Philips HL7756 Daily Collection Mixer Grinder Review

Our Verdict: If you are looking for a simple mixer grinder for your home at a reasonable price, the Philips HL7756 should be ideal. Though it is not suitable for efficient dry grinding, this mixer grinder is a decent investment for your kitchen.


Philips HL7756 is a compact machine that should prove ideal for your kitchen. Though it does not have advanced features, this mixer grinder is valuable because it can efficiently perform your regular kitchen activities.

Philips HL7756 Daily Collection motor

The motor can be noisy and become hot with continuous usage. Otherwise, it is powerful to deliver commendable results.

The compact model does not occupy much space on the kitchen table. This appliance is suitable for wet grinding idli batter to meet the requirements of small families. It has an exquisite design with adequate ventilation. Thus, it is an excellent kitchen aid and a good buy.   


  • A powerful 750W motor
  • Simple, user-friendly controls
  • Compact design with a sturdy feel
  • Good safety features
  • Specialized blades for a good performance
  • Advanced air ventilation system
  • Easy to clean


  • Not ideal for dry grinding challenging ingredients like turmeric.
  • No LED indicator
  • The jars are not leak-proof.
  • No removable blades
  • It is a bit noisy.
  • It has a 2-pin electrical plug.

What is in the box?

Here is what you get on opening the package.

  • Powerful motor encased in a compact ABS body.
  • Three stainless steel jars, a) 1.5L wet grinding jar, b) 1L multi-purpose jar, and c) 0.3L chutney jar.

Philips HL7756 Mixer Grinder – Motor

The Philips HL7756 has a powerful 750W motor encased in a compact ABS plastic body. The appliance is on the lighter side weighing 3 kg and making it convenient to use in the kitchen.

The locking mechanism is similar to other mixer grinder models. The black and shiny finish looks attractive, but your fingerprints are easily visible.

The overload protection switch at the bottom is a good safety device. Vacuum suction feet allow you to place the appliance firmly on the kitchen counter. The machine is generally stable and does not wobble at high speeds. However, we advise you not to overload the machine. The base starts vibrating to make it a bit unsafe.

Though Philips claims its motor is robust, it does not work for more than 20 to 25 minutes at a stretch. On the other hand, some of its competitor models can work for 30 minutes without getting hot. So it needs to be clarified whether the Philips motor is sturdy enough for a long haul. However, it is suitable for use in short bursts.

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Philips HL7756 Mixer Grinder Performance

The Philips HL7756 is a simple, uni-dimensional mixer grinder. It has limitations but is a suitable appliance for your kitchen.

Philips HL7756 Jars

This mixer grinder has three stainless steel jars of varying capacities. But we found that the jars are thin, with a thickness of 0.6mm. Secondly, they do not have lid locks. Therefore, placing your hand on the lids to support them when rotating at high speeds is better. Besides, the jars are not leak-proof.

Another disadvantage is that the blades are fixed and not removable. The rivets are prone to rust with extensive usage. Therefore, the jars require more maintenance, like proper cleaning and adequate drying before reuse. 

Philips HL7756 Wet Grinding
  • The 1.5L wet grinding jar is suitable for grinding idli and dosa batter. Though the grinding performance might not equal the specialized grinding machines, it delivers decent results. We advise you to soak the ingredients properly before wet grinding because it reduces the load and ensures quick grinding. However, the wet and dry grinding jars have similar-looking blades.
  • The dry grinding jar has a capacity of 1L. Though it is ideal for grinding dhania, red chilies, dal, and other masalas, we do not recommend grinding challenging ingredients like turmeric and dry ginger. This jar does not have a gasket, but the striped edges allow you to close the lid tightly. But, the cover can become loose after a few years and require replacement.
  • The chutney jar is the smallest, with a capacity of 0.3L. Usually, mixer grinder models offer 0.4L or 0.5L chutney jars. However, the performance is good because it can grind your chutneys beautifully.

