LG AC Technologies Review in (2023) Dual Inverter, 6-in-1 & More!

The summer season is approaching fast in India. With the temperatures rising by the day, the ACs will start whirring very soon.

People who already have ACs in their homes would like to go for an upgrade. Those who do not have one would love to purchase an AC at the earliest. Either way, LG Air Conditioners should be an ideal choice because of their excellent features.

We shall discuss LG Air Conditioner Technologies in detail to give you an accurate account of each of its features. It will make your process of selecting the LG AC easy.

Besides, knowing how the technology works can help you get the best out of your LG AC, thereby saving power and money in the bargain.

Let us begin with the heart of the air conditioning appliance, the compressor.

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Dual Inverter Compressor – Optimized cooling using variable tonnage technology

The latest LG Air Conditioners line draws its power from a dual inverter compressor that works on the revolutionary DualCool technology.

This technology operates on an enhanced operating frequency range to give it an inherent advantage over its competitors when it comes to cooling technology.

The standard AC compressor works at a constant speed throughout the cooling process. On attaining the set temperature level, the compressor switches off. When the ambient temperature inside the AC rises above the threshold limit, it starts functioning again. Thus, it keeps switching on and off frequently while operating at a constant speed in between.

Inverter technology is different as the compressor does not stop functioning throughout. It works at varying speeds, depending on your cooling requirements. Hence, inverter compressors save power.

The latest LG ACs work on dual inverter compressor technology, an advanced BLDC motor capable of functioning at a more comprehensive frequency range to maintain the desired temperature levels with the least fluctuations. Dual inverter compressors use variable tonnage technology.

For example, a 1.5-ton AC working on variable tonnage technology can vary the tonnage from as low as 0.26-tons to as high as 1.71-tons, depending on your cooling requirements.

Thus, it works beyond the conventional operating frequency range than the standard inverter compressor. These ACs can operate at frequencies as low as even 10Hz to save power.

Simultaneously, they can work at higher frequencies up to 120Hz to deliver high-speed cooling.

The advantages of the dual inverter compressor AC are as follows.

  • It provides up to 40% faster cooling than the conventional inverter compressor AC units.
  • As it can work at low frequencies, the ACs equipped with dual inverter compressors save power.
  • Compared to the conventional inverter compressor ACs, these machines produce less noise.

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AI 6-in-1 Convertible Cooling

The 2021 LG AC models offer 5-in-1 convertible cooling that allows the compressor to work at different capacities ranging from 40% to 110%. In addition, 2022 LG AC models offer 6-in-1 convertible cooling by adding the AI Mode to the existing five capacity modes. These ACs allow users to select their desired mode using the remote control.

AI convertible 6-in-1 cooling

Pressing the Mode option on the remote activates the compressors to work at 100% capacity. A second click changes it to 80%, whereas clicking for the third time reduces the power to 60%. The fourth click brings the ability down to 40%. The AI Mode gets activated with the fifth click, and the compressor works at 110% capacity on the sixth click.

Himalaya Cool Technology – Instant Cooling when you need it the most

As you arrive home after spending some time in the sun, it can be excruciatingly uncomfortable because of the heat. Your regular AC will take its time to cool the room and provide you with much-needed relief.

LG ACs feature Himalaya Cool technology that makes the fans rotate at least 35 to 40% faster than the normal mode to push in more cold air and cool the room instantly. Thus, you get immediate relief.

Activating the Himalaya Cool feature on your LG AC is easy. The HCOOL option on your LG AC remote enables this feature. This mode causes the AC to work at a higher-than-normal capacity for a maximum of 30 minutes. Thus, you get immediate cooling within no time.

Some LG models use the terminology JetCool. Though the names are different, the function is the same.

The advantages of Himalaya Cool Technology are as hereunder.

