Lloyd AC Review 2023 | Technologies, Pros & Cons

Lloyd is a reputed manufacturer of air conditioners, LED televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers in India.

The company has improvised over the years by manufacturing state-of-the-art products and delivering happiness and smiles to its 3M customer base. In addition, Lloyd is a pioneer in AC manufacturing, as evident from the latest technologies available on these appliances.

Havells India is the manufacturer and importer of Lloyd products in India.

Lloyd offers an extensive range of split ACs, window ACs, portable ACs, tower ACs, and cassette ACs. However, we shall confine the discussion to the domestic use of air conditioners alone for the scope of this article.

Lloyd ac reviews

Best Llyod ACs in 2023

Llyod GLS18I5FWBEV1.5 Ton
5 Star
ISEER Value: 5.06
5 in 1 Convertible
Llyod GLS18I3FWAMC1.5 Ton
3 Star
ISEER Value: 4.04
5 in 1 Convertible
Llyod GLS12I5FWBEV1 Ton
5 Star
ISEER Value: 5.07
5 in 1 Convertible
Llyod GLS24I5FWGEV2 Ton
5 Star
ISEER Value: 5.06
5 in 1 Convertible

Some of the pioneering technologies include Grande Heavy Duty ACs with a cooling capacity of 5500W. These appliances can provide high-quality cooling inside the rooms, even if the temperature outside touches 60 degrees Celsius.

In addition, the rapid cooling feature ensures to cool the room to 18 degrees Celsius within 45 seconds. Other features include a built-in Wi-Fi feature, air purifiers to deliver superior quality air, and dust filters.

We shall discuss all these features in this review.

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Pros and Cons – Lloyd ACs


  • Lloyd offers an extensive range of window and split ACs.
  • Lloyd ACs offer excellent features like 5-in-1 convertibility and Heavy Duty AC.
  • Lloyd ACs offer excellent air purification features.
  • Lloyd ACs come with high-quality protection features.


  • Some of its non-inverter split ACs do not have good reviews on Amazon.
  • The portable AC is inconvenient to use because it has water drainage issues. You have to keep the AC near a drainage source. It affects its portability.
  • The hidden display feature is not very useful.

Meanwhile, here is the list of Lloyd AC available on the Indian market in 2022.

AC TypeTotal2-star3-star4-star5-star
Split – Inverter62-34226
Split – Non-inverter15114--
Window – Inverter3-1-2
Window Non-inverter14-10-4

Besides, Lloyd offers one portable AC with a 1T capacity.

Lloyd AC Technologies

Inverter Compressor

Lloyd offers an extensive range of air conditioners with an inverter compressor that delivers better power efficiency and excellent cooling performance and makes less noise. Besides, the inverter compressors do not require much maintenance.

Lloyd split inverter compressor ACs can cool the rooms even when the temperature outside is 52 degrees Celsius. Some of the latest ACs can function even when the external temperature reaches an impossible 60 degrees Celsius.

Lloyd ACs use Air-Cooled Electric Control Box technology to cool the electric parts inside the ODU and reduce their temperature, resulting in non-stop cooling at 52 degrees Celsius. In addition, the latest ACs from Lloyd can provide cooling even at 60 degrees Celsius.

Many latest Lloyd AC models feature a BLDC motor to offer a power-packed performance while consuming the least energy.

Models – Lloyd split AC with inverter compressor include the 3-star GLS09I3FWSEL, the 5-star GLS12I5WGVR, etc. The latest models include the 5-star GLS18IFWGHP, GLS12I5FWGHD, etc. Lloyd window ACs also come with inverter compressors in models like GLW18I5FWBMZ, GLW18I3FWBMZ, etc.

LLoyd ac inverter

Duo Compressor

Specific Lloyd AC models work on a duo compressor. This duo rotary compressor delivers faster and more efficient cooling with minimum vibrations, fluctuations, and noise than the conventional compressors.

Models – Split AC models like GLS18I55WPHD, GLS12I55WPHD, etc., draw their power from duo compressors.