The dry grinding performance is satisfactory, but this mixer grinder is suitable for wet grinding and preparing chutneys. Generally, the appliance does not wobble. But we advise keeping the ingredients manageable, especially when wet grinding idli batter. The machine can stop, requiring you to remove some ingredients before resetting the overload protection button.

The Philips HL7756 has a manual controlling knob with three different speed options. The pulse feature is excellent for whipping cream or buttermilk.

The motor makes noise, especially when grinding at full speeds. Though it has a 750W motor, the noise levels in the range of 90 dB are high. However, some competitor models like Bosch make more noise.

The Philips HL7756 performs well because it can comfortably handle regular grinding jobs.


Cleaning the Philips HL7756 is not a problem. You can remove the jars and wash them conveniently in the kitchen sink. The jars are not dishwasher friendly, but that should be fine.

Plastic lids are easier to clean than polycarbonate covers. Therefore, we do not advise using the wet grinding jar for masalas. The stains can be challenging to clean. However, the dry grinding and chutney jars are comfortable to clean because they have plastic lids.

The food particles, especially dal or pepper, can get stuck beneath the blades. We urge you to remove them carefully because the edges are sharp. We suggest running the mixer for half a minute with warm water and liquid soap. It will simplify the cleaning process considerably.

Durability and Safety Features

Philips HL7756 daily collection review

The Philips HL7756 has a sturdy ABS plastic body, making the appliance durable. Besides, the mixer grinder is light in weight. As it weighs around 3 Kg, you can comfortably carry it around in your kitchen.

However, the machine’s jars are not of the best quality stainless steel because of the 0.6mm thickness. Secondly, the jar lids do not have a locking system. So, you depend on the gaskets to keep them airtight. Unfortunately, the gasket can wear off, and the caps could become loose with usage.

Since the jars do not have any clamps, we advise you to hold them tightly when using the machine at high speeds. However, you need not worry much because the jar lids will not fly off.

The machine comes with a powerful motor that can generate sufficient heat. However, adequate ventilation at the bottom allows the heat to dissipate quickly. But we advise you to use the machine in short bursts of 20 minutes to prevent overheating issues.

The overload protection switch makes the appliance safe because the machine shuts down if you overload the ingredients. You can remove some food materials, reset the button, and restart the operations.

Philips offers a 2-pin power plug. Generally, mixer grinders with a 750W motor should have a 15A, 3-pin connection.

Nevertheless, this mixer grinder is safe to use and lasts long.

Warranty and After-sales

Philips offers a 2-year product warranty and five years on the motor. That should be ideal. Besides, servicing the mixer grinder is not an issue because local service personnel can handle minor problems. However, Philips has an excellent after-sales service network. But we do not recommend servicing the machine locally during the warranty period.

Philips HL7756 Mixer Grinder – Specifications

The Philips HL7756 specifications are as follows.

  • 750W Turbo Motor
  • Durable coupler mechanism
  • Advanced air ventilation system
  • Specialized blades for grinding
  • Unique triangular-shaped body
  • 100% rust-free and food-grade jars
  • 3-speed control with pulse function

Other Comparable Models

Other comparable Philips models include HL7777, HL7707, HL7760, and HL7701. Again, there is little difference between these models.

  1. The HL7777 has a juicer jar.
  2. The HL7707 offers two juicer attachments.
  3. The HL7760 and HL7701 are similar to the HL7756.

The competitor models include

  1. Amazon Basics Premium 750W mixer grinder
  2. Prestige IRIS Plus 750W mixer grinder
  3. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W mixer grinder
Wet Grinding
Dry Grinding
Value For Money
A mixer grinder is an integral component in every Indian kitchen. Every house should have one, if not more. The Philips HL7756 is a decent mixer grinder model available at a reasonable price. It is an excellent choice for all Indian kitchens.
Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari
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A mixer grinder is an integral component in every Indian kitchen. Every house should have one, if not more. The Philips HL7756 is a decent mixer grinder model available at a reasonable price. It is an excellent choice for all Indian kitchens.Philips HL7756 Daily Collection Mixer Grinder Review