Mixer Grinder vs Wet Grinder vs Blender vs Food Processor

We have compared the mixer grinder with the wet grinder, blender, and food processor. While the mixer grinder is the most versatile of the lot, the other appliances have specific utility values. So, each device is helpful in its unique way.

Which kitchen appliance is indispensable to the Indian kitchen?

The unanimous answer would be the mixer grinder because this appliance is used for almost every dish you prepare. You use this machine for dry grinding your spices, wet grinding various masalas, preparing milkshakes and purees, extracting juices from vegetables and fruits, chopping vegetables, preparing idli and dosa batter, and different purposes. So, almost every Indian kitchen has a mixer grinder performing tirelessly.

Lifelong Mixer Grinder review
Lifelong Mixer Grinder

While a mixer grinder is a critical kitchen appliance, it has its limitations. It can be excellent dry grinding masalas and spices, but it might not perform at its best when wet grinding idli or dosa batter.

Similarly, this appliance has limited use as a juicer. It would help if you had specific attachments for kneading atta or whipping up milkshakes and purees. So, the mixer grinder can be classified as a “Jack of all but the Master of some” cooking assistance jobs in the kitchen.

Preethi Blue Leaf Mixer Grinder review
Preethi Blue Leaf Mixer Grinder

Therefore, we can say that some jobs require specialists like wet grinders, blenders, and food processors. This article compares and discusses the utility values of the mixer grinder versus the wet grinders, food processors, and blenders.

Mixer Grinder vs Wet grinders

A mixer grinder is generally used for dry grinding purposes. You can prepare wet chutneys using this appliance but in small quantities. It is also possible to prepare idli and dosa batter using a mixer grinder, but not as efficiently as a wet grinder.

Dosa Batter in a wet grinder
Dosa Batter in a wet grinder

A wet grinder is better kitchen equipment for preparing wet idli and dosa batter in large quantities. In addition, the consistency of the batter ground in a wet grinder is better because it uses grinding stones to crush the rice and dal instead of stainless steel blades. Therefore, grinding idli, vada and dosa batter in a wet grinder has advantages.

Dosa batter in wet grinder
Batter made in wet grinder
  • The wet grinder rotates comparatively slower than the mixer grinder. So, the grinding is thorough and more refined.
  • The wet grinder has a stone base and grinding wheels made of stone. Therefore, it gives the traditional grinding stone effect to the batter.
  • The wet grinders are designed specifically for grinding wet paste from moistened lentils, grains, and coconuts.

Here are the differences between the mixer grinder and the wet grinder.

Mixer GrinderWet Grinder
A mixer grinder is more efficient than a wet grinder because it can perform various functions that wet grinders cannot.A wet grinder is a specialist appliance that can grind wet paste and batter from soaked lentils and grains.
A mixer grinder can perform similarly to a wet grinder, but the resulting batter does not have the genuine grains or pulses flavor.The wet grinder uses grinding stones to crush the lentils and grains together. So, it helps retain their original flavor and deliver the traditional grinding stone effect.
A mixer grinder does not have flow separators that remove air bubbles and facilitate better batter grinding.The wet grinders feature flow separators that improve their grinding efficiency.
A mixer grinder is comparatively smaller than a wet grinder. It cannot work for long durations because the motor can get hot.A wet grinder is a big piece of equipment capable of functioning continuously for 75 to 90 minutes.
Cleaning a mixer grinder is more convenient than a wet grinder.The wet grinder is comparatively more challenging to clean than a mixer grinder.
A mixer grinder is more versatile. Hence, it is more expensive than a wet grinder.Generally, the wet grinder is a one-dimensional kitchen appliance. Therefore, it costs less than a mixer grinder.

Our opinion

  • Features-wise, a mixer grinder is better than a wet grinder.
  • Capacity-wise, the wet grinder can grind more batter at a time than a mixer grinder.
  • Power consumption-wise, it depends on the usage. Usually, the wet grinder consumes more power because it functions for a longer duration. But, the mixer grinders feature more powerful motors. Hence, power consumption depends on how you use the appliances.
  • Efficiency-wise, the wet grinder is better for grinding idli and dosa batter. But, the mixer grinder is more versatile.
  • The wet grinders are comparatively lower priced because of their one-dimensional utility.

Let us now compare the mixer grinders with blenders.

Mixer Grinder vs Blender

A blender is different from a grinder because the blender mixes or blends various foods, like milkshakes, wet chutneys, juices, lassi, and purees. The grinder has a defined role of grinding spices and other masala ingredients into powder. A wet grinder can help prepare wet chutneys, idli and dosa batter, and other similar food items.

Nutripro bullet juicer
Nutripro bullet blender

Thus, we can say that a blender cannot be used for mixing dry food ingredients. This is because it needs a liquid base, whereas a grinder can work with dry and wet food accordingly. On the contrary, a mixer grinder is infinitely superior to a blender because it can handle blending, mixing, grinding, and juicing jobs, according to the use requirements and the blades used for specific purposes. 

Blenders can be of two types, the hand blender, and the blending machine. Hand blenders are light and portable pieces of equipment that you can place directly into the food you wish to blend. They are handy to use but have limited utility.

