspect to provide more comfort. The 5-inches bed does not feature a transition layer.

The High Resilient Support Foam Layer – The mattress features a high-resilient foam layer that provides greater support to your bank. The 5-inches model has a 4-inches foam layer, whereas the 6-inches and 8-inches models feature a 2-inches foam layer. The transition layers present in these mattresses provide additional comfort. 

SmartGRID Technology

SmartGrid Technology

SmartGRID Ortho is a revolutionary Japanese technology that intelligently adapts to your body contours to provide optimum comfort. The dual-layer mattress relieves body pain by supporting and aligning your spine at the perfect points, irrespective of your sleeping position.

The SmartGRID technology incorporates 2500 air channels to enhance air circulation to ensure a sweat-free sleeping experience even when the climate is hot and humid. In addition, the mattress uses non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials in the manufacturing process that ensure proper health and hygiene.

The ergonomic design ensures that the mattress surface adapts to your body shapes to provide greater support to your back. It aligns with your spine perfectly and maintains it in a straight line, even if you sleep on your sides.

Features of the Smart Ortho Mattress

Smart Ortho Mattress
  • This Smart Ortho mattress is a semi-firm mattress that ranks 7 on the firmness scale.
  • The SmartGRID technology adjusts to your body contours ergonomically to provide the perfect support to the spine.
  • SmartGRID is manufactured from hypoallergenic and non-toxic food-grade material. Hence, it is safe for the young and old alike.
  • Motion Isolation technology ensures against partner disturbance by isolating motion.
  • The open structure in the SmartGRID provides free airflow. Therefore there is no sweating when in use.
  • The mattress does not sag and, therefore, lasts long.
  • The breathable cover is made of 550 GSM cotton knitted fabric.

SmartGRID Luxe Mattress vs Smart Ortho Mattress

Let us now compare the Smart Ortho mattress with the SmartGRID Luxe mattress.

Both these mattresses use SmartGRID technology in their manufacture.

The Smart Ortho mattress is available in 5-inches, 6-inches, 8-inches, whereas the SmartGRID Luxe offers three options, 6-inches, 8-inches, and 10-inches.

Sleep company smart ortho mattress

Both the mattresses pass the Egg Break test to display elasticity of the highest levels.

The 100 Nights Trial and the 10-year warranty are available on both these mattresses.

Both these mattresses do not come with adjustable firmness and are not reversible.

Compared to the 5-inches Smart Ortho mattress that ranks 7 on the firmness scale, the SmartGRID Luxe is softer as it ranks 5.5. However, the thicker Smart Ortho mattresses are comparatively softer than the 5-inches bed.

The 5-inches Smart Ortho mattress is a double-layered mattress comprising a SmartGRID and high-resiliency foam, whereas the other mattresses, including the SmartGRID Luxe models, have three layers. In addition, the transition foam layer is available in different degrees of thickness.

Smart Luxe Mattress Composition

The SmartGRID Luxe mattress features a zipper cover of quilted cotton viscose to enhance breathability and airflow. On the other hand, the Smart Ortho mattress features a knitted cotton cover with 550 GSM.


The Smart Ortho mattress is available in four categories and three heights.

Bed CategoryHeightSizePrice
5-inches72” x 36”, 75” x 36” and 78” x 36”11,925
Single Bed6-inches72” x 36”, 75” x 36”
78” x 36”, 84” x 36”
12,675 to 14,925
8-inches72” x 36”, 75” x 36” and 78” x 36”14,925
5-inches72” x 60”, 72” x 66”
75” x 60”, 75” x 66”
78” x 60”, 75” x 66”
18,499 to 19,499
Queen Bed6-inches72” x 48”, 72” x 60”, and 72” x 66”
75” x 48”, 75” x 60” and 75” x 66”
78” x 48”, 78” x 60” and 78” x 66”
20,925 to 21,999
8-inches72” x 60”, 72” x 66”
75” x 60”, 75” x 66”
78” x 60”, 75” x 66”
25,499 to 25,999
5-inches72” x 72”, 75” x 72” and 78” x 72”, 84” x 72”19,499 to 20,999
King Bed6-inches72” x 72”, 75” x 72”, 78” x 72”, 84” x 72”, 84” x 78”21,999 to 24,999
8-inches72” x 72”, 75” x 72”, 78” x 72”, 84” x 72”, 84” x 78”25,999 to 26,175

Besides, the Smart Ortho mattress is available in a customized size where the user can order as per their requirements.


The Sleep Company Smart Ortho mattress is vacuum pressed to reduce its thickness to less than an inch, making it easily rollable and transportable. The packages mattress comes in such a compact package. It regains its original shape and thickness when you roll it and expose it to air.

The Sleepcompany mattress packing

Warranty Information

The Smart Ortho mattress comes with a 10-year warranty from the date of its purchase. The mattress can last for more than ten years comfortably if you maintain it well.

Sleep Trial

The Smart Ortho mattress is available with a 100 Nights Trial offer that allows users to return the mattress within 100 days, subject to satisfying specific conditions. However, the 100 Nights Trial offer is unavailable when you purchase the mattress from e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Customized mattresses are also not eligible for this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the SmartGRID mattress different from the foam mattress?

SmartGRID technology enables the mattress to adjust its firmness depending on your body weight and its different parts, whereas memory foam provides the same firmness throughout. SmartGRID aligns the mattress and maintains your spine in the straightest position possible.

In contrast, memory foam mattresses collapse with time. In addition, memory foam tends to heat the body, whereas SmartGRID mattresses have more than 2500 air channels to enable free air circulation.

How long does it take for your body to adjust to SmartGRID mattresses?

SmartGRID mattresses can take some time to adjust to your body contours. It depends on the individual. Some people adjust within a day or two, whereas some take three or four weeks.

Do SmartGRID mattresses smell?

Initially, these mattresses can smell, but it vanishes quickly when exposed to fresh, clean air.

Is it necessary to air the SmartGRID mattress?

No, it is not necessary to air the SmartGRID mattresses because they come with more than 2500 air channels to enable convenient air circulation.

Can the SmartGRID mattress be folded?

Yes, you can fold the mattress and keep it aside, but it is not advisable. The mattress can lose its shape and firmness.


People with back pain can find it challenging to lie down on traditional foam mattresses. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho mattresses provide the ideal support to your body and maintain the spine in the straightest manner possible while allowing your arms and other parts to sink accordingly. As the spine remains erect, you get relief from back pain.

Sleep Company Smart Ortho Mattress

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho mattress is perfect for people with orthopaedic conditions.

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