Non-inverter Compressor

Besides its extensive range of inverter split ACs, Lloyd has a range of split non-inverter ACs that work on traditional compressors. These compressors work at a fixed speed to provide high-quality cooling.

Though these compressors switch on and off regularly, they consume more power than the inverter ACs because of their constant speed and the power surge every time they switch on. Besides, these compressors make comparatively more noise than the inverter ACs. However, the appliances working on traditional compressors are less expensive than their inverter compressor AC counterparts.

Models – Lloyd offers 15 ACs with non-inverter compressors, including models like GLS18B32EPB2, GLS18B32WACR, GLS24B32WACS, etc. Lloyd window ACs with non-inverter compressors include GLW12B3YYWSEW, GLW12B3XWSEW, GLW18B3XWSES, etc.

Expandable AC

The Expandable AC is a multimode setting allowing the user to set the AC’s working capacity at 50%, 75%, 100%, and even 125%, depending on the cooling load calculated based on the number of people in the room, weather conditions, etc. Besides, these ACs offer an Auto Mode. This feature is also known as 5-in-1 convertibility.

Models – The latest smart Lloyd ACs like GLS18IFWGHP, GLS12i5FWGHD, GLS18I5FWGHD, etc., offer this expandable AC feature. In addition, AC models like GLS12I5FWGVR, GLS18I5FWGVR, etc., offer 5-in-1 convertibility.

Heavy-Duty AC

Specific Lloyd AC models qualify as heavy-duty AC because they come with a cooling capacity of 5500W to provide enhanced and quick cooling. In addition, this AC features a unique 5 VA security toolbox to prevent accidental fires.

Models – Lloyd offers the GLS18I55WBHD as a Heavy-duty AC.

Hot & Cold Operation

Lloyd offers a Hot & Cold operation AC that can work as an air conditioner in the summer months and a heater in the winters. This AC can work in an operating range of -10 to 52 degrees Celsius.

Models – Lloyd split AC model GLS18H36WRHD is a hot & cold AC. Other models include GLS12H36WREL, GLS24H36WREL, GLS18H36WREL, etc.

Smart Technology

Inbuilt Wi-Fi

Lloyd offers an extensive range of intelligent ACs with in-built Wi-Fi. This feature allows users to control and operate their ACs through the smartphone using an inbuilt wireless control function without being in the same room as the appliance. Such AC models are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Thus, you can operate and control these appliances using your voice commands. Users have to download the Digi Tap App from App Store and Google PlayStore.

Models – Lloyd’s innovative AC models include GLS18I5FWGHP, GLS18I55WPHD, GLS12I55WPHD, GLS18I55WBHD, GLS12I55WBHD, GLS18I3WSHD, etc.

Wi-Fi Ready

The Wi-Fi Ready feature is available in selective Lloyd ACs, indicating that the appliance is ready for an upgrade. However, the user has to install a separate PCB inside the control unit to activate the Wi-Fi facility.

Models – The split AC models GLS09IFWSEL, GLS12I3FWSHD, GLS18H36WRHD, GLS12H36WREL,  etc., come with Wi-Fi Ready facility.

Cooling Technology

Turbo Cool

The Lloyd AC skips the time lag to immediately allow the compressor to start its operations in this feature. The AC works in this mode non-stop for 60 minutes to reduce the indoor temperature quickly. Then, it exits the mode. However, this feature works only when you set the temperature at 17 degrees Celsius or above.

Models – Almost all Lloyd ACs offer the Turbo Cool feature.

Rapid Cooling

The Rapid Cooling feature enables the new-age Lloyd ACs to cool air faster. This technology allows the appliance to cool the room to 18 degrees Celsius within 45 seconds of switching it on. However, this performance is under test conditions where the indoor and outdoor temperatures are 25 and 35 degrees Celsius, respectively.

Models – Split AC models like GLS18I5FWGHP, GLS12I3FWSHD, GLS18I5FWCEL, etc., offer rapid cooling.

Tropicalized Operation

Lloyd ACs offer customized features specially tailored for tropical climatic conditions. This feature provides the required comfort and convenience to its consumers. The models equipped with tropicalized operations feature a wider outlet allowing cool air to reach up to 15 meters. Thus, it is an ideal AC for large rooms.

