Made in India Air Conditioner Brands

With tensions brewing between India and China on the political front, people are looking to boycott Chinese goods. So let us discuss some Indian AC brands and look at foreign brands (non-Chinese) that manufacture ACs in India.


Voltas is a pure Indian company that has been manufacturing air conditioners for more than six decades. Voltas was founded in the year 1954. However, the Tata Group has taken over Voltas AC manufacturing division today. But they have not changed the brand name.

Voltas has numerous firsts to its credit, like

  1. Launch of India’s first air conditioner in 1954.
  2. Launch of India’s first split AC in 1984.
  3. Launch of India’s first floor-standing split AC in 1993.
  4. Launch of India’s first sub-one-ton AC in 2000.
  5. Launch of India’s first corner split AC in 2008.
  6. Launch of India’s first window inverter AC in 2018.


Godrej is a reputed Indian brand manufacturing an exciting range of consumer goods. The Godrej Group (known initially as Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.) was established in 1897 and had a diverse presence across multiple industrial sectors.

Godrej manufactures an exciting range of air conditioners, including split ACs, smart ACs, and window ACs. In addition, Godrej has the distinction of introducing anti-leak technology in Indian ACs. Besides, Godrej manufactures UV Cool ACs and air conditioners with R290 refrigerant.


The Videocon Group was established in 1979 in India by Venugopal Dhoot. The company manufactures an extensive range of consumer goods, including air conditioners. Though Videocon ACs are less popular than Voltas, Godrej, or other top brands, they deliver excellent performance.

Videocon manufactures different ACs like hybrid solar ACs, inverter ACs, Aryabot ACs, hot & cold ACs, and the standard split and window AC models.

The Aryabot AC is the world’s first satellite-controlled AC that responds to the user’s GPS settings. Thus, it can automatically switch on or off even when you are not at home. In addition, this feature can monitor power usage and temperature settings and has different functions like a wireless lock, app-based control, and voice control.

Blue Star

Blue Star is India’s leading HVAC and commercial refrigeration company, with an annual revenue of over $778 million. Blue Star manufactures excellent air conditioners, including variable-speed inverter ACs, fixed-speed split ACs, window ACs, and portable air conditioners.

Some excellent features include 5-in-1 convertibility, Turbo Cool, Blue Fin technology for protecting against rust and corrosion, and smart ACs controllable using smartphone apps. In addition, Blue Star manufactures a super energy-efficient 1.5-ton split AC model with an ISEER value of 5.41, the highest in the industry.


Onida is another top Indian AC manufacturing brand offering an exciting range of ACs with capacities from 1 ton to 2 tons. The range includes window, split, and inverter AC models with energy ratings from 2-star to 5-star. The best aspect of Onida ACs is its reasonable pricing without compromising performance and efficiency.


IFB Home Appliances is a pure Indian consumer goods manufacturing company established in 1974. It has its headquarters in Kolkata and manufactures various consumer appliances, including air conditioners. However, IFB is more renowned for producing washing machines. It has the enviable distinction of being the first Indian manufacturer of a front-loading washing machine.

Foreign companies (non-Chinese) manufacturing ACs in India

Besides the Indian companies listed above, various multinational companies have AC manufacturing plants in India. Their AC models available in India are indigenously made. Therefore, these companies should also qualify as Make in India AC manufacturers.

Daikin – Japanese company

Daikin was originally a Japanese company manufacturing commercial and residential air conditioning systems. Daikin India (DAIPL) is a 100% subsidiary of Daikin and manufactures ACs in India for local distribution and sales. The Daikin ACs manufactured in India use the latest technology available in international ACs.

Daikin India has two manufacturing plants in Neemrana, Rajasthan, and one more in Coimbatore. Besides, the company has its corporate office in Chennai and a supply unit at Gurugram. Daikin does not manufacture window ACs. Instead, its products include split ACs, cassette, floor-standing, and ducted air conditioning units.  

Carrier – US-based company

Carrier has been a leading global manufacturer of HVAC systems since 1902. The company has an AC manufacturing plant at Supa, near Pune. This plant is the result of a joint venture between Carrier and Midea Groups and is known as Carrier Midea India Pvt Ltd. The company manufactures residential and commercial air conditioning units. The room air conditioners include the Carrier and Midea brands separately.

Carrier offers a range of window, split, and Wi-Fi-enabled ACs. Besides the inverter and fixed-speed compressor ACs, Carrier offers a hit & cold AC model. However, Midea does not offer a hot & cold AC model.