  • The Himalaya Cool technology provides up to 28% faster cooling as the cooling time is around 5m and 27 seconds, compared to 7m and 35 seconds in the Normal Cool mode.
  • This mode saves energy up to 26% because the Himalaya Cool technology consumes 0.097KWh, whereas the air conditioner consumes 0.131KWh in the Normal Cool mode.

Monsoon Comfort – Experience enhanced comfort levels by reducing humidity.

As soon as the summer season draws to a close, we welcome the rains to give us the much-needed relief from the oppressive heat. ACs work to their maximum capacity in the summer season to keep the indoor environment pleasant.

As the monsoon approaches, the humidity levels increase. The conventional ACs do not adjust to such seasonal changes and keep providing similar cooling performances.

The amount of humidity in the monsoon season’s indoor air does not warrant the ACs to perform at their maximum capacity. If they do so, it can be uncomfortable for you.

The excessive cooling could lead to respiratory ailments like cold, cough, sneezing, and headaches.

The latest LG brands feature Monsoon Comfort mode, also known as Dry Mode in some ACs. This mode does not require the compressor to run at full capacity. At times, the fan speed should itself be enough to keep the room cool and comfortable.

The Monsoon Comfort Mode works by extracting the humidity from the room rapidly to provide balanced cooling levels. Generally, the increase in the frequency of the refrigerant cycle leads to enhanced power consumption.

However, LG’s Monsoon Comfort Mode keeps the power consumption at minimum levels by using the inbuilt fans.

The Monsoon Comfort Mode offers the following benefits.

  • This mode envisages the working of the fans more than the compressor. Hence, it saves power.
  • The Monsoon Comfort Mode removes excess humidity from the room and makes the indoor environment comfortable.
AI Mode in LG Dual Inverter AC

4D Cooling – Sit anywhere in the room to experience the same degree of cooling.

You must have lost count of the number of times you sat right in front of the AC to receive the maximum cooling. With LG ACs, you do not have to do so anymore.

The 4D cooling with 30-feet Airflow technology has revolutionized your cooling experience.

If you look at the louver movement in standard ACs, you experience an upward-downward movement to disseminate cool air in your room.

The LG ACs are different because they feature 4-directional air swing functionality. Besides the up/down swings, you can experience the left/right swings to ensure uniform distribution of cool air inside the room.

The latest LG AC models feature larger fans and a bigger design to increase the airflow and spread it to up to 30 feet. Thus, every corner of your rooms gets uniform cooling. You do not have to sit in front of the AC anymore as these appliances deliver uniform cooling.

Here are the benefits of 4D cooling.

  • You experience uniform cooling throughout the room.
  • You need not adjust the louver settings manually as LG ACs come with an automatic 4-way swing feature.

2-in-1 AC – Cooling and Heating – No need for a separate heater

Generally, people assume that the air conditioner’s function is to cool the room and provide comfort. However, people do not realize that the AC conditions the air depending on the temperature you set on the device.

These appliances come with temperature settings ranging from 16 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. Theoretically, the ACs should heat the room in winters if you set the temperature levels closer to 30 degrees, much more than the outdoor temperature.

The modern LG ACs can heat the room during the winter months as they feature an inbuilt heater functionality known as the Heat Mode option.

When you activate this mode, the AC circulates warm air inside the room to provide a much-needed relief from the cold.

The fascinating aspect is that these appliances do not use heating elements like conventional heaters. Therefore, they save energy and eliminate the risk of reducing oxygen levels, a common problem with standard heating equipment.

The advantages of this 2-in-1 cooling-cum-heating feature are as listed hereinbelow.

  • You do not need a separate heater during the winter months.
  • Your LG AC doubles up as a heater and saves power in the bargain.

UV, Nano, HD Filter with Anti-virus protection – A separate air purifier is not necessary.

Air conditioners operate by removing heat from the room and circulating cool air. The indoor air is not entirely free from airborne pollutants that can cause allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.

If the same air is circulated inside without filtering, it can aggravate the problem and cause respiratory ailments.

