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Orient is generally known for its lighting equipment and fans. However, Orient Electric manufactures some of the best electric water heaters in the country. Orient offers a range of storage, instant, and immersion water heaters. Gas heaters are also available with the Orient brand.

Usually, electric water heaters work on similar principles where an electric current is used to heat water through a unique heating element. So, one should look at aspects like safety, corrosion resistance technology, and power savings when purchasing electric water heaters. Orient Electric water heaters have proven their performance and are among India’s most famous geyser brands.

Let us review Orient Electric water heater technologies. But before that, here are the pros and cons that should make it easy for us to understand.

Orient storage water heater

Pros of Orient Electric Water Heaters

  • Orient Electric geysers deliver excellent performance as these appliances do not take much time to heat the water. Besides, most of the Orient water heaters are BEE 5-star rated appliances. Therefore, they save power.
  • Orient Electric geysers are available in capacities ranging from 1L to 50L. However, the 15L and 25L models are the favorites of households in India.
  • Orient Electric water heaters offer excellent corrosion resistance because of the unique Ultra Diamond Glassline technology in its latest models. Other than Glassline technology, Orient Electric offers Nano-polymer coated inner tank technology to protect the appliance from corrosion and damage.
  • The latest Orient Electric geysers, like Enamour Prime, Enamour Classic, Evoke, and Enamour Plus, feature nickel-coated copper heating elements to optimize water heating.
  • Orient Electric water heaters have high-quality insulation between the internal tank and the exterior body to prevent heat dissipation. As a result, it saves power and maintains the water temperature.
  • Generally, all Orient Electric geysers are suitable for high-rise apartments because they can handle water pressure at eight bars.
  • Advanced technology like Whirlflow technology does not allow the mixing of hot and cold water inside the geyser. Hence, they ensure better water outflow.
  • All Orient Electric geysers feature the best safety norms like overheat protection, multi-function valve, and thermostat to protect against unnecessary accidents.
  • Orient Electric storage geysers have a 7-year warranty on the tank, three years on the heating element, and two years on the product.
  • The latest Orient Electric geysers have advanced features like digital temperature displays, IoT variants, and many more.
Orient instant geyser review

Cons of Orient Electric Water Heaters

  • Orient Electric does not have sufficient service centers to cater to customer complaints. In addition, they do not have service stations in nearly 70% to 80% of district headquarters.
  • Some users have complained of bad after-sales service from Orient Electric. Though they could be isolated incidents, Orient Electric should note these complaints and set them right.
  • Some Orient technicians force users to purchase pipes from them, despite the tubes being present with the consumer.
  • Installation is not free everywhere except for a few cities. Maybe, it is because Orient Electric does not have service centers in all Indian cities.

Our opinion

Though there might be service-related issues, the Orient Electric water heaters are decent products that offer good performance. However, much depends on the source water temperature. The geyser can take more time to heat the water during the winter and rainy seasons when the water temperature is lower than average. However, the performance is overall good.

Orient Electric Water Heaters – Range of products

Orient offers an exciting range of water heaters with varying capacities.

  • Storage Nano Polymer water heaters: Orient has one product Maverick in this category. This appliance is available in sizes ranging from 10L to 50L. In addition, this product has a nano-polymer-coated tank for added durability.
  • Storage Glassline water heaters: Orient offers the maximum number of products in this category. The models include the Aquator Series, Enamour Series, Fontus, Evapro, New Glazio, Eco Desire, Aquanaut, Urja+, Zesto, Aquabliss, Prithvi+, and Thermoslim. These appliances are available in sizes ranging from 6L to 50L. In addition, these devices have Ultra Diamond Glassline technology to provide corrosion resistance. 
  • Storage water heaters: Some Orient water heater models have stainless steel tanks ranging from 6L to 25L. Four models, namely Fontus, Aqua Spa, Aqua Spring, and Cronos, are available in this category.
  • Instant water heaters: Orient Electric offers seven instant geyser models, Aura Neo, Aura Plus, Aura Neo Art, Fontus, Vulcan, Aquapro, and Onsen, with capacities of 1L and 3L. These appliances work with advanced heating technology and a shockproof ABS body.
  • Immersion water heaters: Orient Electric has immersion heaters that offer the benefit of portability.
  • Gas water heaters: Besides water heaters, Orient Electric manufactures gas water heaters in four models, Vento Digi, Vento Pro, Techno, and Vento Neo. These appliances run on piped natural gas (PNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). In addition, they feature copper heat exchangers for better heating performance.
  • Tankless water heaters: These appliances provide the fastest heating as you access hot water on-demand without any need to pre-heat. These appliances are compact and highly energy-efficient.

