Nutribullet PRO Review 900 (India)

Anyone who has used the traditional Indian mixer grinders knows how heavy these appliances are. So, it was a welcome change for us when we purchased the Nutribullet PRO 900 a year back. But, we were surprised at its size and weight.

So, naturally, we had our doubts about its performance. But, our experience using the Nutribullet PRO 900 shows that we had made the right choice.

The Nutribullet PRO 900 mixer/blender is available on Amazon and other e-commerce retail websites.

Let us see the pros and cons of the Nutribullet PRO before proceeding further with the performance review.

Advantages of the Nutribullet PRO 900

  • This appliance has a sleek design that is light in weight and can fit into small spaces on the kitchen countertop/shelf.
  • Best Juicer for Making Smoothies, Milkshakes, Carrot, Beetroot, Frozen fruit and Crushing Ice
  • The design is unique because it has no speed control options.
  • It features a powerful 900W motor capable of grinding almost every ingredient we use in the Indian kitchen. It can comfortably handle challenging ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and other spices.
  • This appliance delivers a power-packed performance, leaving no room for complaints.
  • Assembling the components is easy as you screw the blades onto the jars and use them.
  • The jars double up as serving and storage cups.

Disadvantages of the Nutribullet PRO 900

Here are some disadvantages of the Nutribullet PRO 900, based on our experiences.

  • The appliance can perform at one speed alone because speed controlling options are unavailable.
  • A minor disadvantage when dry grinding is that you must stop the appliance midway and give the ingredients a good shake. It enables them to mix well. Otherwise, the result is not satisfactory.
  • Spare parts are not easily available. The company has offices in Delhi and Mumbai and service centres in specific towns in India.

Important Things to note when using the Nutribullet PRO 900

  • You cannot use the mixer/blender for more than one minute at a time. The motor tends to heat up. So, if you use it for grinding jobs involving more than a minute, you must use it in instalments by alternating between one minute of use and one minute of rest.
  • You cannot use warm or hot ingredients in this blender. We advise using food items at room temperature alone.
  • The jars, lids, and lip rings are dishwasher safe. However, you must wash the blades by hand.

Our Opinion

Performance-wise, the Nutribullet PRO 900 does not have any complaints. We have been happy using this appliance for more than a year. However, compared to its Indian counterpart, the Nutriblend Wonderchef, the Nutribullet PRO 900 is expensive. At the same time, the Nutribullet PRO 900 features a powerful motor, more than twice the capacity of Nutriblend Wonderchef.

The Nutribullet PRO 900 – The Components

Before reviewing this useful kitchen appliance for your benefit, let us look at what the package comprises.

The Nutribullet PRO 900 has 12 components.

  • One 900W motor base
  • One tall cup/jar measuring 700ml
  • One small cup with a capacity of 500ml with a handle
  • One small cup with a capacity of 500ml without a handle
  • One extractor for wet grinding (6-blade setup)
  • One milling blade for dry grinding (2-blade setup)
  • Two caps that can fit all the jars
  • One lip ring with a handle
  • One lip ring without a handle
  • One pocket nutritionist guide
  • One user book with recipe

The Design and Appearance

The Nutribullet PRO 900 is available in two colors, Black and Champagne Gold. The appliance gets its brand name from the unique bullet shape of the jars. It has a classy appearance and looks compact and well built.

The advantage of the design is that it is not bulky like the traditional mixer/Juicers available on the market. This appliance is a joy to use as it occupies less space on the kitchen counter.

The appliance has air vents at the bottom of the motor base to allow heat dissipation.

The device stands sturdily on four rubber stands that grip the kitchen counter surface well to prevent the appliance from vibrations when in use. The machine features a two-pin plug with a cord of decent length. All the Nutribullet PRO 900 components are made from BPA-free plastic.

How to use the Nutribullet PRO 900?

Using the Nutribullet PRO 900 is easy. The base has three tiny grooves where you place the jars, press, and twist them to let the motor start functioning.

Unfortunately, the appliance does not have any speed control options. So, the blades rotate at full speed every time you use the device. Also, the Nutribullet PRO 90 has no whipping option, as is available in traditional Indian mixer grinders.

As its name suggests, the Nutribullet PRO 900 is perfect for making smoothies. Apart from smoothies, this appliance has several uses. It helps prepare soups, carrot, beetroot juices, wet masala pastes, dry spice powders, dips, chutneys, nut butter, coconut milk, buttermilk, hummus, purees, sauces, and many other Indian dishes.

The extractor blade is the primary blade and is used for wet grinding. We advise adding some water to the ingredients you grind using this blade. Otherwise, it does not deliver good results. For example, we use ice cubes when preparing fruit juices. We add a couple of spoons of water to make thick chutney pastes. It is advisable to use water when preparing coconut chutneys.

We observed that the Nutribullet PRO 900 is faster than other Indian mixer grinders. Secondly, the chutneys came out smoother without any lumps. So, it is an excellent appliance for making soups. The best feature is that it does not leave any fibers behind when preparing the soup. Therefore, there is no need to filter the soup. Furthermore, the extractor blade is strong enough to break vegetable skin, stems, and seeds. Thus, it saves time and ensures 100% utility of the ingredients without wasting any food.

The Nutribullet PRO 900 is better than the traditional Indian mixer grinders for making ginger pastes, hummus, and nut butter. Though you add some water to these pastes, they turn out silky smooth without any clumps.

The milling blade is suitable for dry grinding purposes. Using the milling blade, we make dhania powder, chili powder, and other garam masalas. Generally, we use the smaller jars because it is sufficient for our requirements. However, you can use the big 700ml jar, as well.

We advise users to tap the lids before loosening the blades to remove the dry ground powder. Usually, you find some powder sticking to the edges. Tapping the lid allows the powder to fall into the jar. Otherwise, you can create a mess in the kitchen.

One of the two smaller jars has a handle attachment. It allows you to drink the fruit juice directly after its preparation. There is no need to pour the contents into another cup. The Nutribullet PRO 900 provides two lip rings. To use when drinking from the jars directly. One of the lip rings has a handle attachment. You can fit it into jars that do not have a handle.

That ends our review of the Nutribullet PRO 900.

Wrap It Up

We have found the Nutribullet PRO 900 very effective. We have been using the appliance for nearly one year without any complaints. This appliance has saved a lot of time in the kitchen. It is perfect for small families and those with space constraints in the kitchen. So, if you are planning to purchase a Juicer/Blender/Smoothie Maker/Mixie for your home, you can try the Nutribullet PRO 900. It is worth every rupee you spend on it.

Ease of Use
Value for Money
A US product made in China, but ideal for the Indian kitchen. Perfect for making Smoothies, Milkshakes, and Juices.
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan, a retired homemaker, holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology From Anna University. She is a culinary and kitchen appliance expert with an impressive 30 years of experience in testing kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Food Processors, Air Fryers, and Ovens, Beyond appliances, she excels in kitchen organization, cleaning, and cooking, delighting family and friends with her culinary skills. At 55, her passion for all things culinary burns bright.


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A US product made in China, but ideal for the Indian kitchen. Perfect for making Smoothies, Milkshakes, and Juices.Nutribullet PRO Review 900 (India)