Generally, air conditioners come with a couple of standard filtering arrangements to block airborne pollutants from recirculating inside the room. It explains the amount of dust you usually find on the filters when carrying out AC maintenance.

The modern LG ACs come equipped with different filters like UV filters, nano filters, HD filter with anti-virus protection, PM1.0, and PM2.5 filters, ionizers, and anti-allergy filters.

These filters eliminate all airborne pollutants like human and pet hair, dust mites, pollen and fungi spores, exhaust fumes, bacteria, viruses, and harmful invisible microscopic contaminants having a diameter of less than one micron.

One inch equals approximately 25K microns. The fact that a human hair has a diameter of around 50 to 100 microns should give you a clue as to these filters’ efficiency. The UV filter takes care of harmful microscopic organisms and kills them.

The HD filter comprises high-density filters to provide anti-virus protection. PM1.0 and PM2.5 filters cater to pollutants as minute as one and 2.5 microns, respectively.

Ionizers work differently as they emit charged ions into the environment that causes the dirt, bacteria, and viruses to stick to it and fall on the ionizer plate. Thus, the air becomes pure for circulation.

The air that circulates through these filters into the room is thus 100% pure and healthy to breathe. It prevents health impairments like eye and nose irritation, throat, lung infections, coughing, sneezing, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases.

The multiple advantages of these filters are as follows.

  • There is no need to invest in a separate air purifier for the room.
  • People with dust allergies and asthmatic conditions benefit the most from such filters in the modern-day LG AC units.

6-Color Smart Display

Besides delivering excellent cooling performances, LG air conditioners have aesthetic looks. One such feature that enhances its overall appearance is the 6-color smart display.

Apart from improving the visual aesthetics, the 6-color smart display is a utility feature.

The 6-color displays the different degrees of air purity, with the Claret color signifying the most polluted and the green as the purest. The other shades in decreasing order of purity include yellow, orange, red, and purple.

Besides, the LG ACs feature a PM1.0 sensor to provide real-time detection of ultra-fine dust particles.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant – Protect the environment while consuming less power and delivering high efficiency.

You can compare the refrigerant that flows through the AC pipes to the blood that flows through our bodies. Without the refrigerant, the AC is useless. Hence, it becomes essential to have a high-quality refrigerant in your AC.

Refrigerants are organic compounds that are highly inflammable. As they contain carbon and hydrogen, they also have ozone depletion and global warming potential.

The ideal refrigerant is one that has the least ozone depletion and global warming potential figures. The commonly used refrigerants in ACs are R22, R32, or R410. The R22 refrigerant has the highest ozone depletion potential of the three.

Hence, LG has taken conscious steps to phase out the R22 refrigerants from their products. Similarly, the R410 has a higher global warming potential than R32. Therefore, this coolant is also not recommended for use in ACs.

LG ACs use R32 refrigerant, the compound with zero ozone depletion and the least global warming potential amongst the three. Hence, it is amongst the most eco-friendly coolants present today.

Here are the benefits of using R32 refrigerants in LG ACs.]

  • R32 is the most efficient refrigerant with zero ozone depletion and the lowest global warming potential.
  • R32 consumes the least volume and has fire-retardant properties.

Low Gas Detection – Get immediate alerts to help in quality maintenance.

An air conditioner’s working is such that the refrigerant changes from its original gaseous state to the liquid form at high temperature to flow through the condenser and evaporator tubes.

The condenser cools down the liquid before it flows through the evaporator tube, where the heat exchange takes place. Thus, it cools the indoor air before being converted back into its original gaseous state.

During this process, there can be an expected loss of refrigerant gas. If there are leaks in the pipes, the loss can be higher. Under such circumstances, the cooling performance of the gas is affected. Hence, the refrigerant requires replenishment.

LG ACs come with a unique low gas detection mechanism that alerts you if the refrigerant drops below specific levels needed for effective cooling.

