Mattress Buying Guide (India, 2023) Types of Mattress With Pros & Cons



It is a great feeling to have a peaceful sleep at night. Besides reducing your fatigue levels, it improves your mood and energizes you, thereby enhancing your overall health.

However, your sleep quality depends on the mattress you use. Hence, choosing the ideal mattress is of paramount importance.

Every person has a unique body structure. The sleeping patterns, too, differ from one person to the other. Besides, every mattress has its positives and negatives. Therefore, there is no perfect answer to the best mattress for use in India.

This buying guide discusses all these aspects in detail and helps you purchase the best mattress in India.

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Factors to consider – A glance

The following aspects play a critical role in deciding the perfect mattress to buy.

Your sleeping posture – Your comfort level is crucial.

Your sleeping posture is the most crucial factor when choosing a mattress. If you prefer to sleep on your side or back, the ideal mattress should allow you to sleep comfortably according to your preference. It is better to go for a soft mattress that should also support your spine.

The innerspring mattress or the orthopaedic mattress should be your perfect choice. It is ideal for back and side sleeping positions. On the other hand, firm bedding like a coir mattress can be uncomfortable. It can damage your shoulder muscles and affect blood circulation. It is also advisable for side sleepers to place a soft pillow between their knees to support the muscles and tendons and comfort your spine.

Your Body Structure – Your body weight matters a lot.

When purchasing a mattress, you should check its supporting capacity. If the combined weight of people sleeping on the mattress exceeds its supporting capacity, it can adversely impact the individual’s health. In addition, overweight or obese people should not go for softer mattresses as their contours align to the body shape and make it uncomfortable.

girl sleeping on mattress

The innerspring mattresses or the foam mattress with multiple layers should be perfect. It is better to choose latex foam, rebonded foam, or HR foam mattresses. To ensure proper comfort, you can consider the high-density orthopaedic mattress or a medium-firm memory foam orthopaedic bed. 

Your medical condition – Body aches and pain dictates your choice.

Body aches can be general or injury-related. An injury-related body ache is temporary and hence, needs specific orthopaedic mattresses. A general body ache is because of bone or muscle weakness. It is better if you know the reasons for your body aches because it can help prevent it from becoming chronic.

Depending on the severity of your body ache, you can go for the soft, medium-firm of a firm mattress. In addition, you can consult your orthopaedic doctor and seek guidance in choosing the ideal bed to suit your medical condition. Your age is also a critical feature because older people suffer from orthopaedic problems like arthritis and back pain. 

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Different Types of Mattresses in India

Now that you know your sleeping preference, body structure, and medical condition, choosing the right mattress should not be challenging. Let us now look at the different kinds of mattresses available in India. Here are the most popular choices available for users.

Rubberized Coir Mattress

rubberized coir mattress

When it comes to budgets, rubberized coir mattresses are the best. Generally, these beds are made up of a combination of coconut fibre and latex solution. The coconut fibre provides the hardness, whereas the rubberized latex caters to the bounciness quotient. Therefore, you can classify these mattresses as medium-firm.

The rubberized coir mattress improves over the traditional coir mattresses because it contains the latex solution to enhance the softness factor. However, you should not confuse this mattress with a 100% latex mattress which can be highly bouncy. The best aspect of a rubberized coir mattress is its eco-friendliness, but it is not the ideal bed for people having body aches. Besides, cheap rubberized beds can become saggy and unusable over a period.

Advantages of rubberized coir mattress

  • Eco-friendly and fits your budget
  • Good ventilation
  • No motion transfer issue
  • Does not trap dust

Disadvantages of rubberized coir mattress

  • Sags quickly and has a short durability factor
  • Can become unusable after a period
  • Compared to other mattresses, it is harder.
  • Not the ideal bed for people with body aches

Spring Mattress

Single Pocket Spring Mattress

Generally, Indians prefer to purchase a spring mattress because it provides ideal comfort, especially to aged people. Besides, it suits your budget well. As the name suggests, a spring mattress comprises metal springs, also known as coils, wrapped inside cushion fabrics.

In India, spring mattresses are available in two types, open coil or innerspring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses consist of interconnected springs spread uniformly across the mattress in a metal mesh. The advantage of this arrangement is that it ensures that the mattress surface is even from top to bottom. However, it has a limitation because it does not isolate transfer motion. So, if your partner tosses around at night, it can be uncomfortable for you as it can affect your sleep.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are different from innerspring beds because they do not have interconnected springs. In contrast, each pocket spring has a free independent motion. Hence, it ensures proper bodyweight distribution when you sleep. This arrangement eliminates the transfer motion issue and prevents disturbance even if your partner twists and turns when sleeping. Besides, pocket spring mattresses provide good contouring and help maintain an ideal spinal cord posture.

Benefits of Spring Mattresses

  • Fits your budget
  • Feels bouncy and provides medium-level comfort
  • Ensures good air circulation and does not trap heat when sleeping
  • Has an average lifespan of up to 10 years

Drawbacks of Spring Mattress

  • Heavy in weight and not as soft as the foam mattresses
  • The padding can compress in a few years
  • Its weight makes it challenging to clean frequently.
  • The springs can tear through the fabric over a period.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam should be a perfect choice if you need a soft mattress. The memory foam mattress is made of polyurethane foam. Memory foam is different from regular foam because of its ability to recognize body contours, thereby providing better support and comfort while sleeping.

Memory foam beds are expensive because they are premium versions of traditional foam. However, they provide a luxurious and comfortable feeling because of their pressure-relieving properties. In addition, memory foam can provide additional layers of softness and enhance your sleeping experience.

