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Water purification is crucial. So, purchasing an ideal water purifier is essential for every Indian family. Let us review one of the fastest-moving products in the industry today, Livpure Glo Pro++.

Our Verdict

Livpure Glo Pro++

Performance-wise, the Livpure Glo Pro++ is a good water purifier for purifying water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. Though it wastes water like any other RO water purifier, we can find ways to collect and reuse the wastewater.

In addition, the Taste Enhancer feature replenishes essential minerals lost during the RO water purification process to enhance water taste. Other excellent features include low maintenance costs, better design, and ease of use.

Livpure Glo Pro Review

While it has certain drawbacks, the product is one of the best RO water purifiers under 8,000 in the Indian market.

Let us review the Livpure Glo Pro++ to understand the product and its utility value better.


  • Good performance can handle water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm
  • Exciting design, comfortable to use
  • Good operational indicators
  • Water taste is good after purification
  • Appropriately priced
Livpure Glo review


  • As usual, it wastes a lot of water.
  • The tap design could have been better.
  • After-sales customer service is not up to the mark.
  • Livpure does not offer a pre-filter with the package.
Livpure Glo Pro++ Tap

Performance – Good, but it could have been better.

The Livpure Glo Pro++ is a RO+UV+UF water purifier with additional features like Taster Enhancer to improve the water’s taste after RO purification. The performance is excellent, primarily if the TDS levels of the source water are more than 400 ppm.

We advise checking the TDS levels of source water before purchasing this product because TDS levels less than 400 ppm do not need RO purification.

Livpure Glo Pro++ TDS water
Mineral Water From Livpure GLO TDS

The Livpure Glo Pro++ offers a 7-stage water purification process, including Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet lamp, and Ultra-filtration. We have tested the product and found it excellent for domestic use.

The TDS level in our source water was around 600 ppm. On purification, it reduced to approximately 130 ppm. In addition, we observed that the water taste was excellent.

Livpure Glo Pro++ Water Purifier review

What we found good about the Livpure Glo Pro++?

The Livpure Glo Pro++ deserves a place in your kitchen because of the following positive aspects.

We found it convenient to install the machine. Though you can place the water purifier on the kitchen counter, we found hanging it on the wall a better option. It enables us to fill IL or 2L bottles with RO-purified water comfortably. Placing it on the kitchen counter does not allow this flexibility.

Livpure Glo Pro++ wall mount

We have a borewell water source with TDS levels of around 600 ppm. This water purifier is perfect for purifying water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm.

Though RO purification removes all essential minerals, the Taste Enhancer feature replenishes them after purification. As a result, the purified water tastes like mineral water. Besides, the pre and post-carbon filters remove organic impurities and foul odor from water. Silver impregnation is a good feature because it prevents bacterial regrowth.

Livpure Glo Pro++ design

UV disinfection is an excellent feature in this water purifier because it destroys the germs and bacteria that sneak through the RO water purification stage. Therefore, the resultant water is nearly 100% pure. In addition, the UF feature helps in the purification process.

RO water purification is the same as in any other product. But the Taste Enhancer is better than the TDS controller in specific products like Kent.

The storage capacity of 7L is ideal for small Indian families with four persons. But the water purification speed is good enough to cater to larger families. Filling the tank with pure water takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

We found the operational indicators handy. The appliance features a Power On indicator, a Tank-full indicator, and a water purification indicator. 

Livpure Glo Pro++ Indicators

The drawbacks we faced in using the Livpure Glo Pro++

As usual, every RO water purifier wastes water. The Livpure Glo Pro++ also wastes considerable water. However, much depends on the water source quality. The higher the TDS levels, the more the wastage. Since our TDS levels were around 600 ppm, we found the machine wasting 10L of water while filling the 7L water storage tank.

Livpure Glo Pro++ water wastage

Livpure does not provide a pre-filter with the package. Instead, Livpure technicians try to convince consumers to purchase the pre-filter from them by stating that it is genuine.

The tap design is not up to the expected standard for a water purifier. We were more comfortable with our existing model, the HUL Pureit Max.

Livpure Glo Pro++ Tap Design

Livpure offers a 12M warranty on the product, but nothing happens to the machine within the first 12 months. So an extended warranty would have been appreciable.

How do we manage to overcome the drawbacks?

We tackled water wastage by collecting the rejected water in a separate 20L water container for purposes like mopping the floors, watering our mini-garden, and pre-washing our utensils.

Livpure RO water wastage

Since our source water had sediments, we opted to install a pre-filter by purchasing it separately. It costs around Rs 700 in the market. However, Livpure technicians offered it for a higher price.

Pre Filter in water purifier

Though the tap design is unconventional, it is sturdy. In addition, since we mounted our machine on the wall, we could comfortably fill up large water bottles.

We decided to go for an AMC after the warranty expiry because it takes care of repairs and filter replacements. However, the AMC costs around Rs 4000. Though expensive, you can only do a little about it because the filters and Taste Enhancer require replacement to ensure 100% purity.

Suggestions to consumers

Though RO water purification is not necessary for TDS levels below 400 ppm, we suggest checking the water for its quality. If it contains heavy industrial chemicals like arsenic or lead, an RO water purifier is a better option.

This machine is unnecessary if you receive RO-purified water from your local municipalities. Under such circumstances, we suggest using a UV/UF water purifier to treat germs and bacterial contamination.

Livpure Glo

Installing a pre-filter is a good idea because it reduces the workload on the RO membrane to enhance its lifespan. You save money in the long run.

Going for an AMC is a good option because it ensures timely maintenance and replacement of filters and membranes.

Suggestions to Livpure for improvement

  • The tap design needs a rethink because we observed water dripping even after releasing the lever. However, a conventional tap design can help resolve this problem.
  • We suggest Livpure offer more professional after-sales service by not coercing consumers to purchase pre-filter from the company. Instead, they should have provided the feature if they felt it necessary.
  • Finally, we found the naming of the appliance odd. Livpure has named it Glo Pro++ for reasons best known to them. It could have been a more straightforward and easy-to-use name. Anyway, it is a suggestion from a concerned Livpure consumer.

Final Thoughts

There is little to differentiate one RO water purifier brand from the others because the performance levels of all these machines are similar.

Therefore, they use marketing tactics and fancy names like Taste Enhancer, Mineralizers, TDS controllers, Zero Water Wastage, and similar terms to attract consumers. Nevertheless, the Taste Enhancer feature in the Livpure Glo Pro++ is better than the TDS controller because it does not re-contaminate the RO-purified water.

Water Taste
Value For Money
The Livpure Glo Pro++ is a decent RO-water purifier for Indian kitchen conditions because we have to deal with substantial TDS levels in our water sources. However, people already receiving RO-purified water supply can think twice before purchasing this product.
Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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The Livpure Glo Pro++ is a decent RO-water purifier for Indian kitchen conditions because we have to deal with substantial TDS levels in our water sources. However, people already receiving RO-purified water supply can think twice before purchasing this product.Livpure Glo Pro++ Review