This error is displayed as CH38 on the temperature display option to alert you to refill the gas as quickly as possible. One should understand that an AC working with low refrigerant levels is less efficient when it comes to cooling and consumes high power.

The benefits of Low Gas detection features are as follows.

  • It alerts you of low gas levels and enables you to arrange for immediate refilling.
  • The latest LG ACs that feature smart diagnosis functionality display this error on the temperature display option to alert you instantly.

Hi-grooved Copper tubes – Enable better performance while extending the AC’s lifespan

The refrigerant passes through the condenser and evaporator tubes to exchange heat and cool the indoor air. The process requires sufficient agitation of the liquid flowing inside the pipes.

LG ACs feature copper tubes with grooves inside them that causes the necessary agitation to enable a quality performance.

Copper and aluminum are the two ideal metals for manufacturing AC condenser and evaporator tubes. Copper has excellent heat conduction and anti-corrosive properties compared to aluminum. Hence, it is preferable to aluminum.

However, aluminum is comparatively cheaper and has better malleability. Therefore, many ACs feature aluminum pipes.

Hi-grooved copper pipes have the following advantages.

  • The grooves support greater agitation of the liquid flowing through it to enhance the cooling performance.
  • Copper has better heat exchanging properties than other elements. They resist corrosion and hence, contribute to the appliance’s extended lifespan.

Ocean Black Protection with Auto Clean facility – Additional protection against corrosive elements

A split AC product comprises two units, the outdoor unit, and the indoor units. The outdoor unit has the compressor, the condenser, the fans, and other crucial equipment, whereas the indoor unit has the evaporator, louvers, air filters, etc.

The outdoor equipment is exposed to nature’s elements like the sun’s heat and rain. The evaporator tubes in the indoor unit has water droplets formed on them because of the heat exchange function. Therefore, both the outer and inner units are subject to corrosion.

Besides, people living in areas near the sea and close to industries contend with salt and other harmful, corrosive chemicals. These chemicals can corrode the metal components and cause rust, thereby affecting the product’s overall lifespan.

The top-end LG air conditioners come equipped with a special anti-corrosive coating known as Ocean Black Fin Protection to provide an additional protection layer to the condenser and evaporator tubes and other exposed components.

This layer discourages chemical reaction between the salt and other chemicals with the copper/aluminum/other metal parts of your AC. Hence, it reduces corrosion considerably to extend the AC’s lifespan.

The accumulation of water droplets on the AC condenser and evaporator pipes can accelerate corrosion. Besides, it also serves as a perfect breeding ground for bacterial contamination.

Therefore, the high-end LG AC machines feature Auto-Clean functionality. This function involves the AC to keep working even after you switch off the power supply. It cleans the evaporator and condenser tubes of the water and dust accumulated to ensure that they become dry.

Thus, it discourages rust formation and bacterial and mold accumulation. Besides enhancing the AC’s lifespan, this process provides pure and fresh air circulation when you switch on the appliance again.

Here are some benefits of Ocean Black Protection and Auto-Clean functionality.

  • Ocean Black Protection prevents rust formation and enhances corrosion resistance.
  • The auto-Clean feature ensures drying of the AC components after every use to discourage bacterial contamination and mold formation.

Stabilizer Free Operation – Eliminate the need for an external voltage stabilizer

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations are common in India. Whenever there is voltage fluctuation, there can be power surges or electrical spikes. It can damage your AC’s compressor and other components. Hence, people used voltage stabilizers in the past.

These external appliances manage voltage fluctuations by stabilizing the input voltage that the AC receives.

Today’s ACs feature inbuilt voltage stabilizers that perform the role that external stabilizers play. This feature enables the AC to keep functioning in a wide input voltage range of 145V to 290V.

It also ensures to cut off the power supply to the appliance if the input voltage falls outside its working capacity. Thus, it protects the internal components from damage.

Here are some advantages of a stabilizer-free operation.

  • The appliance can work in an extensive input voltage range.
  • It protects the appliance and its expensive components from damage.

