9 Types of Mixer Grinder Blades and Uses!



Any mixer grinder will come with a minimum set of blades, such as the wet grinding blade, dry grinding blade, chutney grinding, and the mincing blade.

Besides, mixer grinders cater to various other requirements like blending, whipping, juicing, kneading, etc. Each of these activities requires unique blades.

Some of these blades come fitted with jars or as loose attachments. Let us discuss the different types of mixer grinder blades available and their uses.

chutney dry and wet grinding blades

Dry Grinding Blade

Dry grinding blades usually have blunted edges because it makes them better for grinding dry spices and pulses to make masala powders.

Dry Grinding Blade mixer grinder

These blades are excellent for grinding cloves, cinnamon, red chillies, turmeric, coriander, pepper, etc. You can also use this blade for grinding coffee seeds and prepare fresh coffee powder.

Grinding rice into powder is another excellent use for this dry grinding blade. You can use this blade to grind sugar granules to make fine sugar powder.

These blades can help you prepare masala powders on the spot. As a result, they are fresher and much tastier than the readymade powders you get in the market.

Pounding Blade

Pounding blade bosch mixer grinder

The pounding blade is a dry grinding blade variant where the edges are thick and blunt. It helps deliver the pounding effect to your dry masala powders, similar to what our ancestors used to do when preparing masala powders using the grinding stone.

The Bosch 1000W mixer grinder offers this uniquely designed blunt pounding blade to ensure authentic texture and taste for your dry masala powders.

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Generally, the dry grinding and pounding blades are found in the smaller jars. However, some manufacturers offer them as loose attachments that you can fix to your bigger jars, as well.

Wet Grinding Blade

Wet Grinding Blade in mixer grinder

The wet grinding blade usually comes with four arms with sharp edges. These blades are usually found in the larger jars having a capacity of 1L or more. They are helpful for wet grinding purposes, such as preparing batter for idly, dosas, vadas, etc.

You can use these wet grinding blades to crush soaked lentils like gram and other pulses for preparing sambar. These blades can also help grind onions and tomatoes to a fine paste to prepare the gravy for your vegetables.

Wet Grinding Blade in mixer grinder

It is better to ensure that you use a sufficient quantity of water when using these blades to get the desired consistency.

Whipping Blade

Whipping Blade in mixie

The whipping blade is not precisely a blade but a kind of round attachment that can help whip cream and butter from milk. These blades come with holes that allow proper circulation of the fluids inside the machine.

Usually, these blades are not available with all mixer grinders, but they are available as separate attachments. Generally, you use these blades in large jars for making milkshakes, lassis, smoothies, fruit juices like mango shakes.

Mincing Blade

Mincing Blade

Mincing blades come with four arms and sharp edges. They help chop vegetables like onions and cucumbers, grinding coconuts, cashew nuts, and other dry fruits. In addition, these blades are strong enough to mince the meat into smaller pieces for making patties and sausages.

Mincing Blade meat vegetables

These mincing blades can help you prepare keema, a favourite dish among people with non-vegetarian preferences. It is also helpful for crushing ice.

Chutney grinding blade

Chutney blade

The chutney grinding blade is a standard accessory in all mixer grinders. It is similar to the dry grinding blade because it comes with two arms. However, the chutney grinding blade has comparatively sharpened edges because they have multipurpose uses like dry and wet grinding simultaneously.

The chutney grinding blades are usually found in the smallest jars having capacities ranging from 0.4L to 0.6l. However, separate attachments are also available. These blades help grind your favourite chutney ingredients like ginger, coconut, gram dal, coriander, red and green chillies, etc.

Chutney grinding blade in mixie

The chutney grinding blades help prepare food pastes like ginger, garlic, coriander, and even onion pastes.

Juicer blades

Juicer blades are not available with all mixer grinders because they are specific attachments. These blades have four long and thin arms to churn delicious fruit and vegetable juices. The blade design is such that it separates the fibres from the juices comfortably.

Juicer blade

These blades come fitted with juicer jars with a wire mesh attached to keep the pulp and fibres out of the juices when pouring the juice into a different container.

Blender blades

Blender blades are useful attachments because they can help blend juices to deliver the perfect taste. In addition, they help prepare fruit milkshakes, ice creams, and other delicious drinks.

Blender blade

These blades come with a unique attachment that allows them to grind semi-solid substances into smooth purees.

Kneading Blades

Kneading blades are not standard attachments found in all mixer grinders. However, the appliances that offer kneading feature come equipped with this blunt-edged blade to help knead atta.

Kneading Blade

Generally, you find these blades in food processors that cater to various responsibilities simultaneously.

Mixer grinder blades

Depending on your usage patterns and grinding requirements, you can select the ideal mixer grinders. It is better to check out the availability of different kinds of blades to cater to your varying needs. While the wet and dry grinding blades, chutney grinding blades, and mincers are common to almost all mixer grinders, the kneading blades, whipping blades, blending, and juicing blades cater to specific requirements.

Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
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