LG AC Review 2023 | AI DUAL Inverter Super Convertible 6-in-1 (RS-Q19YNZE)

Our Verdict: LG RS-Q19YNZE is an excellent performer because it offers optimal cooling regardless of the external room temperature.

In addition, the convertible feature saves power making it an efficient appliance. While LG ACs are more expensive than other contemporary models, they are worth your money.

Let us review this 5-star AC in detail.

LG AI DUAL Inverter Super Convertible 6-in-1 review


  • This LG AC is ideal for Indian bedrooms up to 150 square feet in area.
  • Sensors in the appliance ensure optimal cooling after considering the load and external temperature.
  • The AC fins get adequate protection with Ocean Black coating to enhance the appliance’s lifespan.
  • The indoor unit makes the slightest sound.
  • You can use the LG AC to create airflow inside the room without switching on the cooling process.
  • The dehumidifier mode reduces humidity inside the room to enhance the comfort factor.
  • This 5-star rated AC is a power-saving appliance in the long run.
  • The Sleep mode is advantageous because it offers ideal comfort at night by controlling the ambient temperature perfectly.


  • LG ACs are generally higher priced than many of its competitor models.
  • The indoor unit has no controlling buttons because all the functions are remote-controlled. However, an on/off switch is on the sides for emergency use.
  • The remote controller option does not have a backlight for the display. Therefore, it is challenging to use it at night.
  • The remote controller’s buttons are not fluorescent.
  • Installation costs are extra, but LG could have provided the 3-pin plug and drain pipe with the AC.
  • The LG service engineers coerce consumers to go for an AMC immediately by offering discounts. However, users can take AMC after the expiry of the warranty period.


LG AC Piping

Of course, we require technicians to install the AC, which costs money. While we can purchase the AC from Amazon at a price inclusive of all taxes, installing the AC is a separate expense that attracts GST @ 28%.

The standard installation cost advertised on the Amazon website is Rs 1,199 plus GST as applicable (in this case, 28%). The installation costs include unpacking the appliance, assembling it, drilling holes, installing the machine, core-drilling on the walls, testing the equipment, and demonstration charges.

Besides, LG does not supply accessories, like 15-amp 3-pin plugs, wall stand, copper pipes, and drain pipes. The copper pipe length depends on the distance between the indoor and outdoor units. Similarly, the drain pipe length also depends on individual preferences. The optional stand for the AC outdoor unit costs around Rs 750 plus GST. The drain pipe costs around Rs 100 per meter.

Overall, we paid approximately Rs 3,000 during the AC installation in our home. So, consumers should be prepared to shell out extra for the installation.

Besides the installation, we advise you to have a voltage stabilizer if the voltage position in your area is inconsistent. For example, this LG AC can function well in the input voltage range of 120V to 290V. But, if the voltage fluctuations are heavy and beyond this range, a voltage stabilizer becomes essential. It is a matter of individual preference. Under such circumstances, you incur additional costs for the voltage stabilizer.   

LG AC Outdoor unit


The LG AC design is attractive and ideal for a medium-sized Indian bedroom with an area of up to 150 square feet. It is a normal-sized AC that does not occupy much space and looks elegant. However, the white-colored body can attract dust. Therefore, we advise wiping the dust frequently, enabling it to add to your room’s ambiance.

LG RS-Q19YNZE review

The AC does not have any operational control buttons on its body. That implies you use the remote-controlling option for every AC operation. Moreover, the remote controller has no backlit screen or fluorescent buttons, making it challenging to use at night.

LG AC Remote with AI

Besides, the remote works on 2 AA batteries. Therefore, one should have replacement batteries on hand for an emergency. But LG provides an emergency on/off switch at the sides to switch off the AC. 

Technical Aspects

LG Dual Inverter AC ODU

This LG AC has a capacity of 1.5 tons. Therefore, it is perfect for Indian bedrooms with an area between 100 and 150 square feet. In addition, this AC features a dual inverter compressor capable of varying its speed and power according to the load and the room temperature.

Though LG uses AI to describe its functioning, it is more of a marketing tactic. For example, this AC has ADC sensors to determine the heat load before automatically setting the ambient cooling temperature. Besides the AI mode, this AC can work at five different capacities according to user preference.

Depending on the heat load, you can use the remote controller to set the AC compressor to work at different capacities (40%, 60%, 80%, 100%, and 110%). Therefore, this AC can work as a multi-tonnage AC appliance with capacities ranging from 0.4 to 1.65 tons. Switching between these modes is convenient.

LG has named the faster cooling feature (110% to 117% capacity functioning) Viraat. This feature is not new because other brands like Samsung offer similar features in their latest AC models. This feature is helpful if you want immediate cooling. However, it makes the AC work at its highest capacity. It is similar to the Himalaya Cooling mode in older LG AC models.

The AC has a 4-way air swing for excellent 653/1236 (In/Out) CFM air circulation. LG states the appliance can work efficiently even if the outdoor temperature is as high as 520C. Therefore, it should work anywhere in India comfortably.

