What is Ozmo Mopping Technology?

Ozmo Mopping is an advanced vacuuming and mopping system patented by Ecovacs and is available on its Deebot robotic vacuum cleaner models.

Ozmo Mopping

This mopping system eliminates two chores from your household responsibilities. The Ecovacs robotic vacuum cleaning appliance vacuum cleans your home and mops it clean using Ozmo Mopping Technology.

Characteristics of Ozmo Mopping Technology

Ozmo Mopping system is unique because it allows the vacuum cleaner to vacuum and mop floors simultaneously. It comes with various exciting features to make vacuuming and mopping your home a comfortable affair.


Adequate water storage capacity

This system comprises a removable water tank with a 240ml capacity. This volume of water is sufficient to clean an area up to 2000 square feet.

Ecovacs claims that this cleaning performance and storage is nearly ten times that observed in other brands. 

Advanced Electronic water control mechanism

The Ozmo mopping system features an advanced electronic water control mechanism to ensure against water wastage.

The appliance uses the correct amount of water every time you use the machine. The mechanism is such that there is no dripping of water when the machine pauses its operations. Thus, you do not have any leaks and water spillages.

Smart sensors to detect carpets and rugs

The Ecovacs Deebot appliances that work on Ozmo Mopping Technology are smart enough to avoid carpets when mopping. The built-in carpet detection feature helps sense carpets on the floor and steer clear of them when mopping.

Besides, you can set up boundary strips if you do not want the machine to venture into prohibited areas.

Ozmo T8

Removes bacteria and viruses

Deebot robotic vacuum cleaners employ Ozmo Mopping technology to mop the floors clean and eliminate up to 99.26% of bacteria, like Colibacillus, Bacillus Subtilis, and Staphylococcus. 

Ozmo Pro Oscillating Technology

Ecovacs Deebot T8 and R8 AIVI robot vacuum cleaners use an Ozmo Pro Oscillating accessory for more effective and efficient cleaning. It is an add-on accessory that replaces the existing Ozmo Mopping system with a powerful oscillating mopping kit. 

Ozmo Pro Oscillating technology empowers robotic vacuum cleaning appliances to handle stubborn stains on the floors using electrically powered high-frequency vibrations working at 480 per minute. It comprises a unique fine mopping mode comparable to an electronic mop. 

This system uses a disposable mopping cloth for mopping the floors clean. It is advantageous because you use and change the disposable cloth rather than washing it repeatedly.

The system uses two mopping patterns for cleaning your floors, quick scrubbing and deep scrubbing. Depending on your requirements, this machine offers four different water flow levels for your various cleaning requirements. 

Advantages of Ozmo Mopping System

  • The electronic water control system is better than the gravity-based system as it prevents water wastage through dripping and spillage.
  • The carpet detection feature prevents damage to your expensive carpets and rugs.

Ozmo Mopping technology is a one-stop solution for effective and efficient cleaning. 

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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