Samsung 6 Kg Inverter 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine Review

Model No: WW60R20GLMA/TL

The washing machine has become an integral appliance in any Indian household. Hardly can you find an Indian home without a washing machine.

As washing machines come in various sizes and capacities, it is better to select the appliance that suits your requirements properly.

Bachelors and couples can go for the smaller machines with capacities up to 6.0Kg. Samsung has an exciting product in this range, WW60R20GLMA/TL with Hygiene Steam technology.

Before discussing the pros, cons, and user reviews, let us glance through the features that could help us better understand the product.

Samsung WW60R20GLMATL

Features of the Samsung WW60R20GLMA/TL

  • Capacity – 6.0Kg
  • Operational Mode – Front-Loading fully automatic
  • Energy Rating – 5-Star BEE Rating
  • Warranty – Three years on the product and ten years on the motor
  • Motor – Digital Inverter Technology
  • Drum – Diamond Drum
  • Wash programs – Ten, including Hygiene Steam Wash
  • Spin Speed – 1000 rpm
  • Error monitoring – Smart Check automatic error-monitoring using a specific smartphone app
Samsung Front load washing machine tray  for detergent

Aspects we love about the Samsung WW60R20GLMA/TL

  • We loved the pricing of this Samsung front-loader. We got our machine at an exciting price, with various discounts, on Amazon during the Festival Sale offer.
  • This washing machine is durable, as evident from the 3-year warranty offered by Samsung. Besides, the motor gets a 10-year warranty. Furthermore, our previous experience with other Samsung products shows that Samsung offers good after-sales service.
  • This machine offers ten wash programs that are easy to set up and use.
  • The Samsung front-loader consumes less water compared to other similar washing machines. Besides, it saves power. Samsung advertises that this machine consumes around 200 units of electricity annually. It translates to around 15 to 16 units per month. It is a decent performance.
  • The digital inverter motor saves energy and makes comparatively less noise than conventional motors.
  • The 15-minute Quick wash mode is excellent for delivering a speedy performance. However, you cannot use this feature on a full load.
  • The Diamond drum has good technical features. Though it looks small, it is comfortable for small families with three people.
  • The 1000 rpm spin rate is good enough because the clothes come out sufficiently dry after the operation.
  • You can select the dry and spin cycle individually. It is also possible to vary the temperature settings according to your requirements.
  • This Samsung washing machine features an inbuilt heater system. Hence, there is no need for having two separate water inlets for hot and cold water.
Samsung 6 KG Front load washing machine WW60R20GLMATL

Factors that inconvenience users and require prompt redressal

  • Samsung has provided a short inlet pipe. In my case, it is around one meter. It is inconvenient because you must place the machine close to the inlet tap. It is not always feasible. Samsung should consider increasing its length to a minimum of two meters.
  • The washing machine has a sturdy design, but the sides seem thinner than the front.
  • Though the specifications display a 6 Kg maximum load, it applies for cotton garments alone. If you wash synthetic, denim, or dark garments, the maximum load is 3 Kg. Similarly, you cannot wash more than 1.5 Kg of woolen and delicate garments at a time. In addition, different cycles have different maximum capacities. For example, the Hygiene Steam wash, Super Eco-wash, and Daily wash cycles can accommodate up to 3 Kg, whereas the 15-minute quick wash cannot accommodate more than 2 Kg. The manual is very clear on this aspect (Refer Page 38 and 39 of the official Samsung washing machine manual available online).
  • This Samsung washing machine does not allow you to add clothes after the washing cycle commences.
  • Though the 15-minute Quick wash cycle is useful, you must run the spin cycle again to get sufficiently dry clothes. That could take another five to ten minutes.
  • The machine uses innovative technology where the bar illuminates when selecting the specific cycle. Unfortunately, though it is fine for use in dim lighting conditions, it is not useful in brightly lit rooms. A marker on the rotating knob would have been a better option.
  • Generally, the machine does not make noise when washing or spinning, but the drain motor can get noisy.
  • This washing machine requires water pressure between 50 kPa and 800 kPa. So, if the inlet water pressure is less than 50 kPa, the water valve will not close properly. As a result, the water will take more time to fill the drum. Thus, it can extend washing times and thereby consume more power.
  • Samsung recommends the use of a standpipe with the drain hose assembly. Users should purchase it separately. If Samsung recommends its use, the standpipe should have been a part of its accessories.
  • If your water source has high TDS levels, salt accumulation can occur on the heater coils. Hence, it is recommended to use a water softener arrangement. It costs extra.
  • The Hygiene Steam cycle takes around three hours at a temperature setting of 80 degrees Celsius. There is no option to control the temperature.
Samsung 6 KG Front load washing machine WW60R20GLMATL Controls