Orient Electric Water Heaters – Technologies

Orient electric water heaters geysers in india

Heating Technology: for quick heating within minutes

Orient Electric instant heaters are available in 1L and 3L models. These geysers feature high-quality copper heating elements that enable quick heating. In addition, Orient offers nickel coating on these heating elements to protect them from corrosion. The storage water heaters also feature powerful heating elements that heat water within ten minutes of switching them on.

Corrosion-resistant technology: to prevent damage due to corrosion

Orient electric storage geysers offer different corrosion-resistant technologies to prevent damage due to corrosion. For example, the inner sides of the tank are coated with Ultra Diamond Glassline, which does not allow salt deposits to stick to it and corrode the inner layers. In addition, Orient offers alternate nano-polymer-coated technology in some models to provide resistance to corrosion.

Besides, these geysers feature nickel coating on the heating elements to prevent the accumulation of salt deposits. Finally, the Orient electric storage geysers feature a 27% thicker magnesium anode rod that prevents salt deposit accumulation on the tank’s insides and the heating element to enhance their lifespan. Thus, these technologies protect against corrosion and also save power.

IoT technology: Operate the appliance from anywhere

Orient Electric offers IoT technology in its latest models, enabling you to operate the device from anywhere using your smartphone. In addition, this technology allows easy customization, allowing you to save different temperature settings and meet the family’s specific needs. For example, the Smart Mode usually has the highest temperature settings by default to ensure immediate hot water availability.

This technology analyzes the power consumption trends at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. Thus, it helps track your electricity bills. Furthermore, the Work Status option on the smartphone app displays the real-time working status of the appliance. In addition, this technology offers an Eco mode that allows setting an optimal temperature and conserving energy. Besides, you can select the timer that switches the geyser on automatically.  

Whirlpool Technology: Prevent water mixing

Orient Electric storage water heaters work on unique Whirlpool technology that does not allow the cold water from the inlet pipe to mix with the hot water inside the appliance to ensure quick heating and power savings. In addition, this technology provides 20% more hot water output.  

orient electric instant geysers

High-quality insulation: Saves power by maintaining the warmth

To prevent heat loss, Orient Electric geysers have thick PUF insulation between the inner tank and the outer body. Thus, it allows the water to remain hot for extended durations. As a result, it saves power.

Safety Technology: Prevents unnecessary accidents

All Orient Electric water heaters feature state-of-the-art safety technologies like a multi-function pressure valve that releases excess pressure to prevent accidents. Similarly, the molded three-pin plug with robust earthing helps prevent electric shocks.

All these appliances have thermostats to regulate water temperature and avoid overheating. Again, these appliances offer dry heating protection. The shockproof and water-proof ABS and IPX4 high-strength polymer body provides excellent protection for the device.

Other technologies

Orient Electric water heaters can handle water pressure of up to eight bars. Hence, they are ideal for high-rise apartments.

Soft-touch controls are available on specific models to enable convenient operations. For example, some models feature digital displays, whereas some come with temperature control knobs.


Orient Electric water heaters come with a 7-year warranty for the storage tank and three years for the heating element. Besides, the entire product gets a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Customer Service

Orient Electric does not have service centers in all Indian cities. However, the company has an all-India helpline phone number allowing consumers to register their complaints. Users can dial 18001037574 and lodge their complaints. They can also register their grievances or book service requests online. Besides, they can send an email to customer.connect@orientelectric.com.


Orient is one of the famous Indian geyser models that has proved its performance and power-saving capabilities. These appliances are available in different modes and offer some of the best water-heating technologies.

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