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Generally, the Samsung ACs do not fail frequently. The compressor, PCB, and other components are under warranty. Besides, AMC is also available to ensure your Samsung AC functions well. In addition, Samsung AC indoor units and the remote controller display error codes whenever there are problems with the machine. The error codes can differ from model to model. First, however, let us look at some standard error codes in Samsung air conditioners.

When to check for the error codes?

The indoor unit indicator starts blinking if something is wrong with the machine. However, please note that it need not be a product defect. At times, you can rectify the error easily. Alternatively, you can summon the Samsung air conditioner technician to look into the matter.

Here are some commonly observed error codes in Samsung ACs and the remedy measures you can take to resolve them.

1. CF – Clean Filter

Every AC has an air filter that traps the dust and prevents it from damaging the AC equipment. However, the dust accumulates over time, forcing the machine to work harder. If the filters gather too much dust, the air conditioner cannot draw in the air properly. Hence, it makes noise and affects the AC output. As a result, the AC does not cool the room properly.

Generally, we advise cleaning the filters once in two weeks to prevent dust accumulation. If the AC cannot draw in the air, it displays the CF code on the IDU display. This code indicates that you clean the filters immediately.

Some Samsung models display the CH error code instead of CF. It means the same. The CH code is displayed automatically after every 336 hours. It is equivalent to 14 days. Hence, we recommend cleaning the filters every fortnight. Once you have cleaned the filter, you can reset the CH display by pressing the temperature selection button up or down.

How do you resolve the error?

You need not summon the Samsung AC technician to clean the filters. You can open the panel and remove the filters easily. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to such the dust from the wire mesh filter. Alternatively, use a brush (an old toothbrush should be fine) to remove the dust. However, please do not exert too much force, or you could tear the filters. Once you remove the dust, wash the filters clean with water. Dry them for some time before fixing them back in place. The error code CF should now disappear, and the AC should start functioning again.

If the filters are damaged beyond repair, you can replace them.

2. Cl – Auto Clean Indicator

Usually, Samsung ACs have an auto-cleaning feature where the indoor unit runs for a few minutes after switching it off using the remote controller. This feature cleans the evaporator coil of all the dust and debris and helps improve heat exchange. Simultaneously, it prevents moss and mildew accumulation on the coils. However, if you do not use the remote controller to switch off the AC, the auto clean function does not work. Therefore, dust or moss accumulation on the coils can force the IDU to produce foul odors. Under such circumstances, the IDU display flashes the Cl error code. It indicates that you should operate the Auto-Clean function to clean the coils and remove the odors.

3. dF – Automatic Defrost

Generally, frost collects on the condenser and evaporator tubes, causing heat exchange issues. Samsung ACs feature a defrost feature that starts functioning whenever excess frost build-up occurs. The IDU displays the dF error code when the defrosting function is operating. This function produces steam on the outdoor unit. As a result, the AC stops functioning and does not produce cool air.

How do you resolve the matter?

Such a situation can arise when the outdoor temperature is low and the humidity levels are high. As a result, there is frost formation on the heat exchanger, which affects heating efficiency. So, the automatic defrost function takes over and runs for five to twelve minutes to remove the frost collected on the ODU.

Error Codes that require the intervention of an authorized Samsung AC technician

The standard user does not know much about the AC’s functioning. So, it is better to restrict oneself to cleaning the filters and leave the other problems to Samsung authorized service personnel qualified to handle issues with the Samsung AC.

Here are some error codes that users should note and share with the AC technician, helping them rectify matters quickly.

1. E1 or 21

This code represents a defect in the room temperature sensor. So, the AC cannot gauge the room temperature to set the proper AC operational settings. The solution is replacing the room temperature sensor.

2. E1 or 22

This error code indicates a defective heat exchanger temperature sensor. As a result, the AC stops working. The authorized service technician is the right person to replace the heat exchanger temperature sensor.

3. E1 or 54

This error code signifies a defective fan motor or capacitor. The Samsung technician replaces the capacitor or the motor after examining the defect.

4. E1 or 63

This error is a software issue that can be resolved by the Samsung technician alone. The E1 or 63 error code indicates an EEPROM error.

5. E5

The Samsung AC displays the E5 error code when it detects that the indoor heat exchanger sensor is open. The shorting of the indoor heat exchange sensor can also trigger this error code. The Samsung technician is qualified to resolve the matter. The solution is to check the exchanger sensor departure of the IDU. It could also result in the sensor replacement if the error persists.

6. E6

The E6 error code indicates the shorting of the outdoor heat exchanger sensor. It also flashes when the outdoor heat exchange sensor is open. The matter needs the intervention of a Samsung AC technician who checks the heat exchange sensor departure of the ODU. The solution might require the replacement of the sensor.

7. E7

The heater temperature sensor shorting or opening up indicates the E7 error in the Samsung AC. This matter requires handling by the Samsung AC technician. The solution is to check the heating temperature sensor departure and replace it if necessary.

Do all Samsung ACs display similar error codes?

No. The error codes can differ from one model to the other. For example, the products with numbers will display the error code starting with numbers. For example, the model AR18BY5APWK will display the error code starting with numbers. So, it will show 21, 22, 54, etc. On the other hand, the model AR24BYMZABE will display the error code starting with the alphabet. Hence, it will show E1, E5, E6, E7, etc.

So, will the solution to the problems change?

The solution remains the same, whether it is a numerical or alphanumeric error code.

How do we distinguish the temperature from the error codes flashing on display?

The numerical error codes are generally confused with temperature readings. But, please note that the numerical error codes flash when the AC does not function. Secondly, the numbers keep blinking, whereas the temperature display numbers remain steady.

What should the user do when the IDU displays the blinking error codes?

The user should note the error codes and contact the Samsung service center. You can share the error code with the technician to make it easy for them. Usually, the technicians know how to check the codes. They invariably check the codes before starting the repair operations.

With this background, we shall discuss a specific Samsung AC model, AR18JV5NBWKNNA, an inverter compressor AC model. But, first, here are the error codes as detailed in the product manual. It should give you an idea of how Samsung ACs name their error codes.

Samsung AC Error codes

Similarly, other models display similar error codes. Again, you can refer to the respective AC model manual. Though the codes might differ, the causes and the solutions do not vary.

Final Words

We have discussed the Samsung AC error codes that help users communicate well with the Samsung technician. Generally, we do not advise users to try repairing the AC by themselves. At the most, you can clean the filters. The other error codes require technical expertise available from qualified Samsung technicians.

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