Samsung Ecobubble Digital Inverter Top Load Washing Machine Review (2023)

Performance-wise, the Samsung washing machine is good and compares well with the LG model.

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LG and Samsung are genuine rivals in the electronics appliances market. If LG introduces a new technology, Samsung catches up, and vice versa. For example, LG uses Direct Drive for its inverter motor in washing machines, whereas Samsung names it Digital Inverter.

The healthy rivalry between Samsung and LG benefits users more because they get the best of both worlds. For instance, Samsung offers a 20-year warranty on the Ecobubble washing machine motor, whereas LG offers ten years on its latest models.

The general view is that Samsung does it as a one-upmanship tactic because no one uses the same washing machine for 20 years. 

So let us review the Samsung 8 Kg Digital Inverter 5-star washing machine with Ecobubble technology and understand its functioning from the consumer’s viewpoint.

The LG Comparison

The market competition is such that comparisons with LG models will always persist. This Samsung top-loading fully automatic washing machine compares well with the LG AI DD Top-load washing machine because of their similar features. However, the Samsung model differs slightly because it does not offer Wi-Fi compatibility. Otherwise, the features are almost similar.

Samsung washing machine lid for top load

Samsung Ecobubble technology and other innovative features

Loading clothes in samsung wobble washing machine

While the LG model had the Jet Spray feature to deliver a better washing experience, this Samsung machine offers similar facilities and names them Bubble Storm and Dual Storm. However, instead of water flowing like a jet spray, the Dual Storm feature creates a vortex of water current as the water swirls into the drum from two openings to deliver good washing performance.

Samsung Ecobubble Drum

Bubble Storm is a good feature that allows the detergent to penetrate better into the fabric. Thus, this feature protects your clothes while removing the dirt simultaneously. Besides, it introduces Ecobubble technology that helps clean clothes using less water.

Liquid Detergent in Samsung top loader

The Samsung washing machine motor is durable and works on digital inverter technology. It ensures that the machine’s spin speed changes according to its load, water level, and the wash cycle you select. One of the commendable features of the Samsung machine is the 20-year warranty on the motor. No other washing machine offers this facility. It indicates that the motor is among the strongest in its niche.

Another benefit of digital inverter technology is that it saves power. In addition, it makes less noise. However, the LG washing machines that work on DD motors also make less noise. We have tested both these machines and noticed negligible noise, even when the machines work at top speed.

Samsung AI Eco bubble washing machine review

The Regular Features

Almost all the latest Samsung washing machines have Diamond Drum technology that takes better care of your clothes. The drum has diamond-shaped grooves that go soft on clothes while harsh on dirt.

Ecobubble Digital Inverter Top Load Washing Machine

This drum does not have an agitator like some Whirlpool machines. However, it does not stop the clothes from getting entangled. Therefore, I advise users to remove their clothes carefully and not pull them apart to prevent them from getting damaged.

The wash modes are similar to the LG model or other washing machines. You can choose between the different modes relatively easily. Features like Auto Restart and Delay End are nothing new for regular, fully automatic washing machine users because they are available in most machines today.

Samsung Ecobubble Digital Inverter Modes

The Magic Lint Filter has little significance today because people use liquid detergents in washing machines. However, this Samsung machine lets the detergent dissolve better by using Bubble Storm and Dual Storm technologies.

Samsung Magic Filter

This Samsung machine does not have an inbuilt heater facility. However, users can pre-heat the water up to 50 degrees Celsius and add it separately. It is similar to using a washing machine with a heater facility. However, the absence of the heater ensures that the machine consumes less power.

This machine does not have an Air Dry feature. However, it has a unique Spin and ‘Spin+Rinse’ feature that helps remove as much moisture as possible. But you must still hang the clothes out to dry after removing them from the machine. This machine allows the clothes to come out around 40% dry.

Samsung eco bubble washing machine wash quality

The 8L capacity is perfect for an ideal Indian family of four persons. It is ideal for smaller families also, especially as we do not use the washing machine daily. We always accumulate clothes and wash them together after two or three days.

Though the machine can select the wash cycles automatically, it allows users to customize water levels. By default, this machine’s water intake is up to level 5. However, you can repeatedly press the water level button and change the water intake level according to your preferences.

