O General AC Technologies Review – 2023 (Fujitsu)

Fujitsu General has an illustrious history of manufacturing high-quality air conditioners since 1936, when it was initially established as Yaou Shouten Ltd. This Japanese company started exporting ACs to the Middle East countries in 1971 and has several world firsts to its credit.

  • First Lambda Heat Exchanger in 1991
  • First Power diffuser in 1994
  • Introduced the first Nocria Series ACs in 2014
  • Introduced the Triple Innovation Series with 25m long-reach airflow in 2016
  • Introduced the Next level AC Tropical Innovation Inverter Series with 5.56 ISEER in 2021

Fujitsu General started its Indian operations in 2000 and introduced its CPTA technology in India in 2020.

Fujitsu General, also known as General ACs or O General, has introduced several new technologies to enhance consumer convenience and comfort. Let us glance through the top technologies available in General ACs.

General ACs Technologies

Cooling Power for Tropical Application (CPTA) technology

This technology delivers the highest part-load efficiency of 6.44 EER and can reach a maximum ISEER of 5.56 as per the latest regulations. In addition, the CPTA technology enables the AC to provide optimum cooling even at inhospitable temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius. One of the plus points of CPTA is the AC’s ability to throw air up to 25 meters, making it an ideal air conditioner for large rooms.

The Advanced hyper tropical compressor coupled with large copper heat exchangers and propeller fans ensures powerful cooling even if the temperature outside reaches 55 degrees Celsius.

  • The CET Series models achieve over 80% cooling capacity at 52 degrees Celsius.
  • The CGT and KJT Series achieve 80% at 49 degrees Celsius
  • The CPT/CLW Series appliances achieve 80% cooling capacity at 46 degrees Celsius

The CETA, KJTA, FUTD, and FUTC series of ACs offer the 25m long reach airflow feature.

How users benefit

Consumers get the benefit of powerful cooling performance even at extreme temperatures. In addition, the 25m long reach airflow ensures optimum cooling of large rooms.

A Refreshing Design

The Tropical Innovation Inverter Series ACs feature a new design with a golden-colored ornamental and trimmed edge. The new technology includes dual suction intake to ensure better airflow and greater comfort. These ACs feature an extended cross-flow fan that runs on a high output BLDC fan motor. So, it enhances motor efficiency with lesser vibration and lower noise. In addition, the powered dual louvers ensure uniform distribution of cool air throughout the room.

The six-speed fan control is unique. The AC has special louvers that discharge the cold air upwards to achieve a Coanda airflow along the ceiling to produce the 25m long reach. Thus, the cold air reaches every corner of the room. Maximizing the airflow for 30 minutes allows the temperature to achieve optimum levels. In addition, these appliances feature Rapid Cooling to enhance user comfort levels considerably.

How users benefit

Consumers benefit from an optimized airflow design that ensures quick and uniform cooling and excellent airflow because of the high-efficiency fan.


The Tropical Innovation Inverter Series, AC CETA models, provide these facilities to users. All the General AC models do not produce 25m airflow. Instead, they create airflow ranging from 10m to 25m.

The CGTB Series models feature the Efficient & Tropical inverter, whereas the CPT and CLW series work on a tropical inverter. The KJT Series are Hot & Cold ACs that double up as heaters in the summer months. They work on the Efficient & Tropical inverter compressor.

The FUT and BMW Series work on non-inverter compressors. The BAW and FHT Series are window AC appliances.

Future Ready ACs

ISEER Upgrade

BEE keeps increasing the standard to ensure that consumers get the best value for the money they pay. As a result, Fujitsu General ACs can achieve an energy efficiency of ISEER 5.56 that surpasses the 5-star requirements for 2022 to make these ACs future-ready. The 5-star ASGG18CETA-B model has the ISEER of 5.56.

High Energy Savings

These air conditioners achieve excellent energy savings because of the high-efficiency Lambda heat exchanger, a new efficient compressor, a large cross-flow fan, a large propeller fan, and the environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant.

The copper tubes feature internal grooves that allow adequate refrigerant agitation to improve heat transfer performance. In addition, the high-density heat exchanger and the multi-path tube arrangement substantially improve heat transfer ability.

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IoT Ready

Future General offers a range of IoT-ready air conditioners that can be controlled by a smartphone app, FGLair. This app is available on Google PlayStore and App Store. Users can perform various functions using this app. It includes On/Off, operation modes, fan speeds, louver position, temperature control, weekly timers, error display, and email notifications.

Users can control their AC units from anywhere within the WiFi range using the FGLair app and the LAN interface. In addition, users can purchase an optional wireless LAN adaptor for operating the AC using the smartphone, PC, or tablet from outside.

