Why does your RO Water Purifier stop working at times?



Your RO water purifier is a machine. It works under certain specified conditions. If the conditions are not met properly, the machine can stop working.

Is it a cause for immediate alarm? No, there are various reasons why your RO purifier has stopped functioning. Some of the reasons could be very simple that you can solve it in no time.

If the reasons are beyond your control, you can always rely on the after sales service of the product installer or the manufacturer to rectify the matter.

Let us now look at some situations when your RO purifier can stop working.

Lack of power supply to the RO water purifier

Check whether the plug has been inserted properly. Use a tester to check whether there is proper supply of electric current to the point. Check out for loose connections.

Lack of supply of feed water

You might have accidentally switched off the diverter valve. If there is no supply of water to the machine, the machine switches off automatically. It is also better to check out whether the other tap connections in the house receive water.

These are two things you can do before deciding to call the RO mechanic. If you have an AMC in place, it is better to call them. In any case, it is always advisable to contact the authorised service centre of the manufacturing company rather than relying on local mechanics.

These are the normal occasions when your RO can stop working.

The SMPS adapter has burned out

This is possible, especially in India because of the high voltage fluctuations. If this is the case, you need to replace the SMPS. A trained electrician or a mechanic can do it for you in no time. In case you have experience in handling such equipment, you can as well change it yourself.

The adapter is an important ingredient of these water purifiers because these pumps work on Direct Current while the input current in India is Alternating Current.

Malfunctioning of the pressure pump

The RO systems work on the principle of Reverse Osmosis. This implies that you need to apply pressure on the liquid for the RO process to take place. This pressure pump is thus the most important ingredient of the RO water purifier.

Usually, these pumps are not repairable. It is advisable to install a new pump. This can be an expensive affair. Your mechanic is the right person to advise you in this regard.

Shorting of the low-pressure switch

The RO water purifier works only when the input water pressure is up to a certain pre-defined level. In case the pressure drops below this value, the low-pressure switch cuts off the RO machine.

This is necessary to prevent the pump from becoming dry. The mechanic will be able to replace this switch quite easily. At the same time, you should also ensure that the feed water pressure is within the specified limits.

Shorting of the solenoid valve

When you switch off the RO machine, the solenoid valve stops the wastewater from flowing into the RO membrane. In case the solenoid valve shorts out, it shuts off permanently thereby stopping the flow of water to the RO membrane. This will cause the RO machine to stop functioning.

Malfunctioning of the float valve

In the normal course, the RO machine stops working when the internal storage tank becomes full. This is to prevent the water from overflowing. The float valve shuts off the machine automatically.

As you start using the water from the tank, the water level reduces whereby the machine starts functioning again. In case there is a malfunctioning of the float valve, the entire RO machine shuts off completely.

Presence of air vacuum inside the RO

Normally, this does not happen. The technician ensures that the pipes are tightly fit. However, it can happen that there might be a loose fitting somewhere. This will cause the pump to suck air. This air gets trapped in the RO piping and stops the machine.

It can also happen that the pre-bowl filter gets blocked. Thus, it will not let the water to pass thereby creating a vacuum inside the RO. This will cause an airlock and prevent the water from entering the RO system.

Source: https://roquestions.wordpress.com/

These are the main causes why your RO machine stops working. Entrusting the job of repairing the machine to a qualified and authorised mechanic is the right thing to do. If your machine is under the warranty period, the manufacturer will take care of the repairs. Otherwise, it is always better to have an AMC in place after the expiry of the warranty period.

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