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I have been using my top-loading fully automatic washing machine for more than eight years. It was due for a replacement. When looking for a replacement, I chanced upon the LG 8.0Kg fully automatic front-loading washing machine, FHT1408ANL.

It seemed to be a good product and was available at an attractive price. Besides, it suited my requirements perfectly.

After weighing the appliance’s pros and cons carefully, I decided to go ahead and purchase this front loader for my home. Honestly, I felt I made a good choice. So, let us now review its functioning and look at the benefits and drawbacks. But, before that, here are the operational features of the LG 8.0Kg 5-Star Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine, FHT1408ANL.

LG FHT1408ANL Steam Washing machine

Features – In brief

  • Mode – Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • Capacity – 8.0Kg, ideal for the average Indian family comprising 4 to 5 members
  • Energy Rating – 5-Star, energy-efficient
  • Wash Programs – 14
  • Technology – 6-Motion Direct Drive technology
  • Spin Speed – 1400 RPM
  • Steam Wash – Available
  • Other features – Smart diagnosis, NFC, Cycle download, Auto restart, child lock
LG LG FHT1408ANL Steam Washing machine Front load 8 kg

What made me select this washing machine?

Looking at the features, most of them would be available on a good-quality front-loading washing machine. They are essential features that make my job of washing clothes easier. However, here are some factors that influenced me to select the LG front-loader for my home.

  • First of all, it was available at an attractive price on Amazon during Diwali. I couldn’t resist the discount offers during that period.
  • Besides, this washing machine has all the latest features promised by LG. It has a premium look, and I found the silver color most attractive.
  • As I use the machine on alternate days, I found this washing machine to be energy-efficient. On average, it consumed around 40 units monthly. (You can refer to our washing machine power consumption calculator here)
  • I have a baby at home. So, I love the way the spin cycle works silently. The 1400 rpm speed is excellent and helps dry clothes faster. However, the jeans pants came out wetter than the others. Nevertheless, they dried quickly in the spin cycle because of the high revolution speed.
  • The Wi-Fi Cycle download feature is good as I could download the Wool and Baby Care wash options from the internet. However, there is no dedicated Wi-Fi button on the machine as you find on other LG washing machines. But, your smartphone and the LG washing machine should connect with the same Wi-Fi service when using the facility.  
  • One of the better features of this LG washing machine is that it allows adding clothes after the commencement of the washing cycle. Previously, LG front-loaders did not have this feature.
  • The Smart ThinQ app is useful. I downloaded it from Google PlayStore. It helps operate the washing machine from remote locations.
  • Since my smartphone has an NFC facility, I could use it with this LG model that features an NFC tag inside the machine.
  • Though I never had the opportunity to use the Smart Diagnosis feature, it helps troubleshoot minor issues before they snowball into significant problems. In addition, our post on front-loading washing machine error codes can be of help.
  • I use the steam wash option frequently and found it useful. However, the steam wash option consumes more energy. As the machine features an in-built heater, I did not install new plumbing lines for hot and cold water washing options.
  • The auto drum cleaning feature is a positive aspect. It keeps the drum clean and prevents bacterial accumulation.
  • The water consumption of this washing machine is okay. It consumes around eight and a half liters per kg per wash cycle. Therefore, it qualifies as an efficient washing machine.
  • The product features a 2-year warranty, whereas the motor gets a 10-year warranty. Therefore, it signifies that this washing machine has a robust motor.
  • Installing the machine is not a hassle. However, it is better to have the machine stand on firm ground. It provides the ideal balance. Having fancy stands with wheels can unbalance the machine and affect its functioning.
LG Steam washing machine drum for front load model

Aspects that did not appeal to me

While the LG front-loading fully-automatic washing machine has various latest features to qualify as a high-quality washing appliance, it has its drawbacks that users should know.

  • Generally, front-loading washing machines are heavy. For example, this machine weighs around 60Kg. Hence, it is cumbersome to move it around in the house. However, there is no need to move the machine after installing it.
  • This washing machine does not allow me to customize wash cycles, especially if the load is small. The basic cycle is for around 45 to 50 minutes. The Quick Wash cycle features a pre-wash function for around 30 minutes. Hence, I infer that this cycle takes more time than necessary.  
  • This LG washing machine requires a special faucet. Unfortunately, I could not use my existing tap and purchased it anew from the market. LG could have included the tap along with the machine as a goodwill gesture.
  • Though the wash drum is spacious, it does not have much depth as available in a couple of competitor models. Maybe, the inverter direct drive mechanism could be the reason for the space constraint.
  • Though it comes with Wi-Fi compatibility, you need a robust broadband connection to connect to the internet. It allows downloading specific washing cycles, but LG can improve the connectivity factor in their forthcoming machines.
  • The machine features an in-built heater. If your area has hard water with high TDS levels, there could be scaling issues with prolonged usage. You might have to invest in a de-scaler separately.
  • The machine does not make much noise while spinning. However, if you have heavy clothes inside, the machine vibrates and makes noise. Therefore, balancing the machine load is critical.
  • Some users have complained of installation issues and after-sales service. However, it depends on the specific locations.
LG Front load Controls

My experience with the LG washing appliance

LG products are renowned for their quality. This front-loading washing machine is no different because it delivers an excellent performance. My experience of using this washing machine for four months is encouraging. We trust that this washing machine offers full value for its price. While it has its drawbacks, it is a user-friendly washing machine worth investing your hard-earned money in.