LG AI Dual Inverter AC

This LG AC has a 5-star BEE rating with an ISEER value of 5.2. This rating is valid till 31.12.2024. The energy label declares that the appliance consumes around 685.26 power units annually. That translates to less than 60 units a month. So it is a power-saving appliance. However, much depends on its usage.

LG offers an excellent 10-year warranty on the compressor with gas charging. That explains the compressor’s durability. Besides, the PCB has a 5-year warranty, whereas the appliance overall has a 1-year warranty.

The AC offers stabilizer-free operations that enable the unit to function within an input voltage range of 120 to 290V. Generally, the input voltage goes within this range. Therefore, an external stabilizer seems unnecessary. However, users can install a voltage stabilizer if they fear extreme voltage fluctuations.

LG AC Smart Diagonsis

The Smart Diagnosis feature is an excellent addition to this LG AC. However, it requires downloading a specific LG maintenance app on your smartphone. This feature helps diagnose problems with the AC and correspond with the LG service center to resolve them instantly.

The outdoor unit is exposed to the elements. Hence, there are high chances of corrosion. But LG’s Ocean Black Fin technology protects the fins and the condenser tubes from rust, smoke, dust, moisture, and other pollutants. This LG AC is one of the best appliances to use in coastal areas because of the 100% Special Ocean Black protection. The best feature is that the outdoor and indoor units have Ocean Black protection.   

This LG AC uses one of the best refrigerants in R32. Besides being more efficient than the commonly-used R410 refrigerant for ACs, R32 has a substantially lower global warming potential.   

AC Performance

LG AC Star ratings in 2023

Performance-wise, this LG AC is excellent because its durable dual inverter compressor varies its speed according to the heat load demands. Besides, the AI mode enables the AC to choose the most optimal cooling mode depending on the number of persons in the room and the current room temperature. The ADC sensors present in the appliance enable this feature.

However, users can adjust the working capacity of the compressor and set it to work at varying tonnages. These features help the AC to consume optimal power. So, it classifies as a 5-star appliance. So, while it pushes the pricing substantially, you can recover the investment through lower power consumption.

Sleep Mode is an excellent feature available on this AC. You can adjust the temperature settings using the remote controller. The feature provides excellent comfort by increasing the temperature by 1-2 degrees Celsius after every hour. Thus, you enjoy comfortable sleep without feeling too cold.

LG AI Convertible AC

The Monsoon Comfort technology prevents the rooms from becoming stuffy and humid during the rainy season. Thus, it provides better comfort in the monsoon season when compared to other air conditioning appliances.

The HD air purifying filter is one of the highlights of this appliance. This air filter features anti-virus and bacterial protection using cationic silver nitrate technology. Thus, it prevents air contamination by viruses, fungi, mold, pollen, animal hair, and bacteria. In addition, cleaning the filters is not a problem because you can remove them every 15 days and clean the HD filter.

The Auto Clean feature is good because it does not allow bacterial and mold accumulation to prevent foul smell. In addition, the heat exchanger dries the tubes automatically to eliminate humidity.

LG AI Dual Inverter AC

What do we like about the AC?

  • The variable tonnage feature is the best because it provides optimal colling according to user preferences and heat load while consuming less power than fixed-speed compressor ACs.
  • The ten-year warranty on the compressor is one of the best in the industry. Besides, the warranty includes gas charging.
  • The AC offers excellent operational modes like Sleep Mode that adjusts AC temperature at night to provide the highest comfort levels.
  • The Viraat mode ensures instant cooling, especially if you have just come home on a hot winter afternoon. But this mode consumes maximum power.
  • One of the best features of this AC is that it provides high-quality cooling even in the normal mode.
  • This AC requires little maintenance because Ocean Black protection technology prevents corrosion. However, we advise cleaning the filters every fortnight, including the HD filters.

What do we not like about the AC?

  • Compared to other AC brand models. LG ACs are expensive. But these appliances save power.
  • You cannot control the AC manually because it has no controlling options on its body. So the remote is the only solution.
  • While installation costs are always extra, LG could have provided minor items like 3-pin plugs, drain pipes, etc., with the package.
  • The outdoor unit makes more noise. So, it can hinder other residents if you reside in flats.
  • The remote-controlling options for setting multiple operational modes take time to master.


LG ACs are renowned for delivering excellent performances. Though expensive, this LG AC deserves a place in your bedroom because of its magnificent utility. The Smart Diagnosis feature is good because it helps you diagnose minor errors and report them to the LG service centers. So, overall, this AC delivers good cooling performance and enhances your comfort levels considerably.

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LG ACs are renowned for delivering excellent performances. Though expensive, this LG AC deserves a place in your bedroom because of its magnificent utility.
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LG ACs are renowned for delivering excellent performances. Though expensive, this LG AC deserves a place in your bedroom because of its magnificent utility.LG AC Review 2023 | AI DUAL Inverter Super Convertible 6-in-1 (RS-Q19YNZE)