Nutribullet Blades

The blending machine can handle bigger blending jobs as they come with a tall container and a small base containing small blades. These blender blades rotate at high speed and are ideal for preparing soups, creams, smoothies, mocktails, purees, and even vegetable and fruit juices. They perform a better job than hand blenders.

Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder juicer

Some mixer grinders come with a blending jar that doubles up as a blender while performing the job of a mixer grinder. So, we can say that the blender is a specialist that can cater to specific jobs. On the other hand, the mixer grinder is versatile and can handle multiple assignments simultaneously.

Here are the key differences between a mixer grinder and a blender

Mixer GrinderBlender
A mixer grinder is versatile because it can mix, grind, and blend food according to your requirements.The blender has comparatively lesser utility because it blends liquid food and does not grind dry powders.
Some mixer grinders feature a blending attachment for making milkshakes, purees, and lassi. Generally, low-priced appliances do not have this attachment.Blenders are available as hand blenders and specific blending jars. However, they cannot grind dry food.
A mixer grinder is comparatively more expensive than a blender.Hand blenders are low-priced kitchen appliances.
A mixer grinder is not as easily portable as a blender.Blenders are easily portable. Hence, they provide better utility value.

Our Opinion

A mixer grinder is comparatively more versatile than a blender because it can perform the role of a mixer, grinder, and blender. However, blenders cannot grind dry powders and spices. Therefore, they are better for blending wet food ingredients.

Finally, we shall compare the mixer grinder with a food processor.

Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor

A mixer grinder is among the most versatile kitchen appliances. A good-quality product like the Sujata Dynamix can perform various kitchen jobs efficiently.

Sujata Dynamix Review

You can quickly grind challenging ingredients like turmeric, dry fruits, and spices like cinnamon. These appliances are handy for preparing wet chutneys, purees, smoothies, milkshakes, and curry pastes. Besides, the powerful motor in heavy-duty mixer grinders can prove handy in grinding idli and dosa batter as efficiently as wet grinders.

Products like Sujata Dynamix come with chopping and whisking blades that can comfortably chop vegetables and whisk eggs, buttermilk, and lassi. So, they double up as blenders. However, most mixer grinders do not come with atta kneaders.

slicing grating shredding of vegetables
slicing grating shredding of vegetables in a food processor

On the other hand, food processors are multi-functional appliances that can perform jobs like mincing meat, slicing and grating vegetables, and kneading dough for chapatis. In addition, some food processors come with juicing arrangements to prepare fruit juices.

Atta kneading easily done

Appliances like the Inalsa Inox 1000 feature a centrifugal juicer attachment. Besides, brands like Vidiem offer wet grinding facilities similar to stand-alone wet grinders. So, we can refer to the food processor as an advanced, more sophisticated, versatile version of the mixer grinder.

Let us discuss the differences between the mixer grinder and the food processor.

Mixer GrinderFood Processor
Compared to the food processor, the mixer grinder is a smaller appliance. Though versatile, it has limited utility.The food processor is an advanced and better version of a mixer grinder because it can cater to multiple functionalities.
Usually, mixer grinders feature three to four jars. They are the dry grinding, wet grinding, blending, and juicer jars.The food processor has a large multi-purpose jar with multiple attachments and blades catering to different purposes.
A mixer grinder takes up more storage space despite being a smaller appliance.Food processors usually have pull-out drawers to store the blades. The best example is the Usha FP 3811.
Mixer grinders are comparatively more challenging to clean because the jars are usually not dishwasher-safe.Cleaning the food processor is convenient because you can remove the blades and clean the jar. However, it is advisable to exercise care because the edges can be sharp. The food processor is also not dishwasher-safe.
A mixer grinder is ideal for grinding, juicing, and blending food ingredients. In addition, it is the best appliance for grinding dry powders.A food processor is perfect for chopping, slicing, mincing, and kneading. Usually, these are preparatory works. Some models, like Preethi Zodiac, feature multiple jars for dry and wet grinding.

Our Opinion

Mixer grinders are excellent kitchen equipment that can efficiently handle almost all preparatory jobs. However, some mixer grinders feature whisking, centrifugal juicing, and mincing attachments. Mixer grinders do not provide any options for slicing, coconut scraping, atta kneading, and grating.

usha food processor is good
Usha Food Processor

Food processors offer services like atta kneading, grating, slicing, mincing, chopping, centrifugal, and citrus juicing. However, they usually do not provide wet grinding, dry grinding, and blending facilities. Some products, like the Preethi Zodiac, do offer these facilities. 

  • Pricing-wise, food processors are considerably more expensive than mixer grinders.
  • Utility-wise, food processors and mixer grinders are handy products for the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

No house can ever do without using the mixer grinder in this age. However, if you need kitchen appliances for specific needs like wet grinding, blending, juicing, and atta kneading, you can have additional equipment like wet grinders, blenders, and food processors. Some latest food processors feature arrangements for dry and wet grinding, besides the regular chopping, mincing, juicing, and atta kneading.

Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan, a retired homemaker, holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology From Anna University. She is a culinary and kitchen appliance expert with an impressive 30 years of experience in testing kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Food Processors, Air Fryers, and Ovens, Beyond appliances, she excels in kitchen organization, cleaning, and cooking, delighting family and friends with her culinary skills. At 55, her passion for all things culinary burns bright.


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