LG AI Direct Drive Top Load Washing Machine Review (2023)

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Are we not living in an over-hyped world where we have terms like AI thrown at us with amazing regularity?

We hear of ChatGPT, Google AI, and whatnot. Even LG has termed its latest washing machine model THD10NWM as an AI Direct-Drive top-load washing machine. So, let us bust the AI myth once and for all with this review of the LG washing machine.

Is AI a myth?

In simple terms, AI is nothing but a marketing gimmick. It does not do anything that you do not already know.

Yes. This washing machine might be more innovative than other LG washing machines because it suggests the ideal wash cycle for you, depending on how soiled your clothes are. As a result, it sets the water level and washing times accordingly.

This LG machine has Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor its performance through a specific smartphone app. Besides these additional features, this washing machine does nothing supernatural. So if you can control the machine and make it work for you efficiently, you are smarter than the machine. That should end the AI argument.

LG AIDD Washing machine with JET Spray

Nevertheless, this LG washing machine model is an excellent performer that should make washing clothes easy.

So let us review this LG washing machine. But this review will differ from the run-of-the-mill reviews you generally have on various websites because we will not concentrate on the machine’s specifications or explain its features. You can get them from your LG washing machine brochure. Instead, we shall discuss how these features can help you extract better performance from the machine.

LG AI Direct Drive Top Loader

Highlights of LG AI Direct Drive Top Load Washing Machine

Inverter Direct Drive Motor – This feature saves power by adjusting the rotation speed according to the demand. Besides, it eliminates the use of belts and pulleys to deliver superior performance and extend the motor’s durability by reducing wear and tear. Moreover, it explains why LG offers a 10-year warranty on the motor, implying that it is of the highest quality.

Turbo Drum is helpful because the tub and the pulsator rotate in opposite directions, giving you the perfect hand-wash experience. As a result, the clothes come out cleaner from the machine.

LG Top load washing machine drum

6-motion Direct Drive – There is nothing special about the 6-motion Direct Drive feature except that the machine selects the best combination, depending on the wash cycle you choose. In simple words, it is old wine in a new bottle.

LG ThinQ with Wi-Fi – This feature enables you to control and monitor the washing machine’s usage and performance using your smartphone. First, however, you must download the specific app LG ThinQ from PlayStore or AppStore. This washing machine is Wi-Fi enabled and connects with your home broadband Wi-Fi system.   

LG AI Modes Usage

Smart Diagnosis is an excellent feature that helps you diagnose minor and significant issues with the machine. However, you need a smartphone with a specific LG app to diagnose and communicate the problem with LG service technicians.

LG washing machine Jet Spray

Jet Spray – Though many users feel Jet Spray is an excellent feature, I found it rather ordinary. Maybe it could be because I use liquid detergents that do not usually stick to clothes. However, if you use powder detergents, they can stick to your clothes. The Jet Spray feature unleashes a speedy jet of water directed at your clothes to remove the detergent and other residues.

The Regular Features

Other regular features include multiple wash programs available in almost all modern washing machines. Memory backup is nothing new, but the feature is good. The Delay Start feature is common in most washing machines. Finally, the Lint filter is useful only if you use detergent powder for washing. Usually, there is no lint when you use liquid detergents.

LG top load liquid detergent tray

Quick Wash is handy because it lets me wash my clothes quickly. However, this mode is best when you wash the minimum clothes. Therefore, I recommend using something other than this mode for your regular washing requirements. I also love the Gentle Wash mode because it is perfect for washing my sarees and other garments.

LG Jet Spray Washing machine

This machine does not have a heater and steam option, but the Amazon website model description shows the machine having these features. Additionally, the original LG website clearly states that the heater function is unavailable on the LG THD10NWM.

Other features like Digital display, child lock, and auto-balance system are also present in almost all leading washing machines.

The machine does not come with a separate stand. However, I suggest having one because it helps the machine to stabilize and not wobble when you wash heavy loads. But the stand increases the machine’s overall height from the ground level. Therefore, I would leave the choice of using the stand to the individual user.

LG AI Direct Drive Top Load Washing Machine Stand

One of the primary drawbacks of this LG washing machine is that it wobbles when you wash heavy loads. But you can get the best out of this machine by avoiding heavy loads. So it is better to check the load before selecting the program and switching on the washing operations.

Another issue I face regularly is that the clothes get entangled after the wash, rinse, and spin cycles. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do about this. First, I suggest removing the clothes carefully from the machine to prevent damaging them. Secondly, I advise you to zip the pants before putting them inside the machine. It protects your garments from damage.

Clothes in Jet Spray AI LG Top Loader

This LG machine does not come with a dryer facility. But the clothes do not come out dripping wet from the machine. It squeezes as much water from the clothes as possible. You can hang them in the sun for an hour or two to complete the drying process. But the drying time could be longer if it is a rainy day.

The machine installation services are good. LG offers excellent customer service, but the service engineers compel you to insure the machine and take an AMC. Furthermore, they coerce users to take the AMC immediately after installation by stating that they offer discounts. However, the AMC does not become effective before the end of the warranty period. So you can wait for the warranty to expire before going for the AMC.

Other minor issues include a low buzzer sound on completing the operations and inaccurate timer settings. The settings change when there is a power cut in the middle of a washing cycle. In addition, the timer settings frequently change during operations. However, that should be fine.

