Samsung Eco Bubble – No Bubbles, What to do?

The secret to an excellent washing experience lies in ensuring that the detergent mixes perfectly with water. It enables the removal of dirt and grease effectively.

At times, your laundry can be heavily soiled and might require pre-soaking in hot water. It can be a time-consuming affair. Hence, washing machine manufacturers provide innovative features that allow the easy dissolution of the detergents in water to enable a perfect wash.

Samsung’s Eco Bubble Technology

Samsung names this technology ‘Eco Bubble technology.’ It reduces the surface tension of water and allows detergents to dissolve easily.

The technology works by converting the detergent into bubbles before they touch the fabrics. Further, it ensures to distribute the bubbles evenly to the clothes to enable quicker permeation. These tiny bubbles enhance the interfacial tension between the fabrics and the stains to allow the detergent to penetrate the stain and remove it.

Eco Bubble – How it works

Samsung Eco Bubble technology

This technology is available in select Samsung washing machines. Such machines come equipped with a special component, Bubble Generator.

As the wash cycle begins, the Bubble Generator creates a concentrated detergent solution using an initial water intake, sucks large quantities of air into the flow, and pumps up the mixture rapidly into the washing drum. As you press the ‘Start’ option, you can witness a cushion of soapy bubbles rising to the surface.

ecobubble working

All you do is soak your clothes in the bubbles for half an hour to allow the soapy bubbles to penetrate the fabric layers and remove stubborn stains. The best aspect is that these bubbles can remove stains even with cold water. Thus, it saves you the time required to heat the water and pre-soak the dirty clothes. Besides, this technology preserves your delicate fabrics and does not damage them.

Samsung Eco Bubble

What will you do if you do not see any bubbles?

Generally, you will be able to see the bubbles. However, they might not be visible at times because the Samsung washing machine might have used less water to economize the operational costs. Therefore, you should feel it is a mechanical problem. However, you can check out the following on the washing machine.

  • Verify whether the LED on the Eco Bubble Wash option is in the ‘On’ position.
  • Check out if you have entered fewer clothes into the machine.
  • If the clothes are heavily soiled, the bubbles do not get well generated. However, it does not affect the wash.

If the problem persists, you can call the Samsung Service Center and seek support. 

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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