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An LG front load washing machine is an expensive home appliance. Hence, you should take proper care of the machine and know its controls well to get the best out of it. Unfortunately, while the operational controls are easy to master, not many people know about the error codes that the machine displays in the event of a malfunction.

People get panicky and call for the washing machine mechanic for the smallest issues. However, you do not need to summon the mechanic every time your machine develops a malfunction.

Your LG front load washing machine can diagnose errors and display the respective codes on the LED screen. These codes signify specific faults, most of which can be dealt with at home.

Here is a detailed list of LG front load washing machine error codes, their significance, reasons, and solutions.

1. OE Error Code

Significance – The OE Error Code indicates that your LG front loader cannot drain the water from it after the wash cycle.

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Reasons – A kinked drain hose can prevent the free flow of water from the machine through the pipe. Similarly, a clogged drain pump filter can cause the machine to display the OE Error Code.

Solution – The following steps can help you rectify the OE Error.

  1. Check for the bent drain hose – Look behind your LB washing machine to check whether the drain hose is kinked or clogged. If the pipe is bent, you can straighten it out to enable the water to drain properly. Alternatively, if the hose is clogged, you can remove the debris and allow the free flow of water. Subsequently, you can run a spin cycle to confirm the resolution of the OE error.
  2. Test the drain pump – If the drain hose is not bent/kinked, there could be an issue with the drain pump. You can run the spin cycle to test the drain pump.
  3. Switch on the LG front load washing machine.
  4. Press the “Spin Speed” key until it displays “High.”
  5. Press the Start/Pause option to start the spin cycle.
  6. If the machine’s drain pump is working properly, you will hear a humming sound. The water will start flowing within 15 seconds.
  7. If the drain pump is not functional, you must summon the LG service center personnel.

2. IE Error Code

Significance – An IE Error Code is an input error and indicates that the machine cannot fill the washtub with water.

Reasons – An IE Error code can arise because of various reasons. Let us list them out with the respective solutions.

Solutions – These solutions are simple and can be done at home.

  1. Water freezing during winter – If you live in an area where winters are severe, the water in the supply lines can freeze. The best you can do is wait for the temperatures to rise and let the ice melt. Then, the water supply will resume automatically.
  2. Incorrect installation of the drain hose – The incorrect drain hose installation can also trigger an IE Error Code. The following steps can rectify the issue.
  3. Clip the drain hose into the elbow bracket and connect it within 4-inches from the drain hose edge. Extending it beyond 4-inches can lead to water contamination by mould and microorganisms.
  4. Insert the drain pipe into the drain properly or into the stand pipe. You can tie the drain hose to the stand pipe for better support.
  5. No water supply – If your washing machine does not get a water supply, it will display the IE Error Code. The solution is to check the input supply taps. You should fully open the hot and cold water supply taps and resume normal operations.
  6. Kinked inlet hoses – If the inlet hoses are kinked or damaged, the machine will display the IE Error. The solution is to straighten the kinks in the water lines. Damaged hoses need replacement. You should ensure to purchase original inlet hoses from LG.
  7. Clogged Inlet Filters – A clogged inlet filter can prevent the washing machine from receiving water. Hence, the solution is to clean the filters. The following procedure can help you do it at home.
  8. Close the inlet water taps and remove the inlet hoses. Have a bucket handy to collect the water accumulated in the inlet hoses.
  9. Remove the inlet filters and clean the debris and salt that clog them.
  10. Refix them and connect the inlet hoses. Open the taps and start your washing machine. The IE error code should vanish.
  11. FloodSafe hoses can be an issue – FloodSafe hoses are special as they detect leakages and stop the water supply automatically to prevent flooding. Sometimes, your LG front loader might not be compatible with such hoses. The inlet hoses open quickly and supply water at high pressure. The FloodSafe hoses can misinterpret the high pressure for leakage and trigger the automatic shut-off mechanism. It could result in your machine displaying the IE Error code. The solution is to avoid FloodSafe hoses and use the pipes supplied with the washing machine.

3. UE or Ub Error Code

Significance – The UE or Ub Error Code indicates an unbalanced load inside the machine.

Reasons – An unbalanced or small load can trigger the UE or Ub error. Generally, the machine tries to balance the load automatically. However, it displays the UE or Ub code if it cannot do so.

Solution – Depending on the load, you have to rearrange the clothes to rectify the error.

