10 Best Side by Side Refrigerators in India (2021)

The refrigerators are our best friends during the hot summer months in India. You have locations in India in Chennai where there are only three seasons in a year, HOT, HOTTER, and HOTTEST. Keeping your food items fresh becomes an arduous task in Chennai and similar other places. Therefore you find people opting to buy … Read more

LG Side By Side Refrigerators Technologies Review (2021)

LG has always lived up to its exciting reputation for being the favorite of homemakers all over India. The exquisite range of refrigerators with spell-binding features, available from the LG stable, can entice anyone to purchase one for their kitchens. Right from the direct cool refrigerators to the most advanced side-by-side door models, LG offers … Read more

Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator Technologies Review (2021)

As technology keeps improving, so does the quality of products. Consumers get to experience an exquisite range of features that add to the overall comfort and convenience levels. The Samsung Side-By-Side refrigerator is one such appliance that has redefines the way refrigerators are manufactured and, more importantly, used at home. Let us walk through the … Read more