LG Jet Spray top load

Usually, top-loading washing machines do not require much maintenance. LG machines work well. I have good experience of using LG machines for many years now.

Tips to get the best out of this LG washing machine

  • Never overload your washing machine. I advise using the machine at 3/4th load because it ensures all your clothes get immersed in the water and have sufficient space to move. In addition, you experience less entangling if you do not pack your machine up to its total capacity.
  • One must always use liquid detergents in washing machines to protect against detergent residue on your garments.
  • I always wash my colored clothes separately from my white garments. It prevents my white garments from getting stained by the colors that might leech out from other colored clothes.
  • It is better to wash woolen clothes separately because these garments can leave lint because of the loose fibers.
  • I prefer to wash heavy garments like jeans separately from other clothes. Secondly, I advise you to zip the jeans and other pants well before putting them inside the machine. Also, check the pockets for coins. That can be troublesome if they get stuck between the pulsator and the drum.
  • Though this LG washing machine does not have a heater, it is advisable to soak the heavily soiled clothes in warm water for some time before washing them in the machine. It expedites the washing process and saves power. The pre-wash facility is available, but it takes a long to soak the clothes.
  • I use a water softener arrangement between the water source and the machine inlet because we get hard water with high TDS levels. The softener prevents the salts from depositing on the drum sides and the inlet and outlet pipes. But the water softener is only necessary if your area has hard water.
Comfort in LG Washing machine


  • Performance-wise, this LG machine is good. The DD inverter motor saves power and makes less noise.
  • It offers an excellent range of wash cycles. Though it is not innovative, these features are handy.
  • Wi-Fi compatibility is a decent feature, but you need a home broadband connection for the Wi-Fi to become functional. However, smartphone compatibility is an excellent feature.
  • Smart Diagnosis is a handy feature that helps identify and rectify minor problems with the machine.
  • The 10-year warranty on the motor is a good one.


  • Though the machine does not make much noise, it wobbles when spinning at full speed and with heavy loads. Mounting the machine on a stand reduces the wobbling considerably.
  • The machine does not have an inbuilt heater facility, especially at its price.
  • The machine is comparatively expensive to other washing machine models.
LG Smart Inverter Washing machine

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An Overview

I found the LG THD10NWM a decent washing machine. It delivers an efficient performance. Though some of its features are marketing gimmicks, they should not affect the washing experience. I am not a great fan of AI because I can independently select my washing modes and cycles. However, if you are unaware of which mode to select, the AI feature in this LG washing machine can prove helpful.

LG AI Direct Drive Washing Machine

Overall, this LG washing machine is an excellent washing appliance and fit for every Indian family. The 10L capacity makes it ideal for medium-sized families. Small families can accumulate clothes and use the machine once every three or four days. So the LG top-load fully-automatic washing machine is perfect for Indian washing conditions.   

Washing Performance
Drying Performance
Ease of Use
Power Savings
Water Savings
Service & Maintenance
Value For Money
I found the LG THD10NWM a decent washing machine. It delivers an efficient performance. Though some of its features are marketing gimmicks, they should not affect the washing experience.
Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
I'm Chaithanya Vanjari, the Creator and Editor-in-Chief at KitchenArena. With a decade of experience in evaluating large appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and various small home devices, I possess the technical expertise needed to thoroughly review and understand the operational complexities of these appliances.

1 Comment

  1. LG THD10SWP, Premium Priced, But Lot of marketing and hidden facts

    Jet Spray,
    works in these 3 Programs only,
    1) Water level :-1 to 6, Wash:- Normal+Turbo, Rinse at any level
    2) Water level:-1 to 6, Wash:- Quick Wash, Rinse at any level
    3) Water Level:- 1 to 6, Wash:- Normal, AI, Allergy, Gentle, Rinse Level :- more than 3 times

    Wifi Works,
    only when you press remote start button in Machine, which the machine forgets when you take many hours to start from mobile.

    Takes 4 hours for Allergy care mode (This wash program uses steam/Heater wash)

    Takes 2.5 hours for adding steam/heater in normal wash. Also you cannot soak in hot water.

    is not available for more than 3 hours. If your want to soak overnight there is no option. If you apply soak for 30 minutes and then pause or off the machine, you can soak overnight. But this may not be suggested by company.

    Auto Restart,
    Is not given in such a costly machine. (SP-Rs. 35000)

    Steel Pulsator,
    is not claimed by company, only youtubers tell that it is Steel Pulsator. It is just a showpiece, below showpiece steel pulsator there is plastic pulsator.

    Matic powder,
    Is compulsory to be used, which costs 2 times or 2.5 times or normal Washing powder of top companies.

    Time Taken for Wash,
    Is too huge as compared to other simple top load fully automatic machines.

    Somewhere it mention 2 years, but somewhere it mentions 1 year only

    Door Toughened Glass,
    Not claimed by company, it can be ordinary glass in such a premium expensive machine.

    Display Panel,
    Is claimed water proof by youtubers, but no where it mentioned by company.

    Waterfall Duct, AI Wash, Turbo Wash are all only marketing gimmick


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I found the LG THD10NWM a decent washing machine. It delivers an efficient performance. Though some of its features are marketing gimmicks, they should not affect the washing experience.LG AI Direct Drive Top Load Washing Machine Review (2023)