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Ask anyone in India to name five geyser brands, and Racold will be one of them.

The Racold brand is a product of the Italian conglomerate Ariston Thermo Group, renowned for producing high-quality geysers worldwide. Ariston Thermo has a representative office in Pune and manufactures Racold geysers at its plant located at Chakan, also in Pune.

Racold offers six types of geysers in the Indian domestic consumption market.

  • Electric Instant Geyser: Pronto Stylo, Pronto Neo, Pronto Neo Duronox, Pronto Stylo Duronox
  • Electric Storage Geyser: Omnis WiFi, Omnis Lux, Omnis Lux Plus, Andris Lux Plus, Andris Slim, Andris Uno, Platinum Plus, CDR DLX Plus, CDR Swift, CDR DLX, Platinum Eco
  • Online Instantaneous Geyser: Aures, Aures Pro
  • Gas Geyser: Eco Instantaneous LPG and PNG Gas water heater, ODS Eco, ODS Eco+,
  • Solar Geyser: Alpha Pro, Omega Max 8, Omega Neo, Alpha Plus
  • Heat Pump Geyser: Heat Pump Domestic

We shall discuss the technologies used in all these different geysers. But before that, let us understand the pros and cons of using Racold geysers.

Advantages of Racold Geysers

  • Racold offers a comprehensive range of water heaters comprising models in six categories, as listed above.
  • Racold instant heaters are available in options ranging from 1L to 6L. Usually, other brands offer instant geysers up to 3L.
  • Racold electric storage geysers are available in capacities from 10L to 100L.
  • Racold heat pump geysers are massive equipment with 150L to 200L capacity.
  • Racold geysers are energy-efficient, with almost all water heaters earning the 4-star or 5-star BEE rating.
  • Smart control technology allows users to operate the appliance using smartphone apps and WiFi.
  • PUF insulation enables retaining the heat for extended periods, thus, saving power.
  • The storage water heaters come equipped with Silver Ion technology to prevent bacterial contamination in the water.
  • The company states that it has more than 1000 technicians working at around 300 service centers pan India. In addition, Racold provides extensive service coverage at 1.5 lakh locations. The 24×7 chatbot feature is also available on the official website.

Disadvantages of Racold Geysers

  • Compared to its competitor brands, Racold geysers are expensive. Some models are not even necessary for domestic use because of their large capacities. They can be used better in hostels, lodges, etc., where community bathing facilities are available.
  • Many consumers have complained of pathetic after-sales service.
  • Not all the Racold geysers available in India are indigenously manufactured. Some models, like Andris, are imported from Vietnam. So, there can be service-related issues with such equipment.
  • Racold provides the inlet and outlet pipes, which are of small length. Generally, consumers have to arrange for longer pipes. Hence, it is an additional expense.
  • Racold does not provide the 3-pin plug. Besides, it cautions against connecting wires to extend the wire length. Racold could have at least provided wires of sufficient length.

Racold Geysers – Technologies

Titanium Plus technology – Keep the rust away and increase the lifespan.

Racold electric storage geysers feature Titanium Plus technology in its top-end premium appliances. As a result, the inner tank gets titanium enamel protection from rust and corrosion. The titanium enameling process involves heating titanium glass at high temperatures to create a vitreous layer. This robust layer does not allow rusting of the tank surface and, thus, enhances its lifespan.

Racold storage water heater

Racold solar geysers feature a Duronox inner container that prevents rust formation and protects the storage tank from corrosion. In addition, its outer body is made of high-grade plastic to ensure protection against rusting.

The inner container of the Racold instant water heater systems has a coating of SPHP (Super Polymer High Performance) that prevents corrosion due to hard water scaling.

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Protection Features – To prevent heat dissipation.

Racold instant electric heaters feature a PUF protection layer between the inner container and the outer body to prevent heat dissipation. Similarly, solar heaters have storage tanks lined with a zinc-aluminum sheet that lasts four times longer than galvanized steel. Besides, the zinc-aluminum coating reflects heat and prevents heat dissipation. Again, it can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius. 