Sensor Function

The Fujitsu General ACs come with a slew of sensor functions, making them comfortable and convenient for consumers.

The CGT and KJT Series models offer energy savings by human sensor. This sensor catches the people’s movements in the room and adjusts itself to operate with a lower capacity if there is no one in the room for twenty minutes. When people return to the room, it automatically restarts, working at its previous operating mode.

Similarly, the CLW and the BMW Series ACs offer a built-in temperature sensor in the remote controller that takes a thermal scan of the room continuously. When the sensor function is activated, the remote controller senses the temperature and sends it to the indoor unit controller to adjust the ambient temperature levels to the detected temperature.


Advanced Hyper Tropical Rotary Compressor

General ACs work on the advanced hyper tropical rotary compressor with excellent features.

  • The eco-friendly refrigerant R32 is designed for a higher ambient temperature of 55 degrees Celsius.
  • The compressor is super powerful, with 10% more capacity than the older models under overload conditions.
  • This hyper tropical compressor can operate at a low voltage of 155V.
  • This compressor fulfills the star rating requirements of 2022.
  • The plus point of this advanced hyper tropical compressor is its reduced noise levels because of better lubrication at high temperatures. In addition, this compressor features an insulation jacket to minimize noise.

DC Inverter Compressor

General ACs feature a DC inverter compressor to reduce electricity loss and power consumption substantially. Besides, it allows for high fan speeds. As a result, it enhances heat exchange efficiency and saves power by increasing the airflow.

The DC Twin Rotary Compressor is a twin-cylinder rotary compressor capable of achieving higher energy efficiency than similar motors because it optimizes the structure inside the compressor. The DC fan motor has a wide operation range and can produce high power and deliver efficient performances.

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This compressor uses Sine Wave DC Inverter Control to ensure high-performance levels. In addition, advanced FM technology reduces magnetic flux by vector control technology to enhance the compressor’s efficiency by increasing the maximum speed and decreasing the minimum rate.

Thus, the inverter compressor takes half the time to attain the set temperature levels compared to non-inverter compressors. Besides, it ensures precise room temperature control within a range of 0.5 degrees C. In contrast, the non-inverter compressors have a variance of 1.5 degrees C.

Cooling Modes

Economy Mode

Economy Mode is available in selected Fujitsu General AC units. It saves more power than other modes by changing the set temperature to a moderate setting. This mode reduces power consumption by nearly 30% more than the Cooling, Heating, or Dry modes.

3D Double Auto Swing

The premium Fujitsu General ACs offer a combination of R/L and Up/down directional swing airflow with 3D air direction control that results in 30 unique configurations to enable precision wind direction control for corner-to-corner cooling. The CET, KJT, FUT, CGTB, and CPTB series ACs offer this unique feature.

10-degrees C Heat Operation

The KJT Series AC units come equipped with the 10-degree C heat operation feature that maintains the room at 10 degrees Celsius, preventing the room temperature from dropping very low when unoccupied. Thus, it enhances the comfort level by controlling the room temperature quickly after you return home. Besides, it reduces power consumption when no one is at home. Moreover, this feature prevents the furniture from freezing.

Protection Features

High Voltage Withstanding Capacity

Fujitsu General ACs can work within a high input voltage fluctuating range from 155V to 280V. Therefore, the company does not recommend the use of a voltage stabilizer. The AC has a newly developed PCB designed to withstand high voltage up to 700V.

Blue Fin Protection

All Fujitsu General air conditioners get a Blue Fin condenser and evaporator. The Blue Fin treatment offers improved corrosion resistance and enhances the heat exchanger’s lifespan. In addition, blue Fin coating for the fins protects against rust, dust, and salt damage, so these air conditioners are ideal for homes in coastal areas.

The Blue Fin protection includes four coatings: hydrophilic, standard chromate protection, aluminum base material, and cobalt blue protection.

The indoor units feature a copper heat exchanger with an anti-corrosive epoxy coating to offer high resistance against evaporator coil corrosion.

Silicon Coated PCB

Fujitsu General AC units’ PCB gets a special silicone coating to protect against dust, dirt, humidity, and water, thus ensuring smooth operations and long life.

Dew Drip Protection

The indoor unit louver has a unique ribbed surface that reduces the possibility of dew condensation. In addition, the new models can disable the louver return feature.

Coil Cleaning Function

The CLW Series General AC units have a coil cleaning operation that helps clean the indoor heat exchanger. The system works by pumping the cold refrigerant into the heat exchanger to freeze the moisture on the outer surface. Then the indoor fan operates at full speed to melt the frozen layer to flush out the water with the dust and other pollutants. To activate this feature, consumers must simultaneously present the ‘Mode’ and ‘Fan’ options.

