LG Top Loading Washing Machine Error Code List and Fixes

You can count the LG Top-loading washing machine as one of your best friends as it is always there to help you at the right moment whenever you need it. However, after all, it is a machine that works under specific conditions. If these conditions are not satisfied, the machine will stop working.

So, if it happens, should you panic and call the LG mechanic immediately?

No, you need not do so because the machine comes equipped with a troubleshooter arrangement. So, let us understand the troubleshooting function of your LG top-loading washing machine.

The Troubleshooter – How it works

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LG top-loading washing machines are intelligent equipment because they come with a self-diagnosis mechanism that displays specific error codes for various problems it encounters in its functioning. Each of these error codes has a simple solution.

Let us see these codes and understand their significance, causes, and solutions.

The LG top-loading washing machines display 17 error codes. Whenever there is a malfunction in the machine, it displays one of these codes on the LED display. Here is a complete list of their fixes.

1. IE Error Code

Significance – The IE Error Code indicates that the machine does not receive an input water supply.

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Reasons – There are multiple reasons for water supply interruptions. Here are the reasons and the respective solutions.

  1. Frozen pipelines during winter – If you live in places experiencing extreme winter, the water in the supply pipes can freeze. Under such circumstances, there will be no water flow. You have to wait till the water temperature rises above the freezing point for the water supply to resume.
  2. Incorrect drain hose installation – The solution lies in reinstalling the drain hose correctly. Here is how you do it at home.
  3. Clip the end of the drain hose into the elbow bracket in such a way that it should not extend beyond 4-inches of the bracket. Extending it beyond 4-inches can cause water contamination, enabling mold and microorganisms to enter the hose.
  4. Insert the open portion of the hose into the drain pipe. You can use adhesive tape or tie strap to secure the hose if you use a stand-pipe.
  5. Water supply taps are closed – If the water supply taps are closed or there is no water supply from the main tank, the IE error code will flash on the washer’s display. Therefore, before you resume operations, you should check whether the hot and cold water taps are fully open and have a water supply.
  6. Damaged inlet hoses – If your inlet hoses are damaged or kinked, it affects the water supply from the taps into the machines. You can straighten out the inlet pipes to enable the free flow of water. However, if the pipes are damaged, they need replacement.
  7. Clogged Inlet filters – Your LG washing machine has inlet filters that prevent mud and other particles from entering your device through the inlet pipes. Unfortunately, these filters can get clogged, especially if your inlet water supply has high salt content. The following steps can help you clean the inlet filters.
  8. Close the main water supply to the machine.
  9. Remove the inlet water hoses from the machine. Keep a bucket handy to drain out water from the inlet hoses.
  10. Check the inlet filter for salt or mud deposits. You can remove the inlet filters and clean them thoroughly.
  11. Refix the filters and reconnect the inlet hoses. Then, open the main supply taps to resume the water supply to the machine.
  12. Using FloodSafe Hoses – Many houses have FloodSafe hoses that shut off the water supply if it suspects a leak or high pressure. Your LG washing machine might not be compatible with such hoses because the inlet valve on your washing machine opens quickly to allow water to flow at high pressure. The water flow at high pressure can trigger the FloodSafe mechanism, which shuts off the machine’s water supply. It can result in the flashing of the IE Error Code. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to remove the FloodSafe hoses and use the hoses supplied with your LG washing machine.

2. OE Error Code

Significance – The OE Error Code indicates a water draining issue.

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Reasons – The machine displays this code if it cannot drain water for 13 minutes.   

Solution – If your machine displays the OE Error code, the following steps can help resolve the issue.

  • Pull the washing machine unit away from the wall to check whether the drain hose is bent or pinched between the machine and the wall. If so, you can straighten the hose and perform a spin cycle. The water should start draining properly, and the OE Error code will disappear. The following steps should help perform the ‘Spin’ cycle.
  • Power on the machine.
  • Press the “Special-Use” key multiple times until the “Spin Only” option is lit.
  • Start the unit by pressing the “Start/Pause” button to begin the cycle.
  • The idea is to drain the excess water accumulated inside the machine.
  • If your washing machine does not have the “Spin Only” mode, you can force drain the machine in the following manner.
  • Power the machine on.
  • Select any wash cycle.
  • Press the “Start” option to start the cycle.
  • Allow the cycle to begin.
  • Press the “Start/Pause” button again to pause the cycle.
  • After eight minutes, the unit will automatically time out and display “DR” to drain the water.