The drawback is that memory foam tends to trap heat and can be hot when sleeping. However, mattresses with an open cell structure improve air circulation greatly. Therefore, you should choose your brand carefully to get the best mattress in India.

Memory foam mattresses available today come with cooling gel infused into an additional layer to reduce the effect of heat trapped by the memory foam. However, these cool gel-infused mattresses are comparatively expensive than the regular memory foam beds.

Positives of the memory foam mattress

  • Provides ideal spinal alignment when sleeping
  • Highly durable as memory foam mattresses can last for up to 25 years with proper maintenance
  • Absorbs body pressure and heat to ensure a more comfortable sleeping experience
  • Regains its shape quickly and retails the original shape for long
  • Does not exhibit motion transfer

Negatives of memory foam mattress

  • Compared to other mattresses, memory foam is expensive.
  • Can retain body heat
  • Highly dense and hence, heavy and challenging to move
  • Not waterproof, hence difficult to clean
  • Memory foam can off-gas.

Bonded Foam Mattress

The bonded foam mattress is a memory foam variant as it introduces a sense of duality. It is made by gluing polyurethane foam scrap pieces and bonding them under high pressure to form a hard surface. This hard surface functions as a sturdy base and enables a memory foam topping to create a mattress with a difference. You get a reversible mattress with varying degrees of softness on both its sides. If you prefer a hard surface, you can flip over the bed and get a harder surface to sleep on. One of the better aspects of this mattress is that they are lightweight and breathable.

Merits of Bonded Foam mattress

  • Compared to memory foam, it is less expensive.
  • The mattress is lighter than other mattresses.
  • Reversible nature

Demerits of Bonded Foam mattress

  • Retains body heat and is not responsive to body weight
  • Reduced breathability and air circulation
  • Not the ideal one for people with joint pains

Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses use latex, a natural substance collected from rubber sap, and other natural substances. The latex mattress absorbs carbon dioxide to reduce greenhouse emissions. Compared to traditional coir mattresses, the latex mattress is a better alternative.

Latex offers a springy, bouncy feel to enhance elasticity and comfort while sleeping. Besides, the latex bed conforms to your body shape and aligns with your spinal column. Therefore, it is an ideal mattress for all sleeping positions.

Latex beds relieve body pain by distributing the pressure points to improve blood circulation. Another advantage of the latex mattress is that it can recover its shape quickly after you get up from your bed. Moreover, it does not leave permanent dents on the top layer after continuous usage. While being extremely soft, latex beds are buoyant. Therefore, it should rank amongst the best mattresses in India.

Latex mattresses do not exhibit transfer motion. Hence, you do not feel any disturbance if your partner moves around while sleeping. Secondly, latex beds are breathable as they promote air circulation. It helps remove the heat from the body and enhances the comfort factor at night.

Latex beds are made from natural substances. Hence, it resists moulds, allergens, and dust mites. Compared to other mattresses, the latex beds have the highest durability. These beds can last comfortably for more than 25 years if maintained well.

Pros of latex mattresses

  • Environmentally friendly and comfortable
  • Highly durable with natural bounciness
  • Provides excellent air circulation
  • Distributes pressure points better and improves blood circulation
  • Suits all sleeping positions and are resistant to allergens

Cons of latex mattresses

  • Latex beds can be heavy.
  • Compared to spring and foam mattresses, latex beds are expensive.

Air mattress

Air mattresses do not contain springs, foam, or latex but air. These beds are made of vinyl, plastic, or rubber, with multiple chambers inflated with air. Depending on your choices, you can customize the firmness by increasing or decreasing the air pressure.

Doctors recommend air mattresses for overweight people and patients requiring continuous bed rest. Generally, the air mattresses are ideal for camping as you can deflate them and pack them along with your camping accessories.

Plus Points of Air Mattresses

  • Does not off-gas like memory foam
  • Excellent for obese people
  • Easy to use and light in weight
  • Good for people with back pain and bed sores

Minus Points of Air Mattresses

  • Though durable, air mattresses are prone to punctures.
  • Can get time to get used to

Waterbed Mattress

Waterbed mattresses are not commonly used in homes. However, they have better usage in hospitals for patients with specific medical issues. Waterbeds are vinyl mattresses filled with water.

Soft waterbeds come with a foam layer and special padding on the top, whereas hard waterbeds feature a wooden frame.

Good aspects of waterbed mattress

  • Ideal for patients with specific medical conditions
  • Resists dirt and dead skin debris
  • Good for pain relief
  • Allows temperature regulation

Bad aspects of waterbeds

  • Leakages can get messy
  • Maintaining waterbeds can be expensive
  • Heavy in weight

Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic mattresses are specialized beds ergonomically designed to align with the spinal column and support the skeletal system. These mattresses alleviate stress on the spine and help attain a healthy posture. In addition, this bed is ideal for supporting the joints and correcting deformities.

People with chronic orthopaedic issues prefer orthopaedic mattresses to align with the body contours to provide the highest comfort.

Pros of orthopaedic mattresses

  • Ideal for people with chronic body pain
  • Provides the highest levels of comfort

Cons of orthopaedic mattresses

  • Can be used for a specific purpose alone

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Final words

We have discussed the various factors you should consider when purchasing the best mattress in India. Your comfort level is crucial, and so is your sleeping posture. Your medical conditions like body aches matter when selecting the ideal mattress. Finally, the budget is a critical factor, and so is the maintenance. We have seen different types of mattresses available in India to help you make the right choice.

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