Though this washing machine offers multiple wash cycles and modes, I suggest not washing heavy clothes like blankets. However, some of the latest Samsung machines feature a blanket wash program.

Quick wash mode in samsung washing machine

Similar to the LG washing machine model, this Samsung machine wobbles when spinning at full speed. Therefore, I suggest using a stand that helps stabilize the machine. Unfortunately, this stand is not available with the package. You have to purchase it separately. But it is better to check the balance and level before mounting the machine on the stand.

Samsung washing machine stand for top load

The Eco Tub Clean feature is similar to that of the LG model. However, it ensures good hygiene because this facility cleans the wash drum regularly and prevents bacterial buildup.  

How this machine differs from the LG model

This Samsung machine is similar to the LG model in many ways, but it differs in certain aspects. First, this machine does not have Wi-Fi connectivity. Secondly, it does not have the Self Diagnosis feature, a hallmark of almost every LG washing machine. Finally, this Samsung washing does not have a hydraulic door closing facility. Therefore, close the door gently. Fortunately, the door has tempered glass for protection.

While this Samsung machine does not have Wi-Fi, it has a Smart Check feature. However, this feature requires users to download a specific Samsung washer app on their smartphones. This app helps users diagnose the machine’s faults because it contains error codes.

The LG machine has a 10L capacity, whereas this Samsung model is an 8L washing machine. But that should not make much difference because an 8L washing machine should be ideal for an average Indian family.

Samsung Ecobubble Digital Inverter Top Load Washing Machine modes

This washing does not have the soak feature that is present in the LG machine. However, you can soak the soiled clothes separately in warm water before putting them inside the machine.

The Samsung washing machine has a separate compartment for adding the fabric softener. It proves helpful because it protects your expensive clothes.

Detergent tray samsung top load

The LG machine has the control panel mounted at the front, whereas the Samsung model has it at the rear. The slanted panel is a good design because it does not allow water to stagnate on the control panel. As a result, it becomes easier and safer to use it.

Tips for using this Samsung machine better

  • I always advise users to wash their colored clothes separately from the white ones to avoid color mixing. It is also better to wash similar clothes in a specific cycle. For example, you should avoid washing woolen and cotton clothes together. Similarly, it is better to wash heavy clothes like jeans separately.
  • The Quick Wash cycle is similar to the LG model. So it is perfect for washing your daily-use clothes quickly. But I suggest washing up to two to three kilograms of clothes in this cycle.
  • I suggest using a water softener if your water is hard and has high TDS levels. The salt can accumulate on the drum interiors and reduce the machine’s efficiency.   
  • The hot water wash facility is not available. Secondly, you cannot connect the hot water tap directly to the machine. Therefore, the best option is to add hot water separately if required. Alternatively, you can soak your soiled clothes in warm water before putting them into the machine.
Samsung Logo on Samsung washing machine


  • The digital inverter technology motor saves power, makes less noise, and ensures higher efficiency.
  • The Direct Drive drum connection reduces natural wear and tear to reduce regular maintenance costs.
  • This machine offers excellent washing modes to simplify your washing experience.
  • Samsung offers a 2-year warranty on the product, but the motor has a 20-year warranty.


  • Though Samsung says that the control options are user-friendly, it takes time to get used to them. However, it becomes easy subsequently.
  • The machine wobbles when you overload it. Therefore the best option is not to overload the machine. But it is better to mount the machine on a stand. It provides better balance.
Samsung DIgital Inverter Wobble washing machine review

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Final Words

Performance-wise, the Samsung washing machine is good and compares well with the LG model. First, it is less expensive because it does not have features like Wi-Fi control and AI. Secondly, this washing machine has a smaller capacity of 8L than the 10L capacity of the LG model. Finally, this model is energy efficient and has a 5-star rating from BEE. Overall, the machine is an excellent appliance to have in your home.

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Value For Money
Performance-wise, the Samsung washing machine is good and compares well with the LG model. The Direct Drive drum connection reduces natural wear and tear to reduce regular maintenance costs. Overall, the machine is an excellent appliance to have in your home.
Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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Performance-wise, the Samsung washing machine is good and compares well with the LG model. The Direct Drive drum connection reduces natural wear and tear to reduce regular maintenance costs. Overall, the machine is an excellent appliance to have in your home.Samsung Ecobubble Digital Inverter Top Load Washing Machine Review (2023)