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LG ThinQ Voice Control and smartphone compatibility make it a smart AC.

In this age of smart TVs and smartphones, one can expect an AC to work smart, as well.

The top-end LG air conditioners are compatible with smartphone apps. LG has designed a unique app, LG ThinQ, to control LG appliances. The Smart ThinQ app comes equipped with Wi-Fi control to enable you to control the device from anywhere.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to switch on the AC before you arrive home from the office and ensure that your room becomes cool in advance.

The ThinQ app enables different functions, like controlling the temperature, adjusting swing positions, scheduling, turning the AC on/off, and modifying fan speeds.

The ThinQ app features an energy monitoring feature to display energy consumption. It helps in understanding the AC usage pattern and overall energy savings it offers.

The striking feature of LG ThinQ is its compatibility with voice assistants, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, to help you control the AC and other compatible smart home devices.

Smart Diagnosis

LG ACs are expensive equipment with excellent features like a dual inverter compressor and smart AC capabilities like ThinQ app compatibility.

Generally, LG ACs come with adequate warranties and do not break down quickly, especially if you maintain them well by cleaning the filters regularly.

The latest LG brands feature Smart Diagnosis functionality that can self-diagnose up to 86 errors. It shows the error codes on the temperature display to help you contact the technician and get the fault repaired as quickly as possible.

AI Mode Dual Inverter

Dual inverters are present in the 2021 LG AC models. However, the 2022 models use artificial intelligence to introduce a new AI Mode in dual inverter ACs. This technology is available on the “Cooling Only” models.

AI Mode in LG AC.jpg

Users can control the AI mode using remote control options. For example, pressing the Mode option on the remote repeatedly enables you to use the AI mode, where you get five choices to control the temperature settings. These settings represented by numbers are displayed on the AC body. However, it is impossible to adjust the fan speeds using this mode.

The primary benefits of the AI Mode Dual Inverter are,

  • Ability to set the desired temperature at a higher or lower level than the room temperature
  • No need to adjust the temperature settings when there is a change in the room temperature

ADC Sensor (Ambient, Discharge, Condenser Sensor)

LG 2022 AC models have advanced features, like ADC Sensor that controls temperature levels and maintains it at the optimum. Besides, these sensors help conserve power.

  • The Ambient Sensor enhances comfort while conserving power by sensing the operational load and deciding the optimum cooling temperature.
  • The Discharge Sensor senses the refrigerant’s temperature to control the cooling cycle. Thus, it ensures efficient refrigerant discharge and maintenance.
  • The Condenser Sensor verifies the pressure limits to improve the compressor’s reliability and performance.

Mosquito Away Technology

Many Indian cities endure the mosquito menace where it can be challenging to sleep at night without suffering from mosquito bites.

Burning mosquito coils is not advisable when you have an AC working in the room because the coils’ smoke can cause respiratory issues. Similarly, electrical mosquito repellants can also cause problems.

LG ACs come equipped with unique Mosquito Away Technology that emits a range of ultrasonic frequency waves to repel mosquitoes. These waves are inaudible to humans and do not cause any respiratory issues to the occupants.

LG Dual inverter ac


LG is the market leader in the domestic AC market. The latest range of ACs from the LG stable proves this point because of excellent features, including a robust dual inverter compressor and a multi-flow condenser.

Copper tubes enable quick heat exchange and thereby provide high-quality cooling.

Himalaya Cool technology and Monsoon Comfort Mode enhance your convenience and comfort quotient to the next levels.

These latest ACs feature 2-in-1 cooling and heating, where the appliance transforms into a heating appliance in the winter season. The 5-in-1 convertible cooling feature saves considerable power by allowing the AC to work at varying capacities.

The 4D cooling feature allows the uniform distribution of cold air inside the room. Besides, it has an air purifier arrangement fitted with high-quality filters to purify the indoor air.

Finally, you have the smartphone app compatibility that makes it a dream to use these air conditioners from LG.

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