What is Mosquito Away technology in LG Air Conditioners and TVs?

Heat and humidity can make it difficult for you to sleep well. You can use your fans to deliver cold air, but nothing can beat the air conditioner is providing a comfortable environment to sleep peacefully.

However, you can have some unwelcome guests in your room. Yes, we are referring to the humble mosquitoes. These creatures can easily wake you up from your deepest slumber. You can get rid of these unwelcome guests in various ways.

How do you get rid of the mosquitoes?

You use mosquito mats, repellents, and burn mosquito coils. They can take care of the mosquitoes, but you increase the risk of polluting the air in your bedroom thereby causing respiratory problems.

The problem becomes complicated when you sleep in an AC room. There is no chance for the air to escape from the room. Hence, it can be a challenge to use the mosquito coils and the AC simultaneously. You need a proper solution to eliminate this problem.
An alternative solution

LG has come up with an excellent solution in the form of the Mosquito Away Technology in their air conditioners.

This solution makes use of ultrasound technology to repel mosquitoes. Ultrasound means sound that is beyond the hearing capacity of humans. However, this sound in the ultra-frequency range can deter mosquitoes and other insects.

The Mosquito away technology reduces the Mosquito’s ability to detect the CO2 and hence, human presence. So, the mosquitoes become inactive and go away.

The Latest line of LG Air Conditioners comes with this unique feature to discourage mosquitoes from entering your bedroom. This technology helps you get peaceful sleep without worrying about the air quality and the nuisance from the mosquitoes.

The best advantage of this solution is that it is completely inaudible to the human ears and safe as well. You do not use harmful chemicals thereby protecting the health of your family at the same time. LG is the first AC manufacturer in India to introduce this feature in their latest AC units.


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