What is Magic Dispenser and Magic Filter in Samsung Washing Machine?

Everyone would have experienced situations like detergent residue sticking to the pants as a white powdery layer. As you would not be able to wear the garment, it would need a rewash.

Thus, it is a waste of time and energy.

The reason for the detergent sticking to your garments is that it does not dissolve in water properly. Samsung has introduced an innovative solution in the Magic Dispenser.

Magic Dispenser – How it works?

The Magic Dispenser is an additional component placed inside the detergent dispensing drawer. It has rotating blades that create a powerful water vortex to dissolve the detergent thoroughly before releasing it into the wash drum at the start of the wash cycle.

The purpose is to ensure uniform detergent distribution that helps prevent any detergent residue at the end of the wash cycle.

Advantages of Magic Dispenser

  • It ensures proper mixing of the detergent with water before releasing it into the wash drum.
  • As a result of proper dissolution, your clothes do not have any detergent residue on them.

The Use of Magic Filter

Another common issue with washing machines is the collection of lint from your clothes during the washing cycle. Generally, all washing machines, even the semi-automatic models, come with lint collectors or lint filters to collect the lint and fibers released from your clothes.

lint collector for washing machine

Samsung introduces a new technology, Magic Filter, that ensures a better lint collection, especially when the water level is low. Typically, these lint filters are located near the top edge of the washing drum. However, Samsung’s Magic Filter is different because it is positioned lower than in conventional washing machines.

The Magic Filter – The Functioning

Magic Filter

As the lint filter is positioned low in the machine, it proves handy to collect lint even when the water level is low. Thus, it ensures the collection of lint even with small loads.

Samsung’s Magic Filter features an indicator light to show when the filter needs cleaning. As the light glows, you can pull out the Magic Filter, open and turn it, and throw away dried lint and fibers.

Thus, Samsung washing machines take care of the smallest details to ensure highly efficient washing performances.   

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