Samsung Double Door Refrigerator Review Curd Maestro | 2023 Model

Talk of refrigerators and the Samsung fridge is amongst the first names that come to mind immediately.

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Samsung manufactures an exciting range of double-door fridges with the Curd Maestro feature. Most of these refrigerator models are rated as 2-star or 3-star fridges by BEE.

The Samsung Curd Maestro Double Door refrigerators are available in sizes ranging from 224L to 376L. The features of all these refrigerators are similar.

We shall review the 224L model in this article because it ranks as one of the best refrigerators under Rs 25,000 in the Indian market.

Samsung 2 Star Double Door Refrigerator review

Model No – RT28C3522S8/HL – Silver, Elegant Inox, 2-Star, 2023 Model

Our Verdict

Performance-wise, this Samsung fridge ranks among the best in the business. Features-wise, it is excellent, especially with its digital inverter, frost-free, home inverter compatibility, stabilizer-free operations, etc.

This refrigerator model does not have the 5-in-1 convertibility feature, whereas some do. The performance is excellent, but the Curd Maestro feature is overrated.

Curd maestro in samsung fridge

Pros of Samsung Double Door Refrigerator

  • The 224L capacity suits small Indian families comprising two to three persons.
  • This fridge is ideal for the standard Indian kitchen as it occupies optimum space.
  • The cooling performance is good and ranks among the best.
  • Digital inverter technology saves power and ensures the fridge makes less noise.
  • This refrigerator is compatible with the home inverter.
  • It offers stabilizer-free operations in an extended voltage range of 100 to 300V.
  • The 76% fresh food fridge capacity is an excellent fridge-to-freezer ratio.
  • The 20-year warranty on the digital inverter compressor is impressive.

Cons of Samsung Double Door Refrigerator

  • The Curd Maestro feature takes up valuable space inside the fridge.
  • The fridge door spacing could have been more organized.
  • The absence of a chill tray is another glaring drawback.
  • It does not have the 5-in-1 convertibility available in other Samsung double-door models.

Here are the technical specifications that consumers might be interested in.

Overall Fridge capacity224L
Fridge-to-freezer ratio171L to 53L (around 76%)
Star Rating by BEE2-star
Energy consumption (average)261 units annually
CompressorDigital Inverter Technology
Stabilizer-free operationsIn the range of 100 to 300V
Noise levels40 dB
Defrosting SystemFrost-free
ConvertibilityFreezer to fridge (2-in-1 convertibility)
Digital DisplayAvailable
Warranty1-year comprehensive on the product 20 years on the digital inverter compressor

Let us discuss the fridge’s performance to understand the product better.

Cooling Performance

Samsung 2 star curd maestro model refrigerator

The Samsung Double Door Curd Maestro fridge delivers a powerful cooling performance powered by a high-quality digital inverter compressor. The advantage of digital inverter technology is that it saves power while delivering excellent cooling.

While most Samsung refrigerators offer 5-in-1 convertibility, this model offers 2-in-1 convertibility. You can easily convert the freezer compartment into a fridge whenever required. It helps you extend the overall storage space from 171L to 224L.

Samsung twin cooling fridge ice maker

We have preserved milk, vegetables, and fruits in this refrigerator and found them excellent. The milk remains fresh and does not curdle up to two days from the expiry date marked on the packet. Fruits, vegetables, milk, and other food items remain fresh for extended periods in this fridge. However, you must ensure that the doors are closed correctly.

inside samsung double door refrigerator

We advise checking the gaskets to prevent any cool air leakage from inside the appliance.

All Samsung refrigerators use unique cooling technology in their refrigerator models, ensuring uniform cooling wherever you place your food. The Power Cool and Power Freeze expedite the cooling process and save power.

You can adjust the cooling levels using the regulator in the fridge and freezer chambers. Ice-making is quick in this refrigerator. When placed inside the freezer, ice cream remains fresh and solid for long hours.

Curd Maestro Feature

Samsung advertises the Curd Maestro as a unique proprietary feature in this refrigerator. The curd-making procedure is straightforward.