LG Front load Steam Wash Detergent tray

Frequently Asked Questions – LG front-loading washing machine

Here are the answers to the queries users ask about the LG front-loading washing machine.

Is this washing machine an ideal appliance to use in areas with hard water?

Yes, this LG front-loading washing machine allows users to add water softeners to reduce detergent usage in areas with hard water. Users can add the water softeners to the detergent in the dispenser compartment. Alternatively, users can add water softening tablets directly into the wash drum before starting the washing cycle. Of course, if you notice scale accumulation, you can always use a de-scaler to remove it.

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What is the ideal detergent to use in the LG front-loading washing machine?

It is advisable to use the detergent according to the detergent manual. Using too much detergent can cause suds formation and extend washing times. Therefore, it can consume more power and water. Therefore, using the right quantity of detergent is critical.

However, users should note not to use liquid detergent in the ‘Delay End’ or ‘Pre Wash’ options because it could harden and cause excessive suds formation. One should also adjust the detergent usage according to the water temperature.

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Can we install the washing machine on stands having wheels?

LG Washing machine stand with wheels

Balancing the machine when installing and using it is crucial. Therefore, it is advisable to place the machine on firm and level ground. If the flooring is uneven, the machine could vibrate when spinning. Besides making noise, it can reduce its overall lifespan. Furthermore, it is not good to use stands with wheels because the machine is heavy and might not balance well on such stands. However, if you have a good-quality stand with wheels, you can use it.

What ideal water pressure level can this machine handle?

The input water pressure should be between 50kPa and 800kPa. If the pressure exceeds 800kPa, it is advisable to use a separate decompression device. LG front-loading machines require a special faucet that users have to purchase separately. It is not available with the appliance.

What is the Direct Drive technology’s benefit in this LG washing machine?

This technology envisages connecting the motor directly to the wash drum without using conveyor belts. As a result, it can carry more loads, make less noise, is reliable, and is energy-efficient. Furthermore, the lack of belts and other moving parts means less wear and tear. Thus, the machine has an extended lifespan. In addition, the inverter motor consumes less energy compared to the traditional motors.

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How do you configure the Wi-Fi feature and use it with the ThinQ app?

The ThinQ app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The first step is downloading and installing the ThinQ app from the PlayStore or AppStore. If your machine has the Wi-Fi feature, it can pair with the ThinQ app. However, it would help to use the same Wi-Fi connection on the smartphone and the machine for proper pairing.

What are the benefits of using the ThinQ app?

The ThinQ app allows users to perform various functions.

  1. You can control and monitor the washing machine remotely in the Wi-Fi range.
  2. The feature notifies you of the completion of the cycle or if there is an error in the functioning.

If your washing machine has the NFC tag installed in it, you can perform several other functions.

  1. Download new cycles depending on your requirements.
  2. The feature alerts you when to clean the tub and provides tips for the dryer.
  3. The Smart Diagnosis feature detects faults and communicates with the LG service team for a quick resolution.
  4. It helps to check energy usage.

What are the benefits of the heater facility?

This LG washing machine features an in-built heater to offer the Steam Wash facility. It can heat the water up to 95 degrees Celsius and get rid of stubborn stains and allergens to provide a hygienic washing experience. The Tub Clean feature also requires the water to heat up to 85 degrees Celsius.

The hot water wash is also useful for the Baby Care wash, where the clothes are soaked for 15 minutes at 40 degrees Celsius and washed at 60 degrees for removing enzymes and detergent residue.

Does the LG washing machine require using an external voltage stabilizer?

An external voltage stabilizer is unnecessary because the machine can handle voltage fluctuations. However, if the fluctuations are wide, you can install a 1KW stabilizer.

Does this LG washing machine have a separate dryer facility?

No, there is no separate dryer facility in this model. Instead, it comes with a rinse and spin option. However, the spin speed of 1400 rpm helps dry your clothes up to more than 80%.

Wash Quality
Power Savings
Wash programs
Customer service
My experience of using this washing machine for four months is encouraging. We trust that this washing machine offers full value for its price. While it has its drawbacks, it is a user-friendly washing machine worth investing your hard-earned money in.

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My experience of using this washing machine for four months is encouraging. We trust that this washing machine offers full value for its price. While it has its drawbacks, it is a user-friendly washing machine worth investing your hard-earned money in.(Review) LG Steam Washing Machine (8 Kg, 5 Star) Front Load FHT1408ANL