Models – Split AC models like GLS18I55WPHD, GLS12I55WPHD, GLS18I55WBHD, etc., offer this feature. 

Automatic Humidity Control

While all ACs provide good cooling, they generally do not control the humidity in the rooms. Therefore, the occupants can feel uncomfortable in the monsoon season when the humidity levels are high. The AC works normally and causes discomfort due to excessive cooling. However, specific Lloyd AC models feature an Automatic Humidity Control facility that controls the humidity levels and provides comfort during the rainy season.

Models – Split AC models like GLS18I55WBHL, GLS18I35WSHL, GLS12I55WBHL, etc., provide the automatic humidity control feature.

LLyod inverter ac review

Air Purification

PM 2.5 Filter

Selected Lloyd AC models come equipped with a PM 2.5 filter to eliminate the minutest pollutants and keep the AC and the surroundings free of dust and dirt. Thus, it enables healthy living. In addition, some of the latest Lloyd ACs feature a Puro Air Ionizer with PM 2.5 sensor.

Models – Split AC models like GLS12H36WREL, GLS09I3FWSRL, GLS12I52WBEL, etc., come equipped with a PM 2.5 filter. Models like GLS18IFWGHP feature a Puro Air Ionizer with PM 2.5 sensor.

Anti-viral Dust Filter

This filter traps airborne pollutants and contaminants, including dust, pollen, spores, viruses, and bacteria, to ensure fresh, cool, and clean air inside the room for healthy living.

Models – Various split AC models come with an anti-viral dust filter.

Clean Air Filter

Lloyd ACs come equipped with new-age clean air filters to trap pollutants and ensure air purification inside the room. Thus, consumers enjoy better comfort and convenience.

Models – Split AC models like GLS12I3FWBEP, GLS24B32WACS, etc., offer clean air filter technology.

Green Anti-bacterial Eva Coils

Specific non-inverter Lloyd Split AC models offer Green Anti-bacterial Eva Coils to provide additional air purification by eliminating bacteria and other viruses and mold. Thus, it improves the overall air quality.

Models – Split AC models like GLS18B32WCHD, GLS12B32WCHD, etc., offer this advanced air purification technology. 

Nano Silver Anti-bacterial Eva coils

Lloyd ACs equipped with Tropicalized operation also offer additional air purification features like Nano Silver Anti-bacterial Eva Coils to get rid of bacteria, molds, fungi, spores, and microbes to enhance the purification level of the indoor circulating air.

Models – Split inverter AC models like GLS18I55WPHD, GLS12I55WPHD, GLS18I55WBHD, etc., offer this advanced functionality.

Pre-coated catechin dust filter

Specific Lloyd AC units offer additional protection in a pre-coated catechin dust filter comprising a three-colored multi-functional filter (catechin blue filter, AG+ antibacterial white filter, and Biological antibacterial green filter) to capture and eliminate micro-dust and smog. It also absorbs unpleasant odors and decomposes VOCs like formaldehyde to release Vitamin C-enriched air inside the rooms.

Models – Lloyd AC models GLS18I55WPHD, GLS12I55WPHD, GLS18I55WBHD, etc., offer such advanced features.

Green Bio Filter

The latest Lloyd split AC models feature a green Biofilter, a catalytic filter, to provide double protection against dust particles as small as PM 2.5 dust. Besides, it prevents bacterial contamination. The enzyme present in the filter does not dissolve in water. Instead, it donates electrons and accepts them, similar to how solar applications and ink work. Thus, it resists alkali and acid attacks. In addition, this filter eliminates active oxygen that can cause cancer and hypertension.

Models – Lloyd split AC models like GLS18I55WPHD and GLS12I55WPHD come equipped with additional filters like Trio filter, Silver Ion Filter, and Ayurvedic Tulsi filters.

HEPA Filter

Some Lloyd AC models feature a HEPA filter to trap minute dust particles and ensure pure air circulation inside the room.

Models – The Split AC models like GLS12I36WGVR, GLS12I56WFVR, GLS18I56WFVR, etc., offer HEPA filter technology. 