Curd maestro samsung

Though the procedure is easy, it is like what we follow even otherwise for making curd. Usually, you add some curd to lukewarm milk, mix it well, and allow it to rest overnight to get thick and soft curds in the morning. So, how is the Curd Maestro different from the traditional curd-making procedure? It takes the same amount of time to make curds.

Initially, we found it exciting to use the Curd Maestro feature to make curds. But it has its drawbacks. This feature does not work when there is a power cut. We cannot restart the process from where it left off. We discard the mixture and start afresh using fresh milk and curd starter. That wastes time, effort, and raw materials.

So, making curds the traditional way is far better than using the Samsung Curd Maestro feature.

Therefore, the Curd Maestro feature is grossly overrated. You can purchase a similar Samsung fridge without the Curd Maestro feature and get more storage space without compromising its performance.

Power Consumption

Power consumption-wise, the Samsung Curd Maestro is an average performer. BEE has rated this appliance as a 2-star refrigerator. On average, it consumes around 261 units of power annually. Since this fridge works on a digital inverter compressor, it exhibits better energy efficiency, less noise, and a long-lasting performance.

Tests have shown that the refrigerator consumes 50% less power than other models working on conventional compressors.

This Samsung model is compatible with the home inverter. So, it ensures 24×7 cooling to keep your food fresh all the time.

In addition, this refrigerator offers stabilizer-free operations so that the compressor works uninterruptedly in an extensive input voltage range of 100V to 300V. So, this fridge does not require an external stabilizer.

Storage Capacity

Samsung 2 star double door review

This Samsung refrigerator has an overall capacity of 224 liters, comprising 171L of fridge space, and a freezer box with a capacity of 53L. The best aspect of this double-door fridge is the 2-in-1 convertibility option, allowing you to use the freezer as a fridge whenever required. Other models in the Curd Maestro series have 5-in-1 convertibility, offering more customizable options.

Samsung Fridge movable ice maker

The 224L storage capacity is ideal for small Indian families and the standard Indian kitchen.

Design and External Features

The double-door design is ideal for a refrigerator because it separates the freezer from the fridge compartment. This design ensures energy savings since you do not use the freezer as frequently as the fridge compartment.

Samsung double door refrigerator controls

Since it is a frost-free model, it is covered on all sides. This fridge has two compartments and two steel doors. The recessed handle and hidden hinges ensure an elegant and minimalist design. The silver-colored finish adds to the attraction factor. The dimensions are ideal for the standard Indian kitchen.

Internal features

This Samsung double-door refrigerator has exciting internal features to match the excellent exteriors. The toughened glass shelves are adjustable, allowing you to customize the storage according to your requirements.

This model has a Moist Fresh Zone that allows you to adjust the moisture level to maintain optimal humidity and keep your food fresh for extended periods.

Fresh Room samsung refrigerator

The large vegetable box is sufficient to hold adequate quantities of fruits and vegetables to meet your requirements. It has separate arrangements to keep your eggs fresh.

The Curd Maestro occupies significant space inside the fridge compartment. Though it is a helpful feature, it consumes valuable space. The movable ice maker in the freezer compartment is a good feature. The freezer door can also accommodate food items like juice cartons and bottles.


Samsung offers a one-year comprehensive warranty on the appliance. The most exciting feature is the 20-year warranty on the digital inverter compressor. Though Samsung has service centers in almost all Indian cities, the service offered by the individual centers needs improvement. Many consumers have complained of poor service and lack of proper knowledge of the appliance’s features, especially the Curd Maestro.

Samsung Refrigerator freezer


Samsung appliances are generally more expensive than other models. However, this double-door Samsung 224L refrigerator is available for under Rs 25,000 on the Amazon e-commerce platform.

Cooling Performance
Design & Features
Power Savings
Curd Maestro
The Curd Maestro is an innovative feature but can be easily dispensed with. This Samsung double-door 2-star Curd Maestro frost-free fridge qualifies as one of the best double-door refrigerators available in India under Rs 25,000.
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The Curd Maestro is an innovative feature but can be easily dispensed with. This Samsung double-door 2-star Curd Maestro frost-free fridge qualifies as one of the best double-door refrigerators available in India under Rs 25,000.Samsung Double Door Refrigerator Review Curd Maestro | 2023 Model