Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator Technologies Review (2021)

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As technology keeps improving, so does the quality of products. Consumers get to experience an exquisite range of features that add to the overall comfort and convenience levels.

The Samsung Side-By-Side refrigerator is one such appliance that has redefines the way refrigerators are manufactured and, more importantly, used at home.

Let us walk through the different innovative technologies available in these mammoth refrigerators.

A total of nine refrigerator models are available in the Samsung Side-By-Side category in different sizes, starting from 657 liters capacity to 868 liters. The pricing ranges from approximately Rs 70K and goes right up to more than Rs 250K.

When you have refrigerators available at such high pricing, you should expect them to have innovative features that are generally not available in other refrigerators.

Digital Inverter Technology – Save power while delivering power-packed performances.

All the refrigerators in this genre come equipped with digital inverter technology to automatically adjust the compressor speed, depending on your cooling demands across seven levels. This technology ensures consuming less energy, minimizes noise, and reduces wear and tear for long-lasting performance.

Unlike a traditional compressor that works at a single speed throughout the operation, digital inverter compressors can run at varying speeds, based on your specific requirements.

Factors that influence the compressor’s speed are the load inside the appliance, the ambient temperature, usage patterns, and particular needs.

This technology provides instant cooling/freezing options or running at low speeds on the internal temperature reaching the optimum levels. Thus, it reduces the overall power consumption considerably.

The digital inverter compressor does not start and stop at frequent intervals. Hence, it ensures consistent cooling while consuming less energy than the traditional compressors.

As it keeps functioning throughout the operation, it does not make much noise. Besides, it reduces the wear and tear of internal components to enhance the appliance’s overall lifespan.

Digital Inverter Technology Vs. Conventional Compressors

This table will highlight the differences between the two technologies.

Conventional CompressorsDigital Inverter Compressors
Conventional compressors have low-efficiency levels.When compared to conventional compressors, digital inverter compressors deliver up to 40% better energy efficiency.
Conventional compressors make a lot of noise.Digital inverter compressors monitor temperature levels inside the appliance and adjust its RPM to reduce noise levels significantly.
The use of conventional compressors lead to greenhouse gas emissions and thus cause harm to the environment.The digital inverter compressors do not emit greenhouse gases. Hence, they are eco-friendly appliances.

All-Round Cooling – Uniform cooling enhances the freshness quotient considerably.

All Samsung refrigerator models in this category deliver All-Round Cooling. This technology helps cool the fridge from one corner to the other.

Each shelf inside the appliance features multiple vents through which cold air circulates throughout the refrigerator to maintain a uniform temperature inside the fridge. It ensures that the food items stay fresh for extended periods.

This system is different from the Twin Cooling system available in the earlier generation refrigerators. It checks the temperature in and blows cold air accordingly to maintain it at a constant figure.

The Twin Cooling system comprises of one compressor controlling the fridge compartment and another for the freezer box. This technology involves fans spinning at different speeds because of the varying requirements inside the refrigerator.

All-round cooling requires multiple vents strategically placed to enable cold air to flow throughout the interiors.

Power Cool/Freeze – Chill or freeze your foods instantly at the touch of a button.

Samsung side-by-side refrigerators are top-end, premium models that come with the best possible features. Power Cool or Freeze is a high-quality feature where the cold air blown inside the appliance quickly cools the interiors to 1-degree Celsius.

As a result of instant cooling, the food remains fresh for long periods. The beverages become cold instantly to provide the ideal relief when you need it the most to quench your thirst.

A single touch of a button is sufficient to activate the Power Cool/Freeze option. The Power Freeze option is excellent for making ice quickly. It is also an outstanding feature to keep your frozen foods fresh.

Water Dispenser – Get cold and refreshing water without opening the refrigerator.

Opening the refrigerator door frequently for a glass of chilled water can affect your refrigerators’ overall cooling performance. Hence, Samsung side-by-side fridges come equipped with an external water dispenser on its door. It enables you to get your glass of refreshing cold water without opening the appliance.

Deodorizing Filter – Say goodbye to foul odors

A refrigerator is a compact appliance. As the air inside the fridge cannot escape, there can be a mixing of food odors. Under such circumstances, there are chances of the food getting spoilt. Samsung top-end refrigerators feature a deodorizing filter to prevent the mixing of food odors.

The activated carbon filter absorbs the foul odors and eliminates them as the air passes through the fibers. Thus, you do not have to employ alternative odor-fighting solutions.[/su_note]

SpaceMax Technology – Allow excellent space management

The Samsung side-by-side refrigerators make maximum use of space using a unique SpaceMax Technology. This technology employs high-efficiency insulation to enable the walls to be thinner than usual.

Thus, it creates more space inside the refrigerator without increasing external dimensions or compromising energy efficiency. It allows you to store all your food comfortably and keep it fresh for long periods.

These models feature a multi-utility door bin to enable you to store more vegetables, fruits, and other food items safely. It allows a special divider to place your plastic bags and bottles.

Family Hub – Make the kitchen a meeting place for the entire family.

Technology has improved to such levels that the Samsung Side-by-Side refrigerators offer you excellent facilities like Family Hub. In simple words, the refrigerator provides opportunities for the family to have get-togethers around it in the kitchen.

YouTube video

Family Hub provides you a fun way to share photos, messages, videos, information, and schedules with each other. Family Hub also offers you the facility to watch TV, use your favorite apps, access your smartphone, and even listen to music. This feature helps you use and buy food and also control smart devices.

