LG Side By Side Refrigerators Technologies Review (2021)



LG has always lived up to its exciting reputation for being the favorite of homemakers all over India. The exquisite range of refrigerators with spell-binding features, available from the LG stable, can entice anyone to purchase one for their kitchens.

Right from the direct cool refrigerators to the most advanced side-by-side door models, LG offers outstanding appliances to satisfy every homemaker’s requirements.

LG refrigerators adapt to the developing technology to offer outstanding features on their top-end models. Though these machines look expensive for the standard Indian household, they are worth every paise you invest in them.

Let us dissect the path-breaking technologies and features available on LG Side-by-Side refrigerators.

LG Side-by-Side refrigerators come in various sizes ranging from 594 liters capacity to 984 liters. Generally, you expect a side-by-side refrigerator to have two doors, but LG offers multiple door options to enhance your comfort and convenience levels.

Inverter Linear Compressor – Maximize your energy savings up to 51%

Conventional refrigerators generally work on compressors that function at a single speed. Such compressors keep switching on and off at regular intervals, thereby consuming more power and making a continuous humming noise.

Technological improvements have made it easier to reduce the power consumption of refrigerators. The linear inverter technology available in these LG Side-by-Side refrigerator models has revolutionized the industry by providing up to 51% savings in power.

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This technology works on the concept of adjusting the compressor’s speed to your cooling demands to provide optimal cooling. It envisages the compressor motor functioning at variable speeds, depending on factors like the load inside the appliance, the ambient temperature, cooling preferences, etc.

For example, when the demand is low, the compressor functions at low speeds and consumes less power. It adjusts its speeds accordingly, based on your cooling requirements.

As the compressor does not switch on and off frequently, it does not make much noise to disturb your home’s ambiance. The variable speeds also ensure that the refrigerator does not cool your food beyond the necessary levels to maintain its freshness for extended periods.

Door Cooling – Maintain interior temperature at constant levels.

As you open your refrigerator to place or remove food items, there is an energy loss. LG Door Cooling technology ensures that your fridge’s interiors regain their original temperatures quickly after opening the doors.

It helps your food to remain fresh for long periods and ensures that your appliance consumes less energy. The latest, top-end LG refrigerators come equipped with advanced Door Cooling+ technology, a substantial improvement on Door Cooling technology.

This technology creates a cold airflow to cool the fridge faster. The cold air is blown from the top of the refrigerator to the bottom across the entire appliance and serves as an air curtain to prevent the cold air from inside the machine to escape.

It reduces the temperature fluctuations and maintains constant cooling inside the device and the door compartments.

As there is no temperature fluctuation inside the refrigerator, the food acquires a longer shelf life. This technology ensures that the entire fridge gets cooled quicker.

Therefore, your cold drinks on the door shelves remain as cold as the bottles placed inside the appliance. Door Cooling+ technology cools 35% faster than the standard cooling systems.

This technology ensures saving maximum power because the fridge’s interiors quickly return to the right temperature. Besides, it also makes sure that the refrigerator makes the least amount of noise.

Multi Air Flow Technology – Enable uniform cooling throughout the appliance.

LG side-by-side refrigerators feature multi airflow cooling technology to maintain temperature levels inside the machine and save valuable power. This technology ensures the cold air flows through multiple vents located at different places inside the appliance.

Combined with Door Cooling technology, it enables uniform cooling of the fridge’s interiors to enhance the overall cooling. Thus, your food remains fresh for long periods.

Door-in-Door Refrigerator – An innovative technology lets you see what’s inside without opening the door

Opening the door frequently to place or remove food inside the appliance is normal. The multi airflow and Door Cooling technologies help to maintain cooling.

However, many people open the fridge to know what they have placed inside. This activity can also contribute to loss of cooling and higher power consumption.

LG side-by-side refrigerators offer a unique solution in the form of a transparent door that allows you to see what is inside the fridge without opening it. This feature works on innovative technology, InstaView Door-in-Door. 

InstaView Door-in-Door – Tap and view what’s inside.

This feature is an extension of the Door-in-Door functionality that allows for easy viewing of the items placed inside the machine. A couple of knocks on the sleek mirrored glass panel illuminates the interiors and allows you easy access without opening the door.

It reduces cold air loss and thus, helps to keep your food fresh for a longer duration. Studies show that this feature reduces less cold air loss by up to 41%.

Auto-Open Door – A smart fridge that senses your presence

LG Auto Open-Door feature is the new redefining option available in the LG Signature Series Side-by-side refrigerators. This feature is available in top-end refrigerators alone.

This innovative feature is unique as the refrigerator senses your presence when your foot is near the door. The door opens gently for you to place or remove the food.

Thankfully, the Auto Open-Door sensor does not respond to random wandering moments like your baby or pet strolling in front of the appliance. Thus, it protects against any harm coming to your baby if it accidentally makes its way towards the refrigerator. 

