Samsung Windfree AC Review 2023

When purchasing ACs, it is always better to select 5-star models because they save power in the long run. These models cost more initially but are beneficial over their entire lifespan. The Samsung 1.5-ton ton 2022 model AR18BYNANWK is one such air conditioner with exquisite features.

  • Split AC with inverter compressor – the variable speed ensures energy efficiency.
  • 1.5-ton capacity – best for medium-sized rooms with an area between 111 and 150 square feet
  • 5-in-1 Convertible mode
  • 5-star energy rating – high savings in power
  • ISEER Value of 4.80 and power consumption of 806.28 units annually
  • Copper condenser coils – less maintenance and long-lasting
  • 100% copper condenser with DuraFin Ultra Coating – low maintenance
  • Windfree cooling – a unique feature
  • R32 refrigerant – eco-friendly
  • Other features include auto-cleaning, anti-bacterial filter, 4-way swing, Freeze wash, and dehumidification
  • One-year comprehensive warranty, five years on the PCB, and ten years on the compressor

Positive features that influenced my purchase

This AC is available in two variants, the 2022 5-in-1 convertible mode and the 2022 Windfree + 5-in-1 convertible mode. I selected the latter model because of the following attractive aspects.

Samsung windfree ac
  • Generally, ACs disperse cold air through adjustable louvers that oscillate in the up/down and right/left directions. This motion allows uniform distribution of cool air throughout the room but can be uncomfortable because you experience a cool blast of air on your body. This Samsung AC is different because it uses Windfree technology to distribute cool air through 23,000 specially created holes on its surface. Besides using a sufficiently more prominent area to disperse cool air, this unique design eliminates the uncomfortable draft of cold wind on your skin.
  • The technical features of the design are impressive. This design has an 18% wider air inlet to allow the appliance to take in more air. Similarly, the fan is 15% bigger than contemporary ACs to allow higher airflow. The air outlet has a 31% wider blade to allow more cool air to dissipate into the room. Turbo Cooling feature reduces the time for the compressor to reach maximum power and hence, cools the air 43% quicker. 
  • This air conditioner works on digital inverter technology to ensure less temperature fluctuation. Thus, it reduces energy usage by nearly 41%. I have not yet checked its power usage but hope that the appliance lives up to what Samsung advertises.
  • I find the Windfree cooling technology a better option than the Fast Cooling mode available on another Samsung model. The Windfree AC does not let out the uncomfortable cold air draft. The Samsung manual says that it saves energy up to 77%. I have to wait for the first electricity bill to confirm it. However, I can say that the Windfree technology enabled more comfortable sleep than other ACs that I have experienced.
  • This Samsung AC makes as little noise as possible. Samsung says that the noise levels do not exceed 21dB. It is silent, especially when you understand that the noise level in a library is around 40dB. However, it makes noise up to 45dB in the higher capacity modes. 
  • The anti-bacterial filter is a good feature that purifies the air by eliminating harmful bacteria.
  • This AC features a 100% copper condenser with DuraFin Ultra anti-corrosive coating to withstand harsh climatic conditions. DuraFin Ultra comprises a hydrophilic layer made of acrylic resin, an anti-corrosive layer of epoxy acrylic, and raw aluminum material.
  • This AC comes equipped with a Triple Protector Plus feature that protects the AC from power surges, makes it durable, and ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Samsung says that the Voltage Fluctuation Protector enables the AC compressor to work in an input voltage range of 130 to 290V. Hence, it does not envisage using an external voltage stabilizer.
  • Other high-quality features include R32 refrigerant, 4-way swing, dehumidification, and the ability to cool the room even if the external temperature reaches 52 degrees Celsius.
Samsung windree ac outdoor unit

The Freeze Wash functionality is impressive as it cleans the heat exchanger. It works on a three-step process to clean itself.

Step 1 – It freezes the heat exchanger quickly at -15 degrees Celsius and converts it into frost.

Step 2 – It is the defrost mode where the appliance runs on the fan mode to wash away dirt and 90% of microorganisms.

Step 3 – The WindFree Dry mode dries up the residual moisture. 

The Auto Clean feature works on a similar 3-step procedure to clean the AC’s interior.

