Onida AC Technologies Review 2023 | Pros & Cons

How often have we admired the unique Onida tagline “Neighbor’s Envy, Owner’s Pride?”

Yes, Onida products are good, especially the TVs and washing machines. But, do you know that Onida has a decent range of air conditioners on the Indian market?

So, we shall be discussing Onida AC technologies and the benefits accruing to consumers in this article.

Onida offers a range of fixed-speed compressor and inverter compressor ACs with features like Flexi 5 technology and Magnified Cooling. In addition, it also has a range of window ACs available on ecommerce retailer websites. Though the Onida ACs do not have the fancy features their competitors offer, they deliver high-quality performance. Hence, these air conditioners are popular among consumers.

Ondia AC ODU

Pros and Cons


  • Onida ACs feature additional protection for their copper coils as they come equipped with an innovative Tanzanite Protekt feature.
  • Onida ACs are reasonably priced compared to its competitors like Voltas and Blue Star.
  • Onida offers a decent range of inverter air conditioners that save power in the long run.
  • Onida installation costs are lower compared to other ACs.
  • The AC has a durable frame for the ODU and the IDU.


  • Though Onida ACs offer decent air purification technologies, they do not feature PM2.5 or HEPA filters for additional protection.
  • Onida does not have a good reputation for providing quality customer service.
  • The generic parts are ineffective.
  • Maintenance costs are on the higher side.

Let us now discuss some Onida AC technologies and how they benefit consumers.

Compressor Technology

Onida ACs work on different compressors, including conventional motors, heavy-duty inverter motors, and dual-rotary motors.

Conventional Compressor

The conventional compressor comprises a fixed-speed motor that switches off after the AC achieves its temperature setting. Subsequently, as the temperature reduces below the threshold level, it restarts to provide further cooling. Hence, the consumer enjoys continuous cooling.

Though efficient, the fixed-speed compressors consume more power than inverter compressors because of the fixed speed and the spike in the consumption levels every time they restart. Secondly, fixed-speed compressors have higher noise levels than inverter compressors.  

Heavy Duty Inverter

Ondia Inverter AC Outdoor Unit_

On the other hand, the inverter compressor works at variable speeds throughout its operation. These rotary compressors alter their operational speeds depending on the cooling load. Thus, they consume less power and deliver better cooling performances.

Since these compressors work continuously, there is no drop in the cooling levels as with conventional compressors. Secondly, the inverter compressors make less noise than traditional compressors. However, the ACs equipped with inverter compressors are comparatively more expensive than those with conventional compressors. But, the power saving over its lifespan compensates for the increased initial investment.

Ondia AC Owners Pride

Dual Rotary Heavy-duty compressor

The premium Onida ACs feature an improved inverter compressor known as a dual-rotary heavy-duty compressor. These compressors can work at variable speeds and capacities. Therefore, the ACs equipped with this technology delivers better performance than those with single-rotary inverter compressors.

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Super Energy Saver

Some premium Onida ACs come with higher ISEER values making them super-efficient, even better than the appliances equipped with dual-rotary heavy-duty compressors. As a result, these ACs benefit consumers by saving on their power bills considerably. Besides, they are durable and hence, incur fewer maintenance costs.

Flexi 5

One of the advantages of the dual-rotary inverter compressor in ACs is that it allows consumers to customize the cooling according to their preferences. Some manufacturers call it 5-in-1 technology, whereas Onida refers to it as Flexi 5 Technology. Here, consumers can set the AC to work at five capacities (tonnage) depending on their needs. So, a 1.5-ton AC can operate at 40% (0.6-tons) and up to 110% capacity (1.65-tons). Consumers can adjust the AC capacity using the remote controller.

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How consumers benefit

Inverter compressor technology enables consumers to get better cooling at reduced power consumption. The Flexi 5 technology allows consumers to use the AC according to their requirements and reduce power consumption further.


Some models that feature heavy-duty inverter compressor and Flexi 5 include IR194MG Magnus Gold, IR194MS Magnus Silver, IR183MG Magnus Gold, and IR183 Magnus Silver, etc.