LG – Korea-based company

Many people mistake LG to be an Indian manufacturer. No. LG is a Korean company manufacturing high-quality consumer goods. LG India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LG. It takes care of manufacturing, marketing, sales, and services of consumer appliances, including air conditioners.

LG has manufacturing plants in Greater Noida and Ranjangaon near Pune. LG offers an exciting range of air conditioners, including window and split ACs. Almost all LG split ACs are inverter ACs. LG has introduced innovative technology like dual rotary inverter compressors for better performance and energy efficiency. In addition, LG Ocean Black technology protects the copper condenser and evaporator tubes from rust, corrosion, and industrial pollutants.

Some prominent LG AC features include AI-based 6-in-1 convertibility, an inbuilt air purifier with PM 1.0 sensors, UV nanotechnology, anti-virus protection, touch-free operations using the LG ThinQ app, etc.

Samsung – Korea-based

Samsung is the closest competitor to LG in India because the companies manufacture a similar range of products. Samsung was originally a Korean-based company. However, it has a manufacturing plant at Sriperumbudur near Chennai for ACs, washing machines, refrigerators, and QLED TVs.

Samsung offers an excellent range of air conditioners, including window, split, inverter, and hot & cold ACs. Some exciting features in Samsung ACs include digital inverter technology, 5-in-1 convertibility, Wi-Fi compatibility, and Wind-Free technology. In addition, Samsung ACs have a DuraFin coating to protect against rust, humidity, and corrosion.

Samsung ACs compete directly with LG models, brand-for-brand. Both LG and Samsung have dedicated clientele. Hence, Samsung and LG ACs constitute the largest-selling AC brands in India.

Panasonic – Japanese-based

Panasonic is a Japanese brand manufacturing high-quality air conditioners and other consumer appliances, like washing machines, televisions, etc. Panasonic has its headquarters in Mumbai and a manufacturing plant in Chennai for manufacturing ACs, kitchen appliances, and other domestic goods.

Panasonic ACs are available in multiple variants like split, inverter, window, floor-standing, and cassette ACs. Panasonic ACs feature Wi-Fi compatibility and AI-empowered features through its MirAIe functionality. Another innovative feature is the Nanoe-g air purifying system in air conditioners that ensure pure air circulation.  

Hitachi – Japanese company

Hitachi is a reputed Japanese AC manufacturing brand that produces various other consumer appliances, like televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Hitachi manufactures ACs in India through a joint-venture company, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning, at its manufacturing plant in Kadi, Gujarat. The company has its headquarters in Ahmedabad.

Hitachi AC products include commercial and residential cooling solutions. The residential AC products include window, split, inverter, and hot & cold air conditioning systems.

Mitsubishi – Japanese company

Mitsubishi ACs are not very popular in India today because the company does not have a manufacturing plant in India. However, the company proposes starting production in India around 2025 after setting up its plant at Sriperumbudur, near Chennai. Today, Mitsubishi ACs are manufactured in Thailand and imported to India. However, initially, Mitsubishi is a Japanese company.

Whirlpool – US-based company

Whirlpool is a reputed US consumer appliance manufacturer producing multiple domestic appliances like refrigerators, ACs, washing machines, etc. Whirlpool entered Indian shores in 1980 (collaborating with TVS) with the establishment of its production unit at Puducherry. Initially, the unit manufactured washing machines. Today, Whirlpool has its headquarters at Gurugram and manufacturing plants at Puducherry, Faridabad, and Pune.

Whirlpool acquired Kelvinator India in 1995. Subsequently, the Kelvinator and TVS units merged to create Whirlpool India. Whirlpool offers innovative Intellisense technology like the AI modes offered by brands like Panasonic and LG. However, Whirlpool does not manufacture window ACs; its sole offering is split AC.  

Lloyd – German-based company

Lloyd is originally a German consumer appliance manufacturing company. Its Indian subsidiary manufactures an exciting range of products like ACs, washing machines, LED TVs, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

Lloyds has taken over Havells and has 13 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Neemrana, Faridabad, Alwar, Baddi, Haridwar, and others.

Lloyd manufactures split, window, tower, and cassette ACs in India for its Indian clientele. The notable features include the capability to cool the room even if the outdoor temperature touches 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, Lloyd ACs deliver one of the fastest cooling performances by cooling the room within 45 seconds. Thus, these appliances save energy. Other features include dust filters and smartphone control options.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the prominent AC manufacturers in India. It included pure Indian manufacturers and other multinational companies having manufacturing plants in India.  

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