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Water purifiers are available in plenty on the Indian market. Each brand extolls the virtues of its products to entice people to purchase them. However, can we take this information at face value?

This review should help you decide wisely because you spend your hard-earned money purchasing these products.

So, let us review the latest HUL Pureit Vital Max Mineral RO+UV+MP 7-stage water purifier with FiltraPower technology.

HUL Pureit Vital water purifier

Hindustan Lever has introduced its latest product, Pureit Vital Max water purifier, with advanced water purification technology. However, before reviewing the product, let us understand the pros and cons of this product.

Benefits of HUL Pureit Vital Max Water Purifier

  • This water purifier can purify all types of drinking water, including municipal tap water, borewell, and tanker water. That is nothing new because all RO water purifiers do the same.
  • This water purifier uses ECO Recovery technology to reduce water wastage by RO water purification. The company claims that this technology saves up to 60% more water, an average of 80 glasses daily. It would not be right to comment at this juncture because one must use the product for an extended period to judge the recovery percentage. However, it does not falsely claim that it ensures Zero wastage like some competitors do.
  • The product features a mineral enhancer cartridge to replenish the minerals lost during water purification. This attachment is beneficial compared to the TDS controller mechanism used by some competitors, where they reintroduce the source water to maintain the mineral content.
  • This HUL Pureit water purifier promises high-speed water purification of up to 24L per hour. It is considerably more than what other RO water purifiers offer. 
  • The provision of Smartsense indicators that warm you 15 days before the filter expires is a good feature. You get sufficient time to arrange for the replacement.
  • The water purifier is safe because it stops functioning if you do not change the filter after its expiry. Therefore, there is no chance of consuming unpurified water at any time. Unfortunately, some earlier-generation RO water purifiers did not offer this facility.
  • This filter complies with the most demanding international standards like USEPA, NSF 58, SGS, and CSA.
  • The machine is compact and fits beautifully into any kitchen because it occupies less space. Besides, the design looks attractive and matches the kitchen ambiance.
  • HUL offers exemplary after-sales service. My experience says that HUL installation staff were professional and rendered excellent services without demanding any money. They responded immediately to my call and provided a demo after installing the product.
HUL Pureit Vital max water purifier

Drawbacks of HUL Pureit Vital Water Purifier

  • Like all RO water purifiers, this water purifier also wastes water. However, HUL claims it wastes 60% less water. But still, it wastes water.
  • Pricing-wise, it is a bit expensive.   
HUL Pureit Vital plus water purifier

Our Opinion

The FiltraPower technology seems to be a marketing gimmick because one expects all RO/UV water purifiers to remove TDS, toxic chemicals, and bacteria/viruses. HUL claims this technology can remove one crore bacteria and ten crore viruses per liter. But, we have to take it at face value because it is not verifiable. On a lighter note, if the water source contains one crore bacteria and ten crore viruses per liter, it is not worth consuming. Otherwise, the product seems good.

Installation – Minimum fuss

HUL Pureit Ro water purifier installation and service

Installing this water purifier does not require an elaborate process. The HUL technician is the right person to do this job efficiently. In addition, HUL offers excellent after-sales service and has well-trained personnel who install the machine quickly and provide a live demonstration while explaining the features.

Design – Compact but beautiful

Pureit vital max review

The HUL Pureit water purifier is a compact appliance that suits all kitchen environments and enhances its overall ambiance by blending well with your other kitchen accessories. You can either place this water purifier on a table or you can wall-mount it.

Performance – Overall, good

This HUL Pureit water purifier is similar to other RO water purification devices. However, HUL claims that its Eco Recovery technology helps save water.

HUL also claims that FiltraPower Technology complies with international purification standards. But that should not be news because every water purifier should comply with high-quality standards. So, I feel that FiltraPower Technology is like “Old Wine In A New Bottle.” 

Pureit vital ro water purifier

Water Quality – TDS levels and Taste

This water purifier can purify water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. The appliance features a mineralizer attachment instead of a TDS controller. So it does not contaminate the RO-purified water with the source water while replenishing mineral content. On the contrary, after purification, the mineralizer adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to enhance the water’s taste.

