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Lloyd manufactures some of the best air conditioners in India. Lloyd offers an extensive range of air conditioning appliances, including window ACs, split ACs, portable ACs, tower ACs, and cassette ACs.

All these ACs come under a general warranty of one year, with an option of registering for an extended warranty through the official Lloyd AC app. Besides, the compressor has a 10-year warranty.

Usually, Lloyd ACs do not develop faults quickly. The filters can get clogged, and cleaning them is easy. Besides, Lloyd ACs come with a self-diagnostic feature that helps the AC diagnose the problem and display it on the IDU display and the remote controller as error codes.

These error codes can vary from one model to the other. However, the primary error codes remain constant. Usually, all such errors or faults require the services of an authorized Lloyd AC service personnel. Users can book their service complaints online and share the error code and model number with the Lloyd service center to help them diagnose and repair the appliance quickly.

E1 – Indoor PCB Fault

The E1 error code signifies a faulty indoor PCB. You should call the AC technician to check the fault and repair the PCB. A faulty PCB can also require a replacement. Please check if the warranty is available on the PCB. Please register a service complaint with the Lloyd service center online and seek professional help. Repairing the AC from third-party service providers can void the warranty.

E2 – High and Low Voltage issue, Room temperature sensor issue

The Lloyd AC flashes the E2 error code if the input voltage is higher or lower than the appliance’s operational range. You can either wait for the restoration of the voltage or install an external voltage stabilizer. If the voltage is too low, you can use a double or triple booster to push the voltage to 220V.

If there is a room temperature sensor issue, the Lloyd AC service technician replaces the sensor. A loose connection can also cause this fault. So, a qualified technician is suitable for attending to this fault.

E3 – Indoor fan motor problem, Pipe temperature sensor fault

Lloyd ACs feature an indoor fan, also known as a blower, to enable uniform cool air distribution inside the room. A fault with the indoor fan motor or the blower motor results in the IDU flashing the E3 error code. The solution is to summon the Lloyd AC service technician and repair the motor. Usually, the motor does not fail. However, there can be a problem with the capacitor. Replacing the capacitor can rectify the issue.

Some Lloyd AC models display the E3 error and flashing of LED 1 to indicate a fault with the pipe temperature sensor. The Lloyd service technician replaces the sensor to rectify the fault.

The E4 error code is technically not an error code. It indicates that your Lloyd AC is going into defrost mode. However, the AC does not go into this mode automatically. There must be some underlying activity that caused the AC to defrost. Usually, a broken temperature sensor can cause the AC to go into defrost mode and flash the E4 error. The solution is to replace the temperature sensor and check for other problems. The AC returns to normal functioning after defrosting. The error should not persist after that.

Some Lloyd models display this E4 error with the LED blinking five times to indicate a room temperature sensor fault. In addition, some models use the E4 code to indicate the outdoor pipe temperature sensor issue. These issues require the qualified Lloyd AC technician to handle the matter and replace the respective sensors.

E5 – Cooling Coil sensor fault, Temperature sensor fault, Room sensor fault

The Lloyd AC indoor unit features temperature sensors to judge the room temperature and set the optimal cooling temperature accordingly. An improperly fitted temperature or cooling coil sensor can display the E5 error code. The absence of the sensor can also trigger this code. The solution is to replace the damaged sensor or fit it properly. You need to call the Lloyd authorized service personnel to handle this repair.   

E6 – Indoor Coil Sensor Problem, Outdoor malfunction

The Lloyd AC indoor unit also contains sensors. Any loose fitting or damaged indoor coil sensor triggers the E6 error code. The solution is to replace the damaged sensors. Otherwise, it has to be correctly affixed into the respective socket. You must entrust this responsibility to the authorized Lloyd AC service technician by booking a service call online.

Some Lloyd AC models indicate an ODU fault by displaying the E6 error code followed by flashing all four LEDs. You summon the service technician to handle the fault.

E7 – Condenser Coil Sensor Problem, EEPROM malfunction

Lloyd AC condenser is located in the outdoor unit. A fault or a loose fitting of the condenser coil can generate the E7 error code. You can call the Lloyd AC technician by booking a service complaint. Please mention the model number and the error code to the service personnel. It can help in quick diagnosis and repair. The solution is to affix the condenser coil properly. It might need replacement if it is damaged.

Some models, especially the high-end Lloyd AC, display the E7 error code to indicate a computer error or EEPROM malfunction. Under such circumstances, LED 1 and LED 2 keep flashing continuously. But, again, the service technician is qualified to handle the issue.