Racold Instant water heater

silver-ion technology – To prevent bacterial contamination.

Racold storage geysers come with an anode equipped with silver-ion technology that prevents bacterial contamination by eliminating 99% of harmful bacteria. Thus, it protects the user’s health and offers a clean, hygienic bathing experience.

Protection features – To prevent accidents.

All Racold geysers feature a pressure-release valve to dissipate excess pressure buildup inside the storage tank. This valve releases pressure and protects the equipment and human life.

The storage geysers feature a thermostat arrangement to switch off the power supply to the geyser when the water inside the container reaches the set temperature levels. It prevents overheating.

Racold water heaters use a unique anti-siphon system to prevent the water backflow from the container. It protects the unit from dry heating.

Gas heaters are designed to operate at low water pressure. Generally, Racold geysers can operate at 8-bar water pressure, making them convenient for high-rise apartments.

Gas vs Electric Geyser

The auto turn-off system present in Racold geysers makes them safe and energy-efficient.

Ecosense Technology – Save power and enhance appliance lifespan

Racold instant heaters feature Ecosense technology, a unique and innovative arrangement that sets off a buzzer to alert users that the appliance is switched on but not in use. It saves power.

The Racold gas geysers come equipped with a Summer/Winter function that enables warm water delivery during summers and hot water during winters. Thus, it saves fuel during summers when you do not require much hot water.

All Racold water heaters have 4-star or 5-star BEE ratings. Besides, the Racold heaters are certified by ISI issues by BIS. Secondly, gas geysers use high-quality burners that facilitate proper combustion to save fuel and improve energy efficiency by 85%. 

Racold Andris Storage water heater

Smart app Control technology – to enhance user experience

Premium Racold instant geysers feature WiFi compatibility that allows users to control the appliance using a specific smartphone app. The Omnis WiFi electric storage geyser has this facility that allows easy operations and personalization. Thus, users can operate and control the geyser without going to the bathroom. In addition, they can customize their requirements using the smartphone app from Racold.  

The Smart Bath Logic feature allows the user to set the water temperature between 40 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius, depending on their requirements. They can also set their preferences for a shower or a bucket bath.

The feature also allows users to schedule their bath timings according to their convenience. Besides, the app provides complete information about the appliance’s power usage, helping users track their electricity consumption.

Other Stand-out features

  • All Racold water heaters are designed beautifully to suit your bathroom environment.
  • The instant and electric storage heaters feature high-quality heating elements to provide 25% faster heating.
  • Temperature regulation knobs are available in specific models, allowing users to set their preferred temperature. In addition, some models feature a digital display for better convenience.
  • Usually, the storage water heaters use a Flexomix deflector that slows down hot and cold water mixing to keep the water hot for extended durations. In addition, it prevents frequent switching off and restarts to provide 10% more hot water than other storage water heaters.
  • Racold storage water heaters feature a shower-ready indicator LED lamp to indicate that the water is ready for a shower bath.
  • Racold geysers are compact and can comfortably fit into almost all Indian bathrooms.


Usually, Racold water heaters feature a 2-year warranty on the product. In addition, the heating element comes with a 3-year warranty, whereas the storage tank gets a 5-year warranty. However, we advise users to check their operation manuals to know their appliance’s warranty because it can differ from one geyser model to the other. 

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Power Consumption

Racold Instant geysers are available with 3KW and 4.5KW power consumption, whereas the storage geysers have a 2KW heating element. However, the energy consumption evens out in the long run. The Aures Pro has a power consumption of 24KW, and the Aures tankless geyser is 5.5KW.

Wrap up

Racold geysers have been famous in the Indian market for a long time. These appliances have won several awards from reputed institutions for their energy efficiency, performance, and safety features. However, the primary drawback is the pricing because Racold geysers are expensive compared to their peer products in the market.

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