Panasonic Twin Cool Inverter Split AC Review | CS/CU-NU 18WKYW



Model No – CS/CU-NU 18WKYW

While summers can get oppressive throughout India, an air conditioner becomes an essential home appliance.

When scouting for the best AC for my home, I checked on various brands and settled for the Panasonic AC, primarily because of its Japanese connections.

In addition, Japanese products are renowned for their technological innovations. The Panasonic AC is no different with Wi-Fi, Alexa compatibility, twin-cool inverter, etc. Though all Panasonic ACs do not have these innovative features, the model I have purchased, CS/CU-NU 18WKYW, has.

Let us review this AC for the benefit of all and discuss its positives and negatives to get a fair opinion. But, before diving into the review, here are its features in brief.

Features in Brief

  • Model Number – Panasonic CS/CU-NU 18WKYW
  • Type of AC – Split AC
  • Compressor – Twin Cool, Variable Speed Inverter Compressor
  • Capacity – 1.5 tons, suitable for room size ranging between 120 and 180 square feet area
  • BEE Star Rating – 5-Star rating valid until December 31, 2021, now extended to June 30, 2022.
  • ISEER – 4.70
  • Power Consumption – 840.75 units per year
  • Warranty – One year on the product, five years on the PCB, and ten years on the compressor
  • Special Features – Wi-Fi enabled and Alexa compatible
  • Other Features – Copper condenser coils with Shield Blu Fin technology, Smart Diagnosis, PM 2.5 filter, stabilizer-free operation in the range 145V to 285V
Panasonic CSCU-NU 18WKYW external unit

Features I love that prompted me to choose this Panasonic AC

While all 5-star inverter split ACs come with similar operational features, this Panasonic AC has some functions that stand out and separate the product from the rest.

  • I love the twin-cool inverter as it enables the AC to cool my room quickly. Compared to the AC I used earlier, this Panasonic model cools it much quicker and thus, saves power. Besides, it functions almost noiselessly that you might miss noticing it.
  • The summer months can get extremely uncomfortable in my city. This Panasonic AC features a Powerful Mode that cools the room instantly and provides immediate comfort. Besides, the dehumidifier function removes moisture from the indoor air. It is a valuable feature, especially in the rainy months.
  • Though my area does not have much pollution, I love this AC because it features a PM 2.5 filter that provides dust-free clean air. In addition, since I have a pet that keeps shedding hair, this AC provides comfort by sucking the animal dander and not recirculating it.
  • The feature I admire the most is the Alexa compatibility. Now, I do not have to search for the remote control option as I can use my voice to communicate with Alexa and control this AC. It proves handy during the night as I can comfortably shut it down without struggling with the remote control buttons.
  • I also like the AI-enabled feature on this AC that allows connectivity, control, and comfort. For example, I can adjust the temperature seamlessly and monitor the unit’s functioning using the MirAIe app. In addition, the MirAIe app can connect with other Panasonic devices in my home.
  • Though I have never used the Smart Diagnosis feature, I trust it should work well.
  • The Customized Sleep profile is a good feature as it allows me to schedule the hourly temperature and eliminate excessive cooling during the night.
  • While this Panasonic AC offers stabilizer-free operation, I have installed an external voltage stabilizer to boost input voltage, mainly because my area witnesses frequent voltage fluctuations.  
  • The copper condenser coils protected with Blu Fin technology are perfect for my house because I live near the coast. In addition, Blu Fin technology prevents corrosion and enhances the AC’s durability.
  • This Panasonic AC uses an R32 refrigerant. It is good because of its low global warming potential and zero-ozone depletion potential.
  • I also love the Panasonic warranty offer of five years on the PCB and ten years on the compressor. My general warranty will expire soon, and I propose to go for an AMC because I am satisfied with Panasonic’s after-sales service.
Panasonic CSCU-NU 18WKYW remote

Discouraging Aspects That Cause Concern

While this Panasonic AC delivers a good performance, it has specific drawbacks.