The “Spin Only” and “Force Drain” options should resolve the OE Error. However, if the error code reappears, you need to consult the repair service.

If your “Spin Only” cycle functions properly, you can perform a “Tub Clean” operation and remove all debris from the machine before using it again.

3. UE/uE Error Code

Significance – The UE Code flashes on the LED display when the machine cannot balance the load properly.

Reason – You can find the UE Error code when the machine is not leveled properly. Alternatively, the uneven loading of the machine can also trigger this error. However, you can resolve the UE Error at home without referring to the technician.

Solution – The LG washing attempts to rectify the error on its own. As the “uE” Error code displays on the screen, the machine starts filling the drum with water to agitate and separate the load to balance it properly. Then, it attempts to drain and spin three times. If the machine fails, the code changes from uE to UE. It signals that the machine is unable to balance the load properly. Hence, it requires assistance from the user. The following steps should resolve the problem.

  1. Remove all the clothes from the washing drum.
  2. Power on the unit.
  3. Select the “Rinse and Spin” option.
  4. Start the operation by pressing “Start.”

The procedure should take around 20 minutes. After that, the problem should get resolved. Then, if you notice the UE error again, you can balance/level the machine by moving it accordingly. Alternatively, you can call for the technician to investigate.

4. E6 Error

Significance – The E6 error is a clutch error.

Reason – The machine displays the error if a foreign object like a coin, a broken zipper handle, or any object gets stuck between the pulsator and the washtub.

Solution – You can try out the following solution.

  1. Remove all the clothes from the machine.
  2. Check the bottom of the drum for any coin or foreign object between the pulsator and the drum.
  3. Try to pry it out using your fingers. If it is not possible, try using a pair of pliers.

The object should come out. If it remains stuck inside the machine, you need expert help. The technician is the right person to remove it.

5. CL Error Code

Significance – It indicates that the Child Lock feature is active.

Reason – Many users activate the “Child Lock” feature to prevent anyone from tampering with the controls. If they forget to deactivate it, the machine will not start and show the CL Error Code.

Solution – The Child Lock function allows you to fix the settings and prevent others from changing them. You can disable the facility by pressing and holding the “Child Lock” button for three seconds.

6. tCL Error Code

Significance – The tCL error code indicates that it is time for you to clean the tub.

Reason – Generally, you should regularly run the “Tub Clean” cycle. If you forget to do so, your LG washing machine can display the t CL Error Code.

Solution – The solution is simple. You have to run the Tub Clean option. Here is how you do it.

  1. Remove the clothes from the washtub
  2. Pour some bleach into the dispenser and select the “Tub Clean” option.

Alternatively, you can skip the “Tub Clean” by pressing the options to select your desired wash cycle. The Tub Clean reminder will keep appearing for a few cycles and then disappear until it is time for the next scheduled “Tub Clean” cycle.

7. dE Error Code

Significance – The dE Error code flashes on the display when the machine cannot lock the drawer.

Reason – The drawer needs to be closed properly and locked. Otherwise, the washing machine will display the dE Error Codes. For example, your LG machine displays two dE Error codes, dE 1 and dE 2.

Solution – Perform the following actions to set things right.

  1. dE 1 Error – It indicates that the drawer is not closed properly. You should open the drawer and re-close it properly.
  2. dE 2 Error – It indicates that the drawer is not locked properly. You should switch off the machine, pull the drawer out, and restart the cycle.

8. dL Error Code

Significance – The dL Error Code is an indication that the door latch switch is not functioning properly.

Reason – A portion of your clothes can be caught inside the door and prevent it from latching properly. It is also possible that the door switch has become unfunctional, or there could be damage to the latch door.

Solution – You can open the door and check for any clothes or external obstructions that prevent the door from latching properly. You can remove it and restart the machine after ten seconds. The error code should disappear. If it persists, there could be something wrong with the door switch or the latch. Under such circumstances, you need technical help. So, calling the technician is the right solution.