E8 – Low or High Voltage Problem or Water level alarm

Usually, your Lloyd ACs can work at input voltage in the range of 160V to 260V. However, if the input voltage is outside this range, the AC stops functioning as a safety measure. So, you can wait until the voltage position is rectified. Alternatively, you can install an external voltage stabilizer (capacity around 4000 to 5000 Watts) that can work at a range beyond the Lloyd AC’s normal operating scope.

The E8 error code is also linked to a water level alarm. The LED 4 blinks continuously to indicate the water level alarm. You have to summon the Lloyd Ac service technician to repair the unit.

E9 – Indoor to Outdoor communication problem

The error code E9 indicates an electrical problem. It signifies a lack of communication between the indoor and outdoor units. Thus, the AC does not function properly. Users should not try to rectify this error by themselves. Instead, they can book a service complaint for an authorized Lloyd service technician to attend. The solution is to replace the wire and restore the communication between the two units.

Ec – Low Gas or Gas leak, or high gas pressure

The Ec error code signifies an issue with the refrigerant. It will flash when the gas pressure is low or high. There might be a leakage causing the gas pressure to reduce alarmingly. Hence, the AC will not perform efficiently. The solution is to check for the leakage and rectify it. If the pressure is low, you must refill the refrigerant. Please note to replace with the same gas. You can release some pressure to restore normalcy if the pressure is high. You have to entrust these jobs to the authorized Lloyd AC technician.

CL – Child Lock Activation

The CL code indicates the activation of the child lock. You can release the child lock and set the matter right.

DF – Defrosting issue

The DF error code shows an issue with the defrosting function. The Lloyd AC service technician can set the matter right.

H3 – A compressor overload issue

The Lloyd AC can stop functioning and display the H3 error code on the remote controller and the IDU if there is a compressor overload problem. The solution is to call the service technician to rectify the issue.

P3 – Insufficient Refrigerant

Some Lloyd AC units display the P3 error code to signify insufficient refrigerant. The solution is to check for leakages and get them repaired. Then you can refill the gas and restart the AC.

P4 – Temperature indicator error

The P4 error code shows up when the Lloyd AC experiences a problem with the temperature indicator. A fault with the inverter compressor drive can also cause the P4 error. The Lloyd AC service technician is the right person to repair the appliance.

P9 – Display communication fault

P9 is an electrical fault indicating a lack of proper communication between the PCB and the AC display. The AC mechanic can rectify the matter by replacing or repairing the wire connections. 

PE – Pressure Switch Broken

The breakage of the pressure switch causes the PE error code to flash on the IDU display. Therefore, the Lloyd AC service personnel are ideal for replacing the broken pressure switch. 

Here are some error codes observed in some non-inverter Lloyd ACs

F1 – Non-inverter AC room temperature sensor circuit fault

The room temperature sensor circuit failure results in the F1 error code flashing on the IDU. The solution is to replace the sensor and restore the circuit.

F2 – Non-inverter AC evaporator coil temperature sensor circuit fault

The F2 fault indicates an AC evaporator coil temperature sensor circuit issue. Replacing the sensor is the ideal solution. The Lloyd service technician is a suitable person for this job.

H6 – IDU fan motor fault in non-inverter AC

An IDU fan motor fault results in the flashing of the H6 error code. Please summon the authorized service personnel to repair the motor. For example, the winding might have become loose, or there could be a capacitor fault.

C5 – Malfunction of the jumper cap

The solution is to call the Lloyd AC service personnel and replace the jumper cap.

E5 – Over current protection

A sudden spike in the input power supply can cause this issue. You can install circuit breakers in your room to cater to such problems.  

E8 – Overload malfunction

An overload malfunction can cause the E8 error code. Please call the Lloyd service technician to resolve the problem.

U8 – Zero crossing circuit malfunction of IDU fan motor

The U8 error can flash on the IDU display when the IDU fan motor does not receive power. It is an electrical fault. Replace the wiring inside the AC to rectify the issue.

H3 – Overload compressor protection

A compressor overload position can cause the H3 error code in Lloyd non-inverter ACs. The right approach is to call the service technician to resolve the matter.

Final Thoughts

You might have noticed that the error codes overlap. It is because the codes vary from one model to the other. We have compiled almost every error code observed in Lloyd ACs.

Usually, users cannot repair the ACs by themselves. They must book a call and summon the Lloyd service personnel to handle matters. Some parts might be under warranty. Therefore, the Lloyd service personnel are the most qualified to deal with the issue. Lloyd AC warranty becomes void if you repair the AC through third-party service providers.

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