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So, this appliance is suitable if TDS levels are high, specifically if the water source is contaminated with industrial waste (Delhi). If your local municipality provides RO-purified water, you can invest in a UV/UF water purifier to eliminate pathogens and harmful bacteria. Otherwise, the HUL Pureit water purifier is a good investment.

Vital HUL Max Potrait

Maintenance – Minimum maintenance required

This RO water purifier requires the minimum maintenance that similar products do. For example, you must replace the filters on time. It has sensors that indicate when to replace all filters. After reading the terms and conditions well, you can go for the AMC. It can have some confusing clauses, especially replacing worn-out cartridges.

HUL Pureit Vital Max Water Purifier Features

We have gone through the plus and minus points of this water purifier. Let us now understand its features and see how they benefit users.

7 Stage water purification technology

This HUL Pureit water purifier offers a 7-stage water purification technology comprising

Pureit vital max plus
  • Pre-sediment filter
  • Pre RO carbon membrane,
  • mesh filter
  • RO membrane,
  • UV chamber, and
  • Post RO carbon membrane.
  • Carbi Trap

Similar model (Pureit Vital Plus comes with 6-Stage Purification)

FiltraPower Technology

The HUL Pureit Vital water purifier is fortified with FiltraPower Technology that can eliminate toxic substances, including bacteria, viruses, and cysts, from the source water and provide 100% pure water. But, of course, we expect all water purifiers to do it. So, the name FiltraPower technology seems to be a marketing gimmick. It does not offer anything extra that similar water purifiers do not.

Smartsense Indicators

Smartsense indicator is a good feature because it alerts you 15 days before the filter loses its potency. Thus, it provides you with sufficient time to order the replacement kit. The best feature is that the machine stops functioning 15 days after the alert if you do not replace the cartridge. This safety measure ensures you do not get unpurified water to drink.

Mineral Enhancer Cartridge

The mineral enhancer cartridge is helpful because it replenishes the minerals like calcium and magnesium that get blocked due to RO water filtration. Hence, it enhances the taste and improves overall water quality. This mineral enhancer kit can work up to 6000 liters of water purification. But, then, it requires replacement.    

Eco Recovery Technology

RO waste water

HUL Pureit Vital Max water purifier work on Eco Recovery technology that claims to have a high water recovery percentage of 60%. So, it claims to save around 80 glasses daily compared to other RO water purifiers. However, much depends on the TDS levels in the water source. This machine features a powerful RO membrane that purifies up to 6000 liters of water. However, HUL is honest enough to admit that RO water purifiers waste much water.

HUL Pureit Vital water wastage

High-quality UV sterilization

The appliance features an effective UV lamp that can kill up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and cysts, making the RO-purified water safe to drink.

Purifies all types of water

This HUL Pureit water purifier can purify water with TDS levels up to 2000. Hence, it is ideal for purifying all types of water. Water with TDS levels of more than 2000 is anyway unfit for human consumption.

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Energy Efficient

HUL claims that this appliance consumes 42W of power. That should qualify as an energy-efficient product.

Storage Capacity

HUl water purifier new model 2023

The 7L water storage capacity should prove ideal for small families. Bigger families can also use this water purifier because it offers high-speed purification of up to 24L per hour. Generally, RO water purifiers offer around 16L of pure water per hour. However, much depends on the source water quality. The more the TDS, the longer the purification time; hence, the slower the process.

Tank material

The tank material is food-safe, non-toxic, and made of engineering-grade plastic. Hence, it is hygienic and long-lasting.

Water Taste
Water Savings
Installation & Service
The HUL Pureit Vital Plus/Max water purifier is a good model and is suitable for all kinds of water sources. Priced Slightly on the higher side. However, it should suit the average Indian family’s water purifying requirements.
Sai Sahithya
Sai Sahithya
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The HUL Pureit Vital Plus/Max water purifier is a good model and is suitable for all kinds of water sources. Priced Slightly on the higher side. However, it should suit the average Indian family’s water purifying requirements.Pureit Vital Max RO Water Purifier Review | What's New?