9. dr Error Code

Significance – It is not an error but an indication that the unit has been timed out. As a result, it starts draining out the water automatically.

Reason – Automatic draining can happen if you pause during any cycle and leave the machine idle for eight minutes without resumption. Alternatively, if you do not start any cycle within four minutes of powering the machine, it will display the dr Error code.

Solution – You have to wait for the machine to finish the automatic draining and restart the machine subsequently.

10. CE Error Code

Significance – The CE Error code is a technical error that requires professional handling.

Reason – If the wash drum does not reach the minimum speed of 20rpm within three minutes or a maximum of six attempts, the machine displays the CE Error Code.

Solution – You should unplug the machine and call for professional help. The service engineer is the ideal person qualified to deal with this error.

11. FE Error Code

Significance – The FE Error code indicates a Fill Error.

Reason – Your LG washing machine displays the FE Error Code when the water level gets too high. The reason could be a faulty inlet valve, whereby water can fill the tub even when the machine is turned off.

Solution – The solution is to seek professional help. However, you can try out the following steps to resolve the issue.

  • Turn off the inlet water supply to the machine.
  • Perform a Spin or Drain option to drain out the water completely.
  • Unplug the machine and wait for the repair to be complete.

If the error persists, the ideal solution is to call the repair technician.

12. Ub Error Code

Significance – The Ub Error code is similar to the UE error as it indicates an unbalanced load.

Reason – The machine can display the Ub Error Code under the following circumstances.

  1. The rebalancing operation has failed.
  2. The machine could have a small load.
  3. You could have mixed heavy clothes with light items.

Your LG washing machine checks the load balance before initiating the Spin Cycle. If there is an imbalance, the machine will add more water and repeat the Spin Cycle. As a result, the operating time can increase.

Solution – You can open the drawer and redistribute the load properly to balance it.

13. LE Error Code

Significance – The LE Error Code indicates a locked motor.

Reason – The machine can get locked and display an LE Error Code due to heavy loads. Alternatively, the jamming of foreign objects like coins, pins, zipper handles, etc., between the wash plate and the inner basket can cause this error.

Solution – You can fix the LE Error by performing the following actions.

  1. Open the machine and reduce the load.
  2. If the load is not heavy, there could be an obstruction.
  3. Switch off the machine.
  4. Power the machine on and select the “Spin Speed” option without selecting any drain cycle.
  5. After the spin action is complete, you can remove the clothes to check for obstructions like coins, etc. You might have to seek professional help to remove them

Tip – One way to avoid coins getting caught in the machine’s parts is to empty the pockets before loading the clothes.

14. PE Error Code

Significance – The PE Error indicates an issue with the water level sensor.

Reason – The failure of the water level sensors can trigger the PE Error.

Solution – There is not much you can do about it. You should unplug the machine and seek professional help by calling a repair technician.

15. Sud Error Code

Significance – The Sud Error Code indicates the presence of too many suds.

Reason – Using the wrong detergent or too many suds can display the Sud Error Code. The machine displays the error and adds the Sud Reducing Cycle. As a result, it increases the operational cycle time by two hours. However, if the machine detects too many suds during the spinning process, it will stop functioning to prevent leakages.

Solution – The solution lies in changing your detergent quantity. You should ensure not to add more than what the manufacturer recommends.

16. d3 Error Code

Significance – The d3 error code indicates the malfunctioning of the coupling part.

Reason – It is a major coupling issue malfunction that requires professional handling.

Solution – You must seek professional help and summon a technician to investigate the matter. Until then, you should switch off and unplug the machine.

17. tE Error Code

Significance – The tE Error Code indicates a thermistor error.

Reason – It is a major issue concerning the malfunctioning of the thermistor.

Solution – The only solution is to call the technician and handle it. In the meanwhile, you unplug the machine from the electrical socket.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed 17 error codes that your LG top-loading washing machine displays if it encounters any problems with its functioning. Though you can resolve most of the issues at home, you need to seek professional help occasionally.

Tip – You should never try to open the washing machine and repair it yourself. The professional technicians are trained personnel qualified to do the job. Besides, it affects the warranty if the machine is covered by it.       

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