LG 6.5Kg 5-Star Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine Review (T65SKSF4Z)

Model No – T65SKSF4Z

I prefer the top-load washing appliances because they allow me to stand while adding and removing clothes. I have a dodgy back problem that makes bending and placing the clothes inside front loaders challenging.

My LG 6.5 Kg 5-Star Smart Inverter Top-load washing machine is ideal for my requirements.

Let us review its performance and understand its pros and cons. But before that, here are its specifications in brief.

  • Model Number – T65SKSF4Z
  • Capacity – 6.5 Kg, perfect for single individuals, couples, and small families up to three persons
  • Washing Mode – Top-loading fully automatic
  • BEE Star Rating – 5-Star, high power efficiency
  • Manufacturer Warranty – Two years on the product, ten years on the innovative inverter motor
  • Motor – Smart Inverter technology saves power and time while making less noise
  • Spin Speed – 700 rpm
  • Wash Programs – Eight wash programs
  • Features – latest features like Smart Diagnosis, Fuzzy Logic control, auto restart, auto balance, child lock, memory backup, standby power save, etc.
LG 6.5Kg 5-Star Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine T65SKSF4Z

Factors influencing my decision to opt for this LG 6.5Kg top load washing machine

  • Our family is small. Hence, this 6.5 Kg washing machine is perfect for our requirements. If your requirements are higher, you can go for the 7 Kg model (T70SKSF1Z). A 6.2 Kg model (T7288NDDLG) is also available.
  • It has a comfortable height of around three feet. Hence, I need not bend my back when using this machine.
  • Smart inverter technology makes it a highly efficient product by saving power. Besides, it makes less noise. For example, the washing level noise is around 48dB, whereas the spinning level is 74dB. This appliance consumes about 200 units of electricity in a year, amounting to approximately 15 to 16 units a month.
  • This machine features a Turbo drum fitted with a pulsator that rotates in the opposite direction to the drum. Hence, it provides a powerful wash experience by removing the toughest dirt.
  • This LG washing machine offers eight simple wash programs that we generally use. The Quick Wash feature is good if you have fewer clothes and less time.
  • The machine washes well and does not leave any soap residue or smell on the clothes. However, the dirt gets collected in the lint filter. Therefore, it is better to clean the filter after every wash. In addition, I have noticed that it hardens and becomes difficult to get rid of.
  • The machine has a sturdy look with a stainless-steel inner washtub. However, the outer tub is made of plastic.
  • The rat mesh is a suitable attachment as it prevents rats and other insects from entering the machine. However, it would help if you placed it correctly in the grooves provided for the purpose.
  • As the water in my area has high TDS levels, I used a hard-water filter. It helps prolong the machine’s life.
  • The Smart Diagnosis feature is supposedly good, but I have not yet used it. However, I encountered a couple of errors that I could resolve by referring to the LG manual. You can also refer to our detailed LG top loading washing machine errors post.
  • The Tub Clean option is good as it sterilizes the inner and outer tub to prevent unpleasant odors.
  • The Pre-Wash plus Normal Wash option is ideal for washing highly soiled clothes. It allows the clothes to soak well and enables easy dirt removal. In addition, the one-touch solution allows for a hands-free washing experience.
  • The auto-restart and the standby power save options are handy for saving power consumption.
  • The door closes slowly to prevent unnecessary injuries and damage.
  • Other factors influencing my decision include digital display, Fuzzy Logic control that selects wash cycle automatically depending on the load, etc.
LG 6.5KgTop Load Washing Machine T65SKSF4Z drum

Aspects that I feel are concerning matters.

While the overall performance of this LG top-load washing machine is good, users have experienced specific problems that LG should consider.