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Smart AC Technology

Almost all AC manufacturers offer smart ACs where consumers can control and operate the ACs using a smartphone app. Onida also has a couple of these intelligent ACs in its range.

Smart Home App

Consumers can download the Smart Home App and control or operate the AC using it. As a result, you do not need a remote controller. Besides, the Smart Home App can work from an adjacent room with Wi-Fi connectivity. So, you can switch on your AC from anywhere within the Wi-Fi range. Besides, the Smart Home app offers various other features such as controlling other connected devices like smart TVs, washing machines, etc.

The Smart Home App is available on Google PlayStore and App Store. It also has an IR Blaster facility. So, you can use the smartphone as an alternative to any remote-controlled appliance.

Works with Alexa

The Onida smart AC works with the Smart Home app. So, consumers can connect to their ACs using their voice commands. In addition, these appliances are compatible with Amazon Alexa and other voice assistants. So, you can order Alexa to switch on/off the AC from anywhere and control its cooling operations.

Wi-Fi enabled

The Onida smart ACs are Wi-Fi enabled and can work with your home broadband or smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot facility. The AC and the smartphone should work on the same Wi-Fi network for the Smart Home App to function.

I Feel Sensor

Consumers find it easy to control and operate the air conditioners from remote locations within the Wi-Fi range. So, if you forget you switch off the AC while going out, you can use this feature and switch it off from your porch if it is within your Wi-Fi range.


Models like Genio-IR183GNO and ONYXS-IR183ONXS are innovative AC models with Wi-Fi and Voice-enabled features. In addition, almost all the inverter ACs come with the I-Feel sensor.

Cooling Technology

Ondia AC India

Onida ACs offer a range of cooling technologies. Usually, these technologies are available in almost all AC brands but with different names.

Magnified Cooling

Onida offers magnified cooling in its ONYXS and GENIO series ACs. These air conditioners come with high-quality compressors that allow the appliance to work at 120% of its cooling capacity. Hence, Onida calls it Magnified cooling when the AC works at 120% tonnage. For example, a 1.5-ton AC will work as a 1.8-ton appliance. Therefore, such air conditioners are ideal for bigger rooms. They also suit rooms that cramp more people, such as classrooms. 

4D Cooling

Onida offers magnified cooling in its ONYXS and GENIO series ACs. These air conditioners come with high-quality compressors that allow the appliance to work at 120% of its cooling capacity. Hence, Onida calls it Magnified cooling when the AC works at 120% tonnage. For example, a 1.5-ton AC will work as a 1.8-ton appliance. Therefore, such air conditioners are ideal for bigger rooms. They also suit rooms that cramp more people, such as classrooms. 

Turbo Cooling

Generally, split AC compressors take some time to start, especially the non-inverter compressors. So, there is a delay in the cooling. It can be uncomfortable during the oppressive summer months. Onida offers a range of split inverter ACs that offer quick cooling, known as Turbo Cooling. These ACs deliver immediate cooling to provide relief to consumers.

Air Dehumidifier

ACs are instrumental in cooling the rooms during the summer months. However, the monsoon season that follows summer brings with it a lot of humidity. This humidity inside the rooms can make it uncomfortable, especially when the ACs work like in summer. The point is crucial because the external temperature can be the same, but the humidity in the rainy season can be more. Therefore, Onida AC units feature a dehumidifier functionality that dries the air inside the room and provides maximum comfort to consumers.


Onida models like CASA-SR123CSA offer 4D cooling, whereas IR125MG Magnus Gold and IR194MG Magnus Gold refer to Quadra Throw. On the other hand, models like GENIO IR183GNO offer Magnified Cooling.

Ondia Inverter AC Review

Air Purification Technology

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Onida ACs offer excellent air purification to purify the air inside the rooms by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants.


PlasmaPure is a self-cleaning ionizer technology that produces positive and negative ions to neutralize harmful contaminants and foul odors in the home environment. As a result, consumers enjoy pure air without any pollutants to get relief from respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis. In addition, children benefit from the pure air generated by these ACs using PlasmaPure technology.