However, you should note that these features are available only on top-end refrigerator models and compatible smartphones. Here are some outstanding features that your family can enjoy on the Family Hub.

Family Board – Keep your family in the loop.

The Family Board lets you enrich your family life by sharing messages, news, memorable moments, and videos. You can use the home screen or even a smartphone to display photos and video clips.

It is also possible to post stickers, draw pictures and cartoons, type or write notes, add a music player, share schedules and website links.

Calendar – Never miss a family event again.

The Calendar function on the Family Hub ensures that you never miss any family event. You can share your schedules and check those of your family members instantly.

It is also possible to update entries on the refrigerator or your compatible smartphone and synchronize the info with your Google or Microsoft 365 calendars. Thus, there is no chance of forgetting important dates.

App Compatibility – Enhance your communication channels with your family

Family Hub introduces an excellent way of staying in touch with the entire family using a range of compatible apps. Apps like Memo, Gallery, and To-do enables you to share memos, instructions, talk lists, photos, activity schedules, and much more.

It is also possible to upload and play video clips. The stand-out feature is that the screen switches on when anyone comes near the screen. Thus, they can immediately see what you have put up on the refrigerator Family Board.

Smart View – Have your dose of entertainment when cooking.

The Smart View feature allows you to use a widget and watch TV programs, access online video content, launch, and stream social media apps like YouTube. This refrigerator is compatible with your Samsung Smart TV and enables you to view and control millions of entertainment apps available on your smartphone.

However, you should note that this feature is available only on compatible smartphones and smart TVs. This feature is available only on the top-end side-by-side refrigerators.

Music and Radio – Take your entertainment to the next level.

If you love to enjoy your favorite music when cooking, your Samsung side-by-side refrigerator doubles up as an entertainment device. Using apps like Spotify, you can enjoy seamless music by listening to your favorite playlists and sons.

Tune In compatibility lets you stream a range of global radio stations, comedy shows, podcasts, and news programs on your refrigerator.

Thus, you enjoy non-stop music and have your daily entertainment dose anytime without using other audio/video streaming devices.

Access the Internet – Be in touch with the outside world.

This Samsung side-by-side refrigerator allows you to access the internet and your favorite web series programs without a PC or a smartphone. This appliance features an embedded browser to enable you to view online content. By creating shortcuts on the Home Screen, you can save time in accessing your favorite entertainment channels.

View Inside – A virtual window to let you see what is inside your appliance.

Smartphone compatibility allows you the luxury of viewing what is inside your fridge from anywhere. You can thus check out whether your children are up to some mischief. The Family Hub allows you to access the ‘View Inside’ option by dragging your fingers down the home screen.

Your side-by-side refrigerator features an internal camera that enables you to see what is inside the fridge. Besides offering a clear view of the interiors, it tags food expiry dates and helps you create a shopping list, food memos, or even reminders.

Recipe and Meal Planner – Plan your recipes to make your family happy.

Family Hub offers the excellent facility of a recipe and meal planner to help you cook your family’s favorite foods.

The Recipes App works on Artificial Intelligence and Food Profiling to suggest exciting food recipes with simple instructions. Use the Meal Planner to prepare food that your family would love to have for the entire week.

Shopping List – Efficient shopping assistant

You do not need to search for a paper and pencil to note down your shopping lists. The Family Hub feature in the Samsung side-by-side refrigerator makes it convenient to add items you want to your shopping list with a single touch or voice command.

This feature allows synchronizing the list to your smartphone and check it in the departmental store.

Voice Assistant – Communicate with your fridge using voice commands.

The Samsung side-by-side refrigerator is compatible with the Voice Assistant, Bixby, a version similar to that available on Samsung smartphones. You can communicate with the fridge using your voice commands and tell it what you want to do.

From setting alarms to suggesting your favorite recipes, Bixby adapts to your needs by understanding your routines and preferences. This feature is available only if you have a Samsung account and a Wi-Fi connection. The exciting aspect is that this feature is available in multiple languages.

Bluetooth Call – Make and receive voice calls without using your hands.

Your Samsung side-by-side refrigerator allows you to make and receive phone calls when cooking without holding a smartphone. Bluetooth connectivity enables you to connect seamlessly with your smartphone.

The advantage is that you can speak to your loved ones while cooking and without any risk of dropping or damaging your smartphone with your sticky fingers. You can receive calls using any smartphone, but you need a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone to make calls.

Smart Things and Ring – Control your smart home devices with ease.

The Smart Things feature lets you use your voice or a simple touch on your side-by-side refrigerator’s home screen to control your smart home devices. It is possible to turn your IoT appliances on and off, adjust their settings, coordinate your activities, and limit power usage using this smart feature.

Sleek and Seamless Design – Enhance your kitchen’s ambiance.

This Samsung side-by-side refrigerator guarantees a stylish integrated appearance to your home with its premium inbuilt look.

The sleek and seamless design gels beautifully with your modern kitchen cabinetry. The beautiful flat doors with recessed handles add to the overall kitchen ambiance.

Popular Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Models

  • RS72R5001M9TL 700 L
  • RS72R5011SL/TL 700 L
  • RS74R5101SL 676 L
  • RS74T5F01B4/TL 657 L
  • RF50K5910DP 594 L
  • RF60J9090SL 693 L
  • RS72R50112C 700 L

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