  1. Small Loads – Small loads can cause uneven distribution of your clothes and throw the weight towards a particular direction, especially during the spin cycle. The solution lies in rearranging the clothes and distributing them evenly inside the drum. Then, the UE or Ub error will disappear on restarting the Spin cycle.
  2. Mixed Fabric Loads – If you wash your heavy items like jeans and your shirts together, it can cause an unbalanced load position with the jeans tilting towards one side of the drum and the shirts towards the other. You should rearrange the clothes and balance the weight properly before restarting the machine.
  3. Large Items – Large loads can also cause an imbalance in the wash drum and trigger the UE/Ub error. You can rearrange the clothes and balance the load properly to make the UE/Ub error vanish.

4. CL Error Code

Significance – Technically, the CL is not an error code because it indicates that the Child Lock feature is active.

Reason – If you forget to deactivate the Child Lock feature, the machine displays a CL Error Code.

Solution – The Child Lock feature allows you to safeguard your machine’s settings and prevent others from tampering with it. Activating or deactivating the Child Lock feature is simple. First, you have to press the Child Lock button and hold it for three seconds. Then, if you encounter the CL Error code, you can deactivate the Child Lock feature and restart washing operations.

5. LE Error Code

Significance – The LE Error Code signifies that the washing machine motor is locked.

Reason – Your washing machine comes with a specific capacity. Putting heavy loads can strain the motor and trigger the LE Error code if you put heavy loads.

Solution – The solution lies in resetting the machine’s load by reducing it. Generally, the machine should start after the reset. If it does not, you have to seek professional assistance. Let us see how to reset the LG washing machine.

  • Switch off the LG washing machine by pressing the Power button.
  • Unplug the machine from the power socket. Alternatively, you can turn the circuit breaker off.
  • Press the Start/Pause button for around five seconds.
  • Plug the washing machine or switch on the circuit breaker.
  • Start the machine. The error should vanish. However, if the load is heavy, you have to open the door and remove some clothes to reduce it.
  • Restarting the machine after reducing the load should make the LE Error Code disappear.

If the machine does not start, you should seek professional help.

6. t CL Error

Significance – The t CL error code signifies that the machine requires a Tub Clean cycle.

Reason – Your washing machine requires you to regularly run the Tub Clean facility. If it has been a long while since you cleaned the tub, the machine can display a t CL error.

Solution – The right solution is to run the Tub Clean option. Let us see how to do it.

  • Empty the tub of all the clothes.
  • Put some bleach in the detergent dispenser and select the Tub Clean cycle.
  • The washing machine cleans the tub automatically.

Alternatively, you can skip the Tub Clean cycle and resume washing operations.

  • Push the button options or turn the cycle selector knob to select the desired wash cycle.
  • The message keeps reappearing for a few wash cycles.
  • Subsequently, it disappears until it is time for the next scheduled Tub Clean cycle.

7. dE Error Code

Significance – The dE Error code flashes on the screen when the machine cannot lock the washer door.

Reason – The machine’s inability to lock the door causes the dE Error.

Solution – The solution is to reset the washing machine. The procedure is simple.

  • Power off the machine and unplug the power cord.
  • Alternatively, you can turn the circuit breaker off.
  • With the power cord unplugged, press the Start/Pause button, and hold it for five seconds.
  • Plug the machine or turn on the circuit breaker. Switch on the machine.
  • Press the door firmly and select any wash cycle.
  • The washer drum door should lock, and the wash cycle should begin. The dE error should disappear.
  • If the dE code reappears, the washer door needs repairs. You have to seek professional help by contacting LG’s service team.

8. CE Error Code

Significance – The CE Error indicates a fault in the motor’s electrical circuit.

Reason – A power surge, over current, a loose connection, or a short circuit can trigger the CE Error Code.

Solution – The following steps can fix this error.

  • Unplug the washing machine from the main supply.
  • Wait for around ten seconds.
  • Plug the washer into the socket and start the machine.
  • Attempt to start a wash cycle.

If the machine does not start, you have to seek expert help. First, book a service appointment and wait for the technician. Then, close the water taps and unplug the machine from the mains.

9. Sud Error Code

Significance – The Sud Error Code indicates the presence of too many suds.

Reason – If the machine detects too many suds, it stops functioning to prevent leakages. Hence, it displays the Sud Error Code.

Solution – Your LG washing machine comes with a Suds reducing cycle. If the machine detects more suds than necessary, it displays the Sud Error Code and activates the Suds reducing cycle. However, this cycle adds around two hours to the overall washing time. Therefore, the ideal solution is to use as much detergent as the manufacturer recommends. Then, reduce the detergent to ensure fewer suds.

10. cD Error Code

Significance – cD indicates that the drying process is over, and the machine needs to cool down.

