How does the Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine work?



Today, you have Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning dominating every other technology in the world. Hence, it is no surprise that consumer durables like washing machines use AI features to customize your laundry processes.

The Samsung AI Eco Bubble Washing Machine is one such shining example in the washing machine niche. Here is how this technology works for your ultimate benefit.

Artificial Intelligence at its best

The advantage of AI is that it helps customize according to your preferences. The personalized AI controls enable the appliance to remember your laundry habits and suggests the most appropriate wash cycles.

It displays timely information and lets you find your favorite cycle quickly.

Treat your baby clothes with care.

Your baby clothes and expensive fabrics require a delicate washing experience. The Samsung AI Eco Bubble washing machine lets out gentle foam that cleans the stubborn dirt while handling your clothes delicately. Thus, it prevents the fibers from tearing during the wash cycle.

Besides, the clothes do not lose their color and come out with their colors intact.

Eco Bubble technology ensures that the soapy bubbles penetrate deep into the fabric and eliminate the tough stains with ease. It enables your clothes to get a thorough washing experience.

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A cold wash can also work wonders.

The general opinion is that using warm water is ideal for giving your clothes the best wash. However, Eco Bubble technology ensures efficient cleaning even at low temperatures.

This technology converts the detergent into bubbles to facilitate their quick entry into the fabric structure and remove dirt sticking to it. While protecting the color and texture, this technology also ensures to save energy.

Besides offering a complete cleaning experience at low temperatures, AI Eco Bubble technology equipped Samsung washing machine features a hygiene steam cycle that releases steam from the drum’s bottom to remove the most stubborn stains and up to 99.9% of bacteria and other allergens.

Save valuable time.

Q-Bubble technology ensures dynamic drum rotation and additional water shots to create powerful bubbles that facilitate the detergent to penetrate quickly and wash your clothes gently. The Quick Drive feature saves you valuable time by reducing the washing times by nearly 50%.

Sanitization is crucial.

Sanitization of your clothes is of utmost importance today. The Eco Bubble washing machine sanitizes your clothes without using water and detergent by employing the Air Wash technology. It sanitizes your clothes and removes unpleasant odor by using hot air.

Intelligent machine, after all

When you have AI, the Internet of Things should not be far away. This IoT-enabled appliance connects to your Samsung smart devices like Samsung smart TVs, Galaxy smartphones, and the Family Hub refrigerator. It works comfortably with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Hence, controlling and operating the Samsung AI Eco Bubble washing machine is seamlessly comfortable.

Your wish for an intelligent washing machine has ended with the introduction of the Samsung AI Eco Bubble washing machine.   

Source: Samsung News Room

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