Hygiene Fresh – Fight bacteria and prevent damage to your eatables.

Food has its unique odors. Placing your food inside a closed space like a refrigerator can cause food odors to mix. LG side-by-side refrigerators offer the Hygiene Fresh feature that ensures the food odors do not mix.

This feature also contains an intelligent air filter that eliminates bacteria from inside the appliance by up to 99.99%.

This technology uses a 5-stage filter to remove food-spoiling agents like fungi, bacteria, acidic/alkaline odors, spores, dust, etc., to keep your food remains fresh and hygienic for more extended periods.

Water and Ice Dispenser – Get cold water without opening the doors.

You can expect side-by-side refrigerators to come equipped with water dispensers where you can get your glass of cold and refreshing water without opening the fridge.

LG offers this facility and much more through the water and ice dispenser. Besides providing cold water, you can also get ice from this arrangement.

This water and ice dispenser’s primary advantage is that it features self-sufficient plumbing systems that allow you to install the refrigerator anywhere in your kitchen without replacing the water purifier.

This refrigerator features a non-plumbed water tank inside its chamber to ensure a continuous supply of cold water when you need it the most.

SpacePlus Ice System – Fantastic storage options to match the exquisite exteriors

One of the critical advantages of these massive side-by-side refrigerators is that they offer excellent space inside them. These appliances come with multiple shelves, drawers, and compartments, allowing you to store different foods comfortably.

The refrigerator shelves are made of high-quality tempered glass capable of withstanding weights up to even 175 Kg. The Utility Box caters to small frozen food items, whereas the wine rack enables you to store up to four wine bottles comfortably.

The left side of the refrigerator houses the freezer compartments and drawers, while the right side is for regular refrigerator use.

LED bulbs illuminate the interior compartments and make them easy for you to view. Besides, the use of LED illumination reduces power consumption.

LG ThinQ – A Smart Refrigerator Technology

The LG Side-by-Side refrigerators are compatible with your smartphones through the LG ThinQ app. This app allows you to control and operate your fridge using your smartphone and domestic Broadband connection.

The striking aspect of this facility is that you can manage and monitor the refrigerator from anywhere, especially when you are not at home.

It is possible to set and regulate temperature levels, control the Express Freeze option, and even diagnose errors using the smartphone app.

LG ThinQ technology provides a peek into the future with its smart connectivity features. You can communicate with the appliance using the services of inbuilt Amazon Alexa. The virtual assistant is available at your beck and call to serve you in the best possible manner.

You can perform various activities like making shopping lists for your groceries, check and share weather updates/forecasts, manage your calendar, compile excellent food recipes, and even play your favorite music. The sterling feature is that you can perform these tasks using your voice commands.

The top-end side-by-side refrigerators in the LG Signature series feature a 29-inches HD transparent LCD touch-screen that lets you use Wi-Fi-enabled features to perform various operations.

You can set and check food expiry dates, upload photos, and leave messages for your family. We have already discussed the InstaView Door-in-Door feature earlier.

ThinQ technology lets you play your favorite music through in-built Bluetooth speakers located strategically on top of the refrigerator. These speakers synchronize with your other devices. Thus, you can use this refrigerator as a high-quality audio system.

The smart diagnosis feature is an excellent one. It enables you to diagnose errors to make it easy for the service engineers to carry on with the repairs and maintenance activities.

Moist & Fresh – Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for long periods.

Your vegetables and fruits need optimum moisture levels to remain fresh. The LG side-by-side refrigerators feature Moist-N-Fresh technology that seals the moisture inside the innovative lattice-patterned box cover to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for long periods.

The lattice pattern collects the water evaporated from the vegetables and fruits to maintain the optimum moisture levels.

The vegetable/fruit crisper box has different settings for vegetables and fruits. You can select it manually, depending on the items you place inside the box.

Fresh Balancer – Maintains humidity levels at the optimum

The Fresh Balancer feature aids the Moist-N-Fresh technology to maintain the fruits and vegetables in their optimal condition. This feature works by adjusting the humidity levels to ensure maintaining optimum freshness.

Sleek External Design – Gels beautifully with your kitchen ambiance

Side-by-side refrigerators, also known as French Door refrigerators, have a stylish appearance. They are massive appliances that occupy a lot of space in the kitchen.

The LG side-by-side fridges are available in beautiful metallic colors that gel with your modular kitchen environment.

Popular LG Side by Side Refrigerator Models

  •  GC-B22FTQPL 594 L
  • GC-X247CQAV 668 L
  • GC-C247UGLW 675 L


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LG Side By Side Refrigerators Technologies Review (2021)LG has always concentrated on making life good for its customers worldwide. The side-by- side refrigerators have a point to prove as they constitute a perfect combination of excellent performance and developing technology. With people experiencing a rise in their purchasing abilities, you have more people going in for the high-end LG French refrigerators. Besides offering the best in refrigeration technology, these refrigerators enhance the overall home ambiance to levels never imagined before.