  • The backside of the external unit does not have a protective grille covering. It does not affect the AC’s functioning, but Panasonic could have provided a protective cover. Many brands do so because it prevents the AC components from rodent attacks, insects, bird invasions, humidity, and other damage.
  • While Panasonic offered a concession on installation charges, I had to incur additional expenses for purchasing extra copper tubes, wires, stand, brackets, drilling costs, etc. Panasonic should not charge for drilling because drilling is a part of the installation. As I placed the outer unit on the terrace, I agreed to pay for extra copper tubes and wire. However, many users have complained of excessive charging from the Panasonic technicians for installing the AC. Secondly, Panasonic does not provide an electric wire connection with the appliance. Users have to purchase the wires and plugs separately.   
  • Besides, users should check for Panasonic service facilities in the area they reside. If Panasonic does not have any, they rely on third-party services that usually charge high installation fees.
  • The remote does not offer controlling options for horizontal oscillation, whereas it has vertical oscillation control functions. Panasonic should note this fact and modify the remote control unit.
  • The MirAIe app is good, but it can control Panasonic devices alone. For example, I could not control my TV or washing machines using the app because they are different brands. So, at present, I use the MirAIe app to control the AC alone. Hence, it is not tested enough. But, the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility are excellent features.
  • The Panasonic AC features a sticker in the front that looks disturbing. It is not easy to remove the sticker because it causes gum residue on the panel. I had to rub alcohol on the gum residue to obliterate it. Panasonic could have provided a vinyl sticker instead of paper.
  • The remote looks cute, but it isn’t easy to operate at night because the control buttons do not have the phosphor glow except the temperature control options.
  • Though Panasonic offers a 5-year warranty on the PCB and ten years on the compressor, the warranty card or the bill does not confirm this. You have to register the AC on the Panasonic website to view the warranty conditions. Panasonic could have easily added a couple of lines on their warranty cards and saved users’ trouble. 
Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC 2021
Panasonic CSCU-NU 18WKYW Star Rating
ISEER – 4.70 with BEE 5 Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions – Panasonic CS/CU-NU 18WKYW

1. What additional charges do users have to pay during installation?

Panasonic offers concessions on installation charges, but the unit does not have an electrical wire connection, AC power plugs, additional copper pipes, and drainpipe. Hence, the user has to arrange for these ingredients. Besides, Panasonic does not offer a stand or a protective grille for the external unit. Drilling costs are extra. All these costs total up to nearly Rs 4000 to Rs 4500.

2. Should I go for the AMC after the warranty period?

It is better to check with Panasonic whether they offer the AMC after the warranty period because you have third parties offering AMCs on Panasonic ACs at times. Though it is not compulsory to avail of the AMC, it is advisable to ensure proper servicing of your AC. The filters require cleaning. The warranty also includes checking gas pressure. However, refills do not come under the contract. If you know how to clean the filters, you need not go for the AMC. It is purely an individual choice.

3. How does the MirAIe app work?

Users have to download the MirAIe app from Google PlayStore or App Store. Then, complete the registration process and include all Panasonic smart devices in your home. You can then use the app to control and monitor your AC’s performance. It also allows you to manage e-warranties and receive notifications and service requests. The MirAIe app is essential for the Smart Diagnosis feature as it helps connect with the Panasonic service team and ensures fruitful communication.

4. How do you use Alexa or Google Assistant to control this AC?

This Panasonic AC has Wi-Fi compatibility. First, you must connect the AC Wi-Fi settings with your ISP. Then, you can use Wi-Fi and Amazon Alexa to control the AC by using your voice commands. The Alexa functioning is similar to managing your TV and other devices.

5. Do you need a separate voltage stabilizer with this AC?

Panasonic states that this AC can work in a voltage range of 145V to 290V. It also recommends using an external voltage stabilizer if the input voltage is outside this range. Therefore, you can act accordingly. If there are voltage fluctuations, it is advisable to have a voltage stabilizer. It protects your AC components from damage.

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC outdoor unit
6. How does the extended warranty work?

Panasonic offers a one-year general warranty on the product. Besides, it provides a 5-year warranty on the PCB and ten years on the compressor. It is a valuable feature because it ensures the appliance’s durability. However, you should refer to the MirAIe and check the e-warranties because Panasonic does not mention the additional coverage in the bill or warranty card. However, the warranty is void if Panasonic service technicians do not install the AC. Therefore, you should ensure that Panasonic sends its personnel for installing the AC.

7. How much power does this AC consume?

It depends on your usage. For example, the Panasonic AC has a BEE Star label attached to it. It says that the average power consumption of this appliance is approximately 840 units per year. So it amounts to around 70 units a month.

8. Is this model available in physical stores?

The Panasonic CS/CU-NU 18WKYW is only available on e-commerce retail web stores. It is not available offline. However, you can purchase alternate AC models with similar features in physical stores. The numbering is more of a convenience feature.

9. What is the advantage of Blue Fin technology?

Blue Fin technology involves coating the condenser and other pipes with a specific anti-corrosive substance to prevent damage due to corrosion. Besides, it also helps in better heat exchange to enhance the appliance’s performance levels. Furthermore, the additional anti-corrosion protection is helpful in coastal areas where the air contains a high proportion of ozone.

10. What refrigerant does the Panasonic AC use?

This Panasonic AC uses R32, the best refrigerant for ACs because of its zero ozone depletion potential. Consequently, it has a lower global warming potential than other refrigerants like R410A.

Cooling Performance
Power Savings
Eco Friendly
Features & Modes
Service & Warranty
I have been using this AC for nearly nine months now. I have seen its performance during the peak summer (though winter in Chennai is also not very cold) season. I like its cooling and performance to rate it at 4.5 out of 5.

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I have been using this AC for nearly nine months now. I have seen its performance during the peak summer (though winter in Chennai is also not very cold) season. I like its cooling and performance to rate it at 4.5 out of 5.Panasonic Twin Cool Inverter Split AC Review | CS/CU-NU 18WKYW