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Frequently Asked Questions – Samsung WW60R20GLMA/TL

1. What is the significance of the Diamond Drum in this Samsung washing machine?

The Diamond Drum gets its name because of the diamond-shaped ridges on the interiors of the stainless-steel drum. The soft curl design ensures that the edges are gentle on your clothes. Besides, the small water exit holes on the ridges protect the fabric by preventing the clothes from getting entangled.

Diamond Drum Samsung
2. Why does Samsung recommend using a standpipe when draining water from the washing machine?

The standpipe ensures that the water level in the wash drum remains higher than the drainage level. It helps prevent the backflow of drain water into the wash drum. However, it is not a compulsory attachment. Besides, Samsung does not provide the standpipe as an accessory with the appliance.

3. How does the automatic error-monitoring system work in this Samsung washing machine?

This Samsung front-loading fully automatic machine features a Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system to detect and diagnose problems with the machine and troubleshoot them. In addition, it uses a smartphone app to communicate with the Samsung service center, thus saving time and cost of engineer calls.

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4. What is the benefit of the Samsung Extended Warranty Plan?

This Samsung washing machine has a three-year manufacturer warranty covering almost all repairs, except perishable parts like plastic fittings. In addition, Samsung offers an extended warranty period that extends the coverage over the existing plan tenure. It is essential to avail this benefit because it covers the PCB or the panel, which comes at a considerable cost. 

5. Where can I subscribe to the Samsung Extended Warranty Plan?

The Samsung Extended Warranty Plan is available online on the Samsung website. You can also purchase the plan from all authorized Samsung service centers and select brand shops.  

6. Does this model offer the Eco Drum Clean feature?

No, the model WW60R20GLMA/TL does not offer the Eco Drum Clean feature. However, users should clean the wash drum frequently to prevent the buildup of detergent residue and other debris. In addition, it can extend the overall lifespan of the wash drum. This machine features a ceramic heater that enables hot water washing. This feature cleans the wash drum when you run the cycle.

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7. How much power does this Samsung washing machine consume?

This model, WW60R20GLMA/TL, consumes 1900W in the normal cycle and 2300W for the heater cycle. You can refer to our post on Washing Machine Power Consumption to know the actual power consumption in units. However, a lot depends on your usage patterns, water pressure, the washing load, etc.

8. Do the washed clothes require separate drying after the washing cycle?

Yes, the washed clothes come out 85% to 90% dry after completing all the cycles. Therefore, you have to hang the clothes for drying on the clothesline. This machine does not come with a specific drying cycle. However, if you have a dryer arrangement, you can remove the clothes after the wash cycle and use the dryer to dry the clothes completely.

9. What detergent do you recommend for use on the Samsung washing machine?

The type of detergent depends on the fabrics you wash (cotton, synthetic, wool, delicate items, etc.), washing temperature, degree of soiling, and color. However, it is always recommended to use low suds laundry detergents specially designed for front-loading washing machines. If the suds level is high, the washing times get extended, consuming more power.

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10. Does this washing machine require using a separate voltage stabilizer?

Generally, the inverter motor can handle voltage fluctuations up to acceptable levels. Therefore, it does not require an external voltage stabilizer.      

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We loved the pricing of this Samsung front-loader. It also consumes less water compared to other similar washing machines

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We loved the pricing of this Samsung front-loader. It also consumes less water compared to other similar washing machinesSamsung 6 Kg Inverter 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine Review