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The Air Conditioner segment in the consumer durables sector has tremendous competition, with each manufacturer trying to outdo the other by introducing innovative technologies and capturing the market.

Samsung has come up with innovative changes to its AC designs and introduced state-of-the-art technologies to woo customers. The triple inverter technology and the wind-free triangular design bear testimony to these innovations.

Here are the Samsung AC Technologies to look forward to in the 2022 models.

1. Triple Inverter – 8-Pole inverter

Inverter AC is not a new technology, with various brands offering dual inverter technology. Samsung takes it a step further by introducing the world’s first 8-pole inverter, also known as a triple inverter. It helps reduce vibrations to the minimum to reduce noise.

8-Pole inverter

Besides, this technology lowers torque fluctuations and considerably enhances the system’s efficiency. Besides increasing the AC’s lifespan, the 8-pole inverter technology offers 67% faster cooling. In addition, it consumes 69% less energy than conventional ACs. PowerBoost technology reduces the time required by the compressor to reach the maximum cooling speed. The smoother rotations reduce vibration, friction, and noise.

2. S-UTR Compressor

Samsung ACs equipped with the 8-pole inverter feature S-UTR (Ultra Tropical Compressor) to assist quick cooling, even if the exterior temperature is as high as 54 degrees Celsius. S-UTR features a high torque motor that saves energy and enhances efficiency by 10%.

What is Triple Inverter AC

3. Wind-free Air Conditioner

Samsung has introduced a Wind-free air conditioner that disperses cool air through 23,000 micro air holes instead of louvers. This advanced airflow technology ensures an even spread of air over a wider cross-sectional area.

Thus, you do not experience a cool blast of air on your body that can get uncomfortable.

How does the WindFree technology work

This technology consumes around 77% less energy than Samsung’s Fast Cooling technology. Besides, it enhances comfort by offering a unique Sleep Mode and controlling the temperature depending on your current sleep stage. Moreover, while the conventional Samsung ACs generate 26dB noise, the AC models equipped with Wind-free technology make 23dB.

The Wind-free ACs feature Motion Detect sensors that switch the AC to Energy Saving mode if they do not sense any human presence for 60 minutes. Besides, users can choose the wind direction towards or away from them, depending on their requirements.

Wind-Free air conditioner

4. Triple Protector Plus

The Triple Protector Plus technology in the latest Samsung ACs protect the compressor from voltage fluctuations between 80V and 450V. Hence, Samsung states that users need not use external voltage stabilizers with these ACs.

Triple Protector Plus in samsung ac

In addition, this technology makes the AC durable and enhances its lifespan because it can endure extreme heat. Finally, Triple Protector Plus technology offers an anti-corrosion coating to protect the condenser and the AC outdoor cabin from lightning and harsh climatic conditions. 

5. Durafin Condenser and Multijet technology

Generally, AC condenser and evaporator tubes are subject to high corrosion activity, especially in coastal areas. Therefore, Samsung has introduced DuraFin technology in its ACs that provides an anti-corrosive protective layer over these tubes to protect them from corrosion. The condenser tubes get an acrylic resin hydrophilic layer and an anti-corrosive layer of epoxy acrylic.

Durafin ultra in samsung

DuraFin technology enhances heat transfer efficiency by offering up to five times larger heat transfer area per internal volume. Compared to conventional ACs, these ACs have a 22% higher heat exchange ratio. In addition, it reduces friction by nearly 17% and increases airflow at the same fan speed.

Samsung has conducted various tests like the Sea Water Acetic Acid Test and the Salt Spray Test to reaffirm its anti-corrosive properties. Moreover, compared to the conventional AC’s condenser tunes and fins, DuraFin components have 36% more thickness to provide better corrosion resistance. Hence, this technology makes Samsung ACs highly efficient.

The Multijet technology reduces the outdoor unit’s size because the flat surface design facilitates air resistance better than the conventional heat exchangers. This technology improves the heat exchanger’s efficiency to cool the room faster.

6. Convertible 5-in-1 Cooling

Samsung ACs offer a 5-in-1 convertible cooling mode that enables the compressor to work at varying capacities, depending on the load and climatic conditions. The five functional modes include,

Samsung ac modes
  • Home Alone Mode – It is an ideal working mode for single individuals where the compressor works at 40% capacity. Hence, it saves maximum power.
  • Eco Mode – The Samsung AC works at 60% capacity in the Eco Mode to provide high-quality cooling while saving power.
  • Pleasant Mode – It envisages the compressor to work at 80% capacity and is ideal for small families with up to three members.
  • Normal Mode – Here, the AC works at its regular capacity of 100%.
  • Party Mode – If you have more people in the room, you can use the Party Mode, where the AC works at 120% capacity to provide high-quality cooling.

Thus, a 1.5-ton AC can work at capacities ranging between 0.6 tons and 1.8 tons.

7. Fast Cooling Mode

While the top-end 2022 Samsung AC models feature Wind-free technology, the other AC models feature Fast Cooling Mode. This technology allows the compressor to run at its highest level with the maximum fan speed for half an hour.

As a result, it reduces the temperature quickly, after which the AC switches to the Comfort Mode and maintains the desired temperature. Consequently, it enhances comfort levels because of optimal cooling. Besides, it saves the trouble of frequently changing the temperature settings.  

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8. Dehumidification Mode

Generally, ACs work overtime during the summer months. As the monsoon season starts, the conventional ACs find it challenging to control humidity levels leading to constant water leakages. Besides, it results in higher energy consumption. The rooms can get uncomfortably cold.

Samsung triple inverter ac

Samsung ACs feature a Dehumidification Mode that expedites the refrigerant cycle to extract excess humidity from the room and remove dampness. Thus, it enhances comfort levels during the monsoon season.

