Made in China Air Conditioner Brands

Chinese goods are renowned for being cheap. Many people feel that they lack quality, but it is not so. Some of the best smartphones you use today are made in China. All the top consumer appliance manufacturers have production units in China.

For example, Carrier is a top AC manufacturer globally. But Carrier has a manufacturing unit in China. Similarly, Chinese manufacturers have production units in other countries. For example, look at some Chinese AC brands that manufacture air conditioners in India.

Haier AC

You must have heard of Haier TVs, washing machines, and air conditioners. Yes. Haier is a Chinese brand, but do you know Haier has manufacturing plants in India? The Haier AC available on the Indian market is entirely made in India.

Haier India is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Haier Group. Haier India opened its first AC manufacturing plant at Ranjangaon, near Pune. Besides ACs, the unit manufactures washing machines, water heaters, and LED TVs. Haier has a second manufacturing unit in Greater Noida, UP. This company has won the prestigious “Make in India” Award for Excellence.

Haier India manufactures an extensive range of split ACs with variable speed and fixed-speed compressors. These air conditioners have all the features you generally get in other top-quality brands.

Gree AC

Gree is a top-notch Chinese AC brand. Gree Electric Appliances Inc. ranks among the world’s largest AC manufacturers. Gree AC is available in India on the online e-commerce market. However, the company does not have any manufacturing plant in India. Therefore, stockists and suppliers who import these air conditioners and deliver them locally are available.


Xiaomi AC is also among the best-selling ACs globally. Like Gree AC, Mi AC units are not manufactured in India. The parts are imported from China and assembled here.

Midea AC

The Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer having its headquarters in Beijiao town, Guangdong. It is available in India as a joint venture between the Carrier and Midea Group. However, the individual AC models are named as Carrier and Midea respectively. Midea offers 5-star ACs with almost all features like Carrier ACs.


TCL, originally known as TTK Home Appliances Co Ltd., was founded in 1981. Initially, the company manufactured TV sets. The company went global in 1999 by venturing into Vietnam. Later, the company acquired Thomson TV and Alcatel mobiles in 2004.

Today, the company manufactures ACs, TVs, washing machines and a range of audio and mobile devices. TCL does not manufacture window ACs and all its split ACs feature inverter compressors. Besides the regular features available in all ACs, TCL appliances feature a Vitamin C filter for purifying the air circulating inside the room.

Hisense AC

Hisense is another Chinese-manufactured AC brand that delivers excellent cooling. Besides ACs, Hisense manufactures TVs and refrigerators. Hisense, founded in 1969 in Qingdao, China, is the No 1 TV brand in South Africa and China. Hisense has entered into a joint venture with various top brands like Hitachi, Kelon, Ronshen, Toshiba, and Sharp.

Hisense does not manufacture window ACs. Besides innovative technology like convertible ACs, Hisense offers Wi-Fi and voice control features in its AC range.  

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