Step 1 – It is a 10-minute auto-clean function with the blades open.

Step 2 – It checks the internal humidity and temperature to clean the interiors with the blades off for ten minutes.

Step 3 – It rechecks humidity levels and temperature and continues cleaning for a further ten minutes if necessary.

The variable-speed compressor allows this Samsung AC to work at five different capacities to provide better convenience and save energy.

Home Alone Mode – I can select the 40% power input mode when alone in the room.

Eco Mode – With two people in the room, I can switch on the Eco mode that works at 60% capacity.

Pleasant Mode – When my son comes home, I switch on the Pleasant mode that enables the AC to work at 80% capacity.

Normal Mode – The regular working mode works at 100% capacity.

Party Mode – If there are more people, you can switch on the Party Mode, where the AC works at 120% capacity. Hence, the 1.5-ton AC works as a 1.8-ton appliance to provide more cooling. However, it consumes more power accordingly.

windree samsung ac display

Negative aspects requiring remedial action from Samsung

Every appliance has its pros and cons. Samsung should note these negative aspects and take corrective action to enhance its product value.

  • This AC is a seasonal AC that is more useful in the summer months. In simple words, it is not a hot and cold AC.
  • This Samsung AC does not have features like Smart self-diagnosis to identify operational and installation issues.
  • This Samsung model is not compatible with Wi-Fi and does not feature a No-motion detection sensor, an additional power-saving feature.
  • While Samsung states that the appliance does not make much noise, this unit makes noise when working in the Normal Mode and Party Mode. However, it makes the slightest noise in the other operational modes. Besides, the outdoor unit makes noise.
  • Samsung charges standard installation charges amounting to Rs 1500 plus tax. Besides, the user has to pay extra for drilling, additional copper wires, a stand, and other accessories. At this price, Samsung could have offered free installation.
  • The remote has multiple functions but does not feature a backlight. Hence, it is annoying to use it at night.
  • If we get the installation done by unauthorized third parties, Samsung does not offer a warranty.
  • Though Samsung has introduced an 8-pole triple inverter in its latest models, this AC model works on the old digital inverter model.
Samsung windree ac 1.5 ton 5 Star

Frequently Asked Questions on this Samsung WindFree AC

Does this Samsung AC come equipped with sensors like some of its competitors?

No, this Samsung AC does not have any sensors installed in it.

Should I go for the AMC as suggested by the Samsung executive?

It is an individual decision. However, it is unnecessary because Samsung offers a 5-year warranty on the PCB, and the compressor gets a 10-year warranty. Besides, the product overall features a one-year warranty.

Should I use an external voltage stabilizer with this AC?

This Samsung AC can work in an extensive voltage range of 130 to 290V. Hence, an external voltage stabilizer is not required. However, if you use one, it should not be an issue. It is an additional protective feature.

How much do they charge for the installation process?

The standard installation charges are Rs 1500 plus tax. Any extra fittings like stand, additional piping and wiring, and other accessories are charged additionally. The company also charges for drilling holes if they are not present initially. Hence, the total charges could come up to Rs 2500 approximately.

How long is the 5-star rating for this Samsung AC valid?

The BEE star label says that the ISEER is 4.80, and the 5-star rating is valid until June 30, 2022.

Does this Samsung AC double up as a heater in the winter?

No, it does not feature a heat pump. Hence, it is a seasonal AC with a cooling function alone.

How much power does this AC consume?

The BEE star label certifies that the AC consumes 806.28 units of power annually. However, it is under test conditions. Under normal home usage conditions, the power consumption is more.

What is the advantage of Turbo Cooling?

The Turbo Cooling feature cools the room quicker because it reduces the time taken by the compressor to attain maximum speed.

What is the ideal room area for this Samsung AC?

This Samsung 1.5-ton AC can cool medium-sized rooms up to 150 square feet in area.

What is the Samsung contact number for repairs and complaints?

Users can contact Samsung on its toll-free numbers 1800-407-267864 and 1800-57-267864.

Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
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The variable-speed compressor allows this Samsung AC to work at five different capacities to provide better convenience and save energySamsung Windfree AC Review 2023