Plasma Protective Shield

Specific Lloyd AC models offer a Plasma Protective Shield to trap pollutants and contaminants that could spread inside the room. Thus, they enhance air purification levels inside the home.

Models – Split AC models like GLS18I55WBHL, GLS12I55WBHL, etc., offer this facility.

Llyod AC ODU

Protection Technology

Blue Fin Coil

Select non-inverter split ACs offer Blue Fin Coil protection, similar to Blue Fin evaporator and condenser. This facility protects the coils from rust and enhances the AC lifespan.

Blue Fin Evaporator and Condenser

Blue Fin protection is available in specific Lloyd AC models. The hydrophilic aluminum fins keep the condenser and the evaporator coils safe from corrosion and rust to enhance the life of the condenser and evaporator coils.

Models – Split AC models like GLS12I3FWBEF, GLS17I3FWAEF, GLS18I3WAEF, etc., come with a Blue Fin condenser and evaporator protection. Non-inverter split ACs like GLS12B3XWBEP, GLS18B32RPB2, GLS12B32EPB2, etc., offer Blue Fin technology.

Golden Fin Condenser

Lloyd AC units come equipped with a Golden Fin condenser, a protective covering for the condenser unit, to protect the condenser coils from rust, dirt, rain, and other corrosive elements, including salt and industrial pollution.

Some Lloyd AC models offer gold fin anti-corrosion coating to the evaporator coils to prevent bacterial buildup and enhance their heat transfer efficiency. Some Lloyd ACs call this feature Golden Eva Coils.

Models – Various models, including GLS09IFWSEL, GLS18I5FWGHP, etc., feature Gold Fin condenser, whereas GLS18H36WRHD offers Gold Fin protection to the evaporator coils. Split AC models like GLS12I52WBEL, GLS12I56WBEL, etc., offer Golden Eva coils.

E5 Low Gas Detection

E5 is an error code indicating low gas detection allowing the engineers to identify the problem quickly and repair it.

Clean Filter Indication

The indoor panel indicates the CL code prompting the user to clean the air filter. Thus, this feature ensures better performance and enhances the air conditioner’s life.

Corrosion Resistant Coating

Specific Lloyd AC models feature a corrosion-resistant coating on the AC coils to enhance product longevity. In addition, it protects the AC components from pollutants and smoke to let the AC work in all-weather conditions.

100% Copper

All Lloyd air conditioners come equipped with 100% copper condenser tubes to enable better heat exchange and resistance to corrosion. In addition, copper tubes can withstand high pressure and thus enhance the appliance’s longevity.

Inner Grooved Copper Tube

All the copper tubes in Lloyd ACs feature inner grooves to allow quicker refrigerant movement and provide faster and reliable cooling while enhancing the appliance’s lifespan.


All Lloyd ACs offer a Self-Diagnosis feature that helps detect errors and display the error code on the LED display and the remote. It helps communicate with the Lloyd service team and ensures prompt corrective action.

Installation Check

This user-friendly feature performs more the 15 checks on the IDU and the ODU before the display panel indicates the GO symbol signifying that everything is perfectly working. If it finds even a single problem, it indicates NG, flagging the need for repairs. This feature is available in various split AC models.

Cover for the valves

Usually, Lloyd ACs offer additional protection to the valves and prevent gas leakage.

Stabilizer-free Operations

Almost all Lloyd split ACs come equipped with powerful compressors to withstand extensive voltage fluctuations. Hence, there is no necessity for a separate voltage stabilizer.

Other Technology

LLoyd AC New model
Smart 4-Way Swing

The latest Lloyd air conditioners come with an efficient and smart 4-way swing feature that enables louver movement in all four directions to spread cool air uniformly throughout the room.

Two-way swing

All Lloyd ACs, except those provided with Smart 4-way Swing, offer the Two-way swing feature where the louver moves up/down to circulate cool air inside the room.

Hidden LED Display

This unique feature adds to the room’s ambiance. Users can choose to view the display or dim it whenever they like. Usually, it remains hidden in the IDU.