AG+ Ionizer

Silver ions have a proven record of purifying air by eliminating harmful bacteria and allergens. In addition, Onida ACs come equipped with AG+ Ionizer technology to ensure high-quality air purity inside the rooms.

Anti-bacterial operation

Some Onida ACs offer anti-bacterial filters to trap and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses to prevent them from circulating inside the rooms. Thus, they purify the air and provide relief to consumers.


IR184TG-Trendy Gold, IR185MG-Magnus Gold, etc., have AG+ Ionizer features, whereas IR183MG-Magnus Gold PlasmaPure series ACs feature PlasmaPure protection.

Ondia AC Review India

Protection Technology

Stabilizer Free

All Onida ACs can work at fluctuating voltages, making investing in a separate voltage stabilizer unnecessary. These ACs do not have an inbuilt stabilizer but can work in an extensive input voltage range between 145V and 285V.

100% Copper Coil

All Onida ACs have 100% copper condenser and evaporator coils to enhance durability, heat exchange, and performance. In addition, copper is more resistant to corrosion than aluminum. Hence, these coils last longer. Besides, copper is a proven performer because of its better heat exchanging qualities.

Tanzanite Protekt

Tanzanite Protekt is an innovative anti-corrosion blue coating applied on copper tubes of the cooling coils in Onida premium ACs. This protection makes these ACs highly durable by empowering the copper coils to resist corrosion due to climatic conditions, moisture, dust, and industrial pollution.

Blue Fin

Blue Fin technology is a renowned anti-corrosion technology available on Onida ACs to protect the copper evaporator and condenser coils from corrosive elements. This technology makes the AC more durable; thus, consumers benefit from better and prolonged performance while incurring fewer maintenance costs.


The Onida ACs have an anti-fungus coating on their evaporator and condenser coils that prevent the accumulation of fungus, mold, and mildew. Thus, the appliances remain clean and ensure maintenance-free services. Besides, it improves the air quality by eliminating the foul odors.  

Filter Cleaning reminder

The premium Onida ACs have a filter cleaning reminder option that reminds consumers it is time to clean the filters. Usually, we recommend cleaning the AC filters once in two months because dust accumulation affects the cooling capacity. It makes the AC work harder and thus consumes more power. A filter cleaning reminder is a handy tool that enables consumers to self-maintain their Onida ACs.


All Onida ACs offer Self-Diagnosis where the AC shows error codes on the display or the remote controller, making it easy for consumers and service technicians to identify faults in the AC’s operation. Thus, it saves time for the service technicians and money for the consumers.

Ondia AC Bee Star ratings

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Other Technologies

R32 Gas

All Onida ACs use R32 refrigerant. This refrigerant is environmentally friendly because it has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and comparatively lower Global Warming Potential than other AC refrigerants available on the market.

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Onida Customer Care

Consumers can seek support and service online from Onida.

  • Customer care email – customer.care@onida.com
  • Annual Maintenance – Call 7490955555
  • Customer grievance service – 022-28200435
  • WhatsApp – 7490955555

Frequently Asked Questions – Onida AC

1. What is the warranty available on Onida ACs?

Like other AC manufacturers, Onida offers a 1-year product warranty and ten years on its inverter compressors. In addition, the fixed-speed compressors feature a 5-year warranty. The positive aspect of Onida’s contract is the inclusion of labor charges in its warranty.

2. What is the installation cost of an Onida AC?

The standard installation costs are Rs 1050 plus GST.

3. Does Onida offer an AMC for its ACs?

Consumers can avail of AMC by contacting the respective service providers. In addition, the list is available on the Onida website.

4. Should I install a voltage stabilizer separately?

Though Onida claims its products do not require a voltage stabilizer, consumers can install one for additional protection, especially if the voltage fluctuations are high in their respective areas.

5. Does Onida offer window AC models?

You have Onida window AC models available on the market at Onida dealers, e-commerce retailers, etc.

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