9. Single User and Bio-Sleep Mode

While the Samsung ACs are designed to provide comfort to all family members, there could be times when there would be a single user in the room. Under such circumstances, conventional AC models can be uncomfortable. Therefore, Samsung offers a Single User mode that allows the AC to work at considerably lower capacity (one of the aspects of 5-in-1 convertible cooling) to save around 26% energy while ensuring comfortable cooling.

Similarly, the Bio-Sleep mode maintains an ideal environmental temperature during the night to ensure a comfortable sleep. This temperature control technology achieves optimal cooling in three stages.

  • Initial Sleep Stage – The temperature drops considerably to allow the user to fall asleep quickly.
  • Sound Sleep Stage – As you go into a deep slumber, it raises the temperature slightly to relax the body.
  • Wake Up Stage – This stage offers intermittent blasts of air laced with freshness to allow the user to wake up fresh.

10. Tri-Care Filter

In these days of air pollution, you regularly find the indoor air more contaminated than the air outside your home. However, Samsung ACs offer an excellent solution in its Tri-Care Filter that protects from harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens. The Tri-Care Filter feature reduces bacteria and viruses by 99% and allergens by 98%.

Tri-Care Filter Of Samsung Split AC

The latest Samsung ACs working on Wind-Free technology features a PM1.0 filter to eliminate ultrafine particles.

These filters can trap up to 90% ultra-fine dust within 20 minutes. They work at twice the speed of PM2.5 filters.

This technology allows monitoring the air quality using a laser sensor where users can witness four different color lighting. They include red denoting very poor, yellow indicating poor quality, green showing normal, and blue highlighting good air quality. It also features an AI purifying function that auto cleans the filters regularly.

11. HD Filter With Auto Clean

The latest Samsung ACs come fitted with a Full HD Filter with a Virus Doctor feature that eliminates viruses like H1N1, Corona, and Influenza A. It also features an Auto Clean option that removes the dust and moisture from the condenser tubes and the heat exchanger. Thus, it prevents mold formation and bacterial contamination. 

12. Easy Filter Plus

The Easy Filter Plus technology makes it convenient to clean your AC filters and increases the appliance’s efficiency. The AC filters, located on the top portion, are easy to remove and clean. As a result, it keeps the heat exchanger clean and ensures maximum efficiency without incurring additional service costs.

13. AI Auto Cooling

The latest Samsung ACs offer AI Auto Cooling, a technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your usage behavior and automatically optimize cooling.

This technology enables the AC to switch to the most appropriate cooling mode depending on user preferences and external temperature. It offers fast and standard cooling to maintain optimum internal temperature and enhance comfort.

However, this feature requires a Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account because it stores user data, preferences, and usage patterns to suggest the optimal options. 

14. Voice Control with Bixby, Google, and Amazon

Samsung offers innovative technology where users can communicate with the AC using Samsung Assistant Bixby, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. This feature allows you to control and operate your AC using voice commands.

Samsung AC with Voice Control with Bixby, Google, and Amazon

So, switching on the AC does not require using the remote. Instead, you can use any of these voice assistants to turn on the AC. However, this feature requires downloading a specific Samsung app on your smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection.

15. Wi-Fi Welcome Cooling

The Wi-Fi Welcome Cooling takes your AC customization to the next level by allowing you to switch on the AC remotely over Wi-Fi using the Geo-Fencing feature. It sets the temperature levels and ensures that the room is adequately comfortable when you arrive home.

This feature works on the SmartThings mobile app. The best aspect of this feature is that it reminds you to switch off your AC even if you have left the room.

16. 4-Way Swing

The Samsung AC features a 4-way swing to enable more comprehensive air throw coverage to help spread the air faster and farther in the room. The horizontal and vertical swings allow uniform distribution of cold air inside the room to cool the room more quickly. This facility ensures there are no blind spots in the room.

17. Smart Installation and Self Diagnosis

The Samsung ACs work with the Smart Home app using which users can control their ACs and other smart Samsung devices at home. Besides, this technology has a Smart Installation/Diagnosis feature that automatically checks for installation errors, like air pipe integrity, communication mismatch between the two units, and refrigerant flow. The component performs a self-check and returns the following error codes.

  • 99 – No error
  • E101/102 – Communication mismatch
  • E121 – Indoor temperature sensor error
  • E122 – Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor error
  • E154 – Indoor fan motor speed detection error
  • E162 – EEPROM error
  • E163 – EEPROM Option Setting error
  • From E200- Outdoor error display

18. 100% Copper Condenser

Copper is a better conducting metal than aluminum. This Samsung AC uses copper condensing tubes painted with anti-corrosion coating to prevent rusting. It also ensures maintaining the heat exchanger temperature at optimal levels.

19. R32 Refrigerant

Compared to the traditional refrigerants R22 and R410A, the R32 is better because of its environmental friendliness. It exhibits a low global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential.

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20. Voltage Fluctuation Protector

While the top Samsung AC brands feature a Triple Protection Plus feature to protect their components from voltage fluctuations, the other ACs have a voltage fluctuation protector.

Though it is not as effective as the Triple Protection Plus feature, the voltage fluctuation protector can handle voltage surges or drops in the range of 130V to 290V. While it does not necessitate using an external voltage stabilizer, it is better if you have one, especially if the voltage situation in your area is terrible.

Samsung AC external unit

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Final Words

We have discussed all the technologies present in the latest 2022 Samsung AC models. Samsung believes that these innovative technologies, especially the triple inverter, wind-free triangular design, and Triple Protection Plus, will help them win consumer confidence and gain their trust. Therefore, Samsung has introduced some excellent models in 2022, incorporating most of these technologies.

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