LED Display (Window AC)

All Window ACs offer a user-friendly LED display that provides information like temperature, fan speed, and mode. Besides, the LED display shows the error codes if there are problems with the unit.

Auto Restart

Almost all Lloyd ACs offer the Auto Restart feature that enables the appliance to restart automatically after a power cut. This feature ensures that the AC operates based on its previous settings.

Strong Dehumidification

Almost all Lloyd window ACs offer a powerful dehumidification feature where the unit works in cooling and fan mode to ensure effective dehumidification without reducing the room temperature.

Backlit Remote

All Lloyd ACs feature a backlit remote control option for enhanced convenience.

Multi-Fold Evaporator

This feature enhances the AC’s cooling by pushing the heat off indoors to make the unit compact.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant

All Lloyd ACs work on R32 refrigerant, the best coolant available today. R32 has zero ozone depletion potential and a low global warming potential.

Standard Charges

Here is the rate table of the maximum applicable rates to be charged from the customer.

CategoryAC TypeRemarksAmount in Rs (GST @ 18% extra)
Standard Installation – Service ChargesSplit ACStandard Installation1500
Field Calls after the 1-year warrantyWindow AC Split AC400 500
Gas Charging after the 1-year warrantyWindow AC Split AC1800 2200
Dry ServiceWindow AC Split AC400 500
Wet ServiceWindow AC Split AC450 550
ItemUnitApplicable GSTBasic chargesTotal charges
Copper piping – insulation and wirePer meter18%750885
Labor charges #rowspan#18%250295
Drain PipePer meter28%90115
Connecting wire 3-core (FS Mode)Per meter18%100118
Connecting wire 4+core (Inverter)Per meter18%120142
Outdoor wall bracket with a vibration pad  #rowspan#28%750960
Labor Charges  #rowspan#18%200236
N2 Flushing and vacuuming  #rowspan#18%550649
Wrapping tape5m roll18%200236
White Cement  #rowspan#28%100128
Site Inspection Charges  #rowspan#18%200236

Warranty Information

  1. All Lloyd ACs come with a 1-year standard warranty.
  2. All Lloyd ACs get an additional 4-year warranty on functional parts.
  3. All Lloyd split ACs and window ACs with inverter compressors get additional five years warranty on the compressor.

Contact Information

  1. Customer Care Number – 080-45775666
  2. WhatsApp – 9711773333
  3. Email – customercare@havells.com
  4. Besides, Lloyd is active on social media on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I go for an AMC for Lloyd ACs?

Lloyd offers an extended 4-year warranty on its components. However, the AMC can prove beneficial because it provides specific services, whereas the warranty covers the parts alone and not the service charges.

2. Should I install a voltage stabilizer for the Lloyd ACs?

It depends on the input voltage position in your area. You can install a voltage stabilizer if there are high voltage fluctuations.

3. Does the MRP include the installation charges?

No, the MRP does not include the installation charges. They are payable separately.

4. Do all Lloyd ACs come with HEPA filters?

No, specific ACs alone feature HEPA filters.

5. Can I get the Lloyd AC installed by a third-party service provider?

The extended warranty period is unavailable if you get the Lloyd AC installed by service providers other than Lloyd Authorized Service Center.

6. How do I apply for the extended and additional compressor warranty?

Consumers should register for the extended component warranty and additional compressor warranty within a week of purchasing the appliance.
Consumers can contact the Lloyd Customer Support team on WhatsApp, and email channel.helpdesk@havells.com.

7. What does the component warranty include?

The component warranty includes all the functional parts of the appliance. However, it does not include plastic parts, remote control, accessories, sheet metal parts, and gas charging.

8. Is the PMS available for free?

No, the Preventive Maintenance Service is available from the 2nd to the 5th year on a chargeable basis.

9. Can I purchase the Lloyd AC online?

Yes, you can purchase the Lloyd AC online on the official Lloyd website. In addition, the products are also available on online e-commerce retail stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

10. Are Lloyd ACs made in India?

Except for the portable AC made in China, all the other Lloyd ACs available in India are made locally.

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