Coil Auto Dry Operation

The BMW and CLW models offer Coil Auto Dry Operation to prevent mold formation. Users press the Auto Clean Button on the remote controller to allow the IDU to run for a few more minutes for drying the evaporator coil every time you switch off the unit using the remote. Thus, it prevents mold formation on the evaporator coils by keeping them dry.

Air Purification Features

PM 2.5 Filter

Fujitsu General premium air conditioning units offer PM 2.5 filters that can eliminate pollutants and contaminants as small as 0.3 to 2.5 µm. This filter has a general lifespan of six months, which requires replacement. The CET and CGT series ACs offer this PM 2.5 filter for air purification.

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Other Features

On/Off Timer

Selected Fujitsu General models feature an integrated on-off timer that consumers can set according to their requirements.

Indoor Temperature Display

The CLW and BMW Series ACs have temperature display settings on the remote controller, allowing consumers to see the indoor and outdoor ambient temperature on the IDU display unit.


All Fujitsu General air conditioners feature the Self-Diagnosis function. This feature detects errors in the appliance’s operation and indicates the respective error code if it finds any problems in its functioning. The error code is shown on the IDU display and the remote controller. In addition, the consumer can check with the AC manual and determine the error corresponding to the code displayed. Accordingly, it helps service technicians to arrive at the problems quickly and accurately.

ODU Low Noise Operation

The KJT Series models offer this feature that reduces the compressor’s rotation speed and causes the ODU fan to rotate slowly. Thus, the unit makes less noise. In addition, this function preserves the settings even after you turn off the AC.

High-quality Remote Controller

The Fujitsu General remote controller has a backlight display to operate the AC in dark rooms efficiently. Besides, the remote controller has simple operating options making it easy for anyone to use. One of the exciting features of the General AC remote controller is that it offers precision temperature control in increments of 0.5 degrees C.

Warranty Information

Fujitsu General offers the following warranties on its AC units.

  • 5-year warranty on the inverter PCB
  • 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor

Air Conditioner Models – Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General offers inverter and fixed-speed compressor ACs. Besides, it has a range of window ACs. Here are the Fujitsu General models available on the Indian market.

Tropical Innovation InverterASGG18CETA-B ASGG24CETA-B ASGG30CETA-B ASGG36CETA-B
Efficient & Tropical InverterASGG12CGTB-B ASGG18CGTB-B ASGG24CGTB-B
Efficient & Tropical Inverter Hot & ColdASGG18KJTA-B ASGG24KJTA-B ASGG30KJTA-B
Tropical Innovation – Fixed-SpeedASGA18FUTD-B ASGA24FUTC-B ASGA30FUTD-B ASGA36FUTC-B
Extreme Cooling Split – Fixed-SpeedASGA12BMWB-B ASGA18BMWA-B ASGA24BMWA-B
Efficient & Tropical WindowAMGB09BAWA-B AFGB12BAWA-B AXGB18BAWA-B AXGB24BAWA-B
Advanced Hyper Tropical WindowAXGT18FHTC-B AXGT24FHTC-B

Service Support

Pros and Cons – Fujitsu General ACs


  • Fujitsu General ACs work on high-quality inverter compressors that guarantee performance and power savings.
  • General ACs come with excellent protection features. Hence, they can work in all environments.
  • Fujitsu General offers smart AC features like IoT technology, sensors, ISEER upgrades, etc.


  • Fujitsu General does not have an extensive range of air conditioners on the Indian market scene.
  • Fujitsu General has not authorized any e-commerce retailer to sell its products. But, Fujitsu General ACs are available for sale in third-party e-commerce retail stores. However, the company does not install the ACs, and warranties are not available on such ACs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Fujitsu General ACs

1. Can I use the wired remote controller instead of the wireless remote controller?

Some Fujitsu General ACs offer wired remote controllers. They are optional accessories generally used in congested commercial locations. You might not need it for domestic use.

2. Why are Fujitsu General ACs usually single-phase ACs?

A single-phase AC can work under all circumstances, whereas a 3-phase AC requires a 3-phase power supply. Therefore, such ACs are generally necessary for areas with higher cooling and heating needs.

3. What is the ideal place to install an ODU of a split AC?

The best place is far away from your bedrooms and neighbors. The ODU makes a lot of noise. However, it should not be very far from the IDU because you might require extended piping and electrical work.

4. Does Fujitsu General offer an AMC?

The company does not offer any AMC. However, it has authorized service centers in different Indian cities. They might offer an AMC.

5. Where can you buy the Fujitsu General AC?

You can buy the Fujitsu General AC at the General Arcade Exclusive Showroom. In addition, the company has authorized dealers available in various Indian cities. These ACs are also available with some e-commerce retailers, but the company does not assume responsibility for ACs sold through e-commerce retailers.

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