Reason – The cD does not signify any error but indicates the machine requires cooling down.

Solution – Your LG machine comes with a Cool Down feature set automatically on completing the drying cycle. The message continues to display until your remove the clothes or press the Start/Pause option.

If you do not remove the clothes properly after the drying cycle, wrinkles can form on them. The Cool Down feature rumbles, fluffs, and rearranges the load to prevent wrinkle formation for up to four hours.

11. dE1 Error Code

Significance – The dE1 Error Code indicates that the washing machine’s door is open.

Reason – You should ensure to close the washer’s door and lock it properly. Otherwise, the machine displays the dE1 or the dEL on its display.

Solution – The following steps can rectify the dE1 error.

  • Stop the washing machine and unplug it from the main supply.
  • Wait for ten seconds.
  • Plug the machine and ensure to close the door properly.
  • Restart the washing cycle. The dE1 error should disappear.

If it continues to display the error code, you need professional help.

12. dE2 Error Code

Significance – The dE2 Error code is an extension of the dE1 error because it indicates that the washing machine door is closed but not locked.

Reason – The door should lock properly after closing it. The failure to lock the door triggers the dE2 Error Code.

Solution – The following steps ensure proper locking of the door.

  • Switch off the LG washing machine and unplug it from the mains.
  • Wait for ten seconds before plugging it in again.
  • Close the door properly and ensure that it locks properly.
  • Switch the machine on and restart the washing cycle.

If the dE2 error persists, you should seek professional assistance. Close the taps and unplug the machine. Wait for the technician to arrive and repair the machine.

13. FE Error Code

Significance – The FR error code flashes when the washer overfills.

Reason – A faulty water valve could be the possible reason for this error code.

Solution – The solution lies in checking the water connections. The following steps can help.

  • Close the hot and cold water taps.
  • Power the washing machine on to drain out trapped water.
  • Press the ‘Spin’ option until you get to the ‘No Spin’ selection.
  • Press the Start/Pause option.
  • This process drains out the water from the machine
  • Restart the washing cycle.

The FE code should disappear. However, if it persists, your machine needs technical help. Book a service order and wait for the professional to arrive.

14. PE Error Code

Significance – The PE Error Code indicates the malfunctioning of the water level sensor.

Reason – The malfunctioning of the water level sensor causes the machine to display the PE Error.

Solution – Generally, such errors are serious and require professional help. However, you can try out a possible solution before booking a service.

  • Switch off the machine and unplug it.
  • Wait for around ten seconds and plug it back in.
  • Restart the machine cycle.
  • If the PE Error Code persists, call for professional assistance.

15. PF Error Code

Significance – This error code is an indication of power failure.

Reason – A power failure can cause the PF Error Code. A power cut during a cycle can result in the machine displaying the PF Error Code.

Solution – Wait for power supply restoration and restart the machine. Then, the washing cycle restarts from where it left off.

16. tE Error Code

Significance – The tE Error is a heating error.

Reason – A faulty thermistor can prevent the heater from functioning and trigger the tE Error.

Solution – Such errors are major errors that require professional handling. However, you can try out the following solution before booking a service order.

  • Unplug the washing machine and wait for ten seconds.
  • Plug the machine in and restart it.
  • Press the “Spin Speed” option until the display highlights “No Spin.”
  • It allows the water to drain completely.
  • Restart the washing cycle to check whether the error vanishes.

If the tE error persists, you call for professional service. Switch off the washing machine and close the water taps. Wait for the technician to respond to your repair request.

Besides the 16 error codes, some other errors require immediate attention.

17. Cycle Time Does Not Change

The factors affecting the cycle timings include the load size, selected cycle, load weight, fabric type and thickness, water temperature, amount of suds, etc. These variables can extend the cycle timings because the machine requires more water. Besides, it requires more time to absorb the water, spin, and drain. Under such circumstances, the set timing remains constant for some time. You need not worry as the machine does not display any error codes. However, if the machine displays errors like Sud Error, you can act accordingly.

18. Buttons do not respond.

At times, you can find the buttons not responding to your touch. For example, if the cycle has already started before you find the buttons unresponsive, you could be selecting options that cannot be added. Maybe, the Child Lock feature would have been active. Under such circumstances, the CL error would flash on display. You can respond to it accordingly.

However, if the buttons do not respond after switching on the power initially, the machine needs professional help. You have to book a repair service.

Final Thoughts

Your washing machine is intelligent to have a self-diagnosis feature that displays the errors discussed above. Most of these errors do not require professional handling, and you can handle them comfortably at home. This article would have helped you considerably in this respect.

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