  • Generally, LG provides good after-sales service. However, I had to call them twice to fix the installation appointment. Maybe, the technicians were busy due to COVID restrictions. However, LG has to address this matter urgently.
  • The control panel does not have separate indicators for water level. However, the lid is transparent, allowing you to peep inside and gauge the status. LG could have provided different indicators for our convenience. The water level is displayed as a numerical value and does not indicate the quantity in liters.
  • While the machine selects the water level automatically in the auto mode, you cannot add more water if required. Besides, it does not allow to change the mode mid-cycle. You have to drain the entire drum and restart the process. It consumes more time.
  • The beep sound indicates the completion of a specific cycle, but it is not easily audible. The beep could have been louder.
  • The machine features an auto-restart option, but it functions only in the case of a power cut. In addition, if you open the door to add some clothes, the device does not start automatically after closing the door. Instead, you have to press the ‘Start’ button.
  • The control panel covering could have been tempered glass to allow easy accessibility. The present material has uneven bumps in some areas, making it challenging to press certain buttons.
  • While the door closes slowly, it would have been excellent if it opened gradually, as well.
  • The wire length is a bit small. If your power source is placed at a height, you might have to use an extension cord. LG could have extended the power cord sufficiently.
  • Generally, the air-dry option is available in fully automatic washing machines in this price band. However, this appliance does not have it.
  • The display panel lighting needs improvement. It works perfectly if I use the machine indoors. However, I find it challenging to read the display panel when placing the washing appliance in my verandah in direct sunlight.
  • The LG technicians force customers to purchase water softeners even when the source water does not have TDS levels. However, I use one because of the high TDS levels in my area.  

Let us answer some important questions on the LG T65SKSF4Z.

Lg 6.5kg top load panel

1. How does the smart inverter motor function?

This washing machine works on an inverter motor that adjusts the energy consumption according to the load. The device selects water according to the load and the quality, thereby saving water. The engine comes protected with BMC Motor Protection to prevent damage from dust, humidity, and insects.  

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2. is it advisable to place the machine on a stand?

Placing the washing machine on even ground is essential. If the surface is uneven, the device could vibrate when spinning. You can set the machine on a stand, especially if it has anti-vibrating properties. A good quality stand can make a difference. It allows you sufficient room beneath the appliance to allow free air circulation.

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3. Should one go for the AMC available on this machine?

The LG washing appliance features a 2-year warranty. LG undertakes to repair and replace the critical parts of the machine free of cost in the warranty period. However, it is better to opt for an AMC that comes into effect after the warranty expires. Usually, the LG installation engineer offers the AMC at a discounted rate during the installation process. The AMC covers the control panel that is most prone to damage.

4. How does the Smart Diagnosis feature work?

The Smart Diagnosis feature works through a smartphone app, LG ThinQ. But, first, you must install the app from PlayStore or App Store.

  1. Switch off the machine and open the Smart Laundry App on your smartphone.
  2. Place the phone receiver on the appliance on the Smart Diagnosis logo and press the ‘Water’ button for three seconds.
  3. The sound of diagnosis will continue for some time.
  4. The LG Customer Service Engineer will identify the defect and suggest the appropriate solution.

5. What types of washing modes does this appliance have?

LG Washing machine 6.5 kg top load modes

This washing machine offers four different washing modes, ‘Normal, Quick, Gentle, and Hard Wash.’ Depending on the nature of the load and the garments, the machine decides the mode automatically. Accordingly, it determines the water levels to deliver a perfect washing experience.

6. Does this machine offer a hot water option?

The machine does not feature an in-built heater or have separate inlets for hot and cold water. However, you can add warm water directly to the washtub if you want a hot water wash.

7. How much does the AMC for this washing machine cost?

It depends on the service provider and the area where you reside. Generally, it should not cost more than Rs 4000 plus GST.

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8. What does the AMC cover?

The AMC is akin to an extended warranty. It covers all repairs and replacing essential parts like wash drum, electronic panel, drain motor, and other critical components. However, the AMC does not cover leakages, replacement of plastic parts, inlet pipes, etc.

9. How much power does this washing machine consume?

LG Washing machine top load 6.5 kg power consumption

A lot depends on your usage. First, you can note down the wattage figure available on the washing machine cardboard carton. Then, use our washing machine power consumption calculator and input the appropriate data. You get the power consumption results instantly. However, the BEE star label certifies that the machine consumes around 200 units annually.

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10. How long can this machine last?

Again, it depends on how you use it. LG offers a 10-year warranty on the inverter motor. Hence, it indirectly states that the machine can last comfortably for ten years, if not more.

Wash Quality
Power Savings
Wash programs
Customer service
Overall, I find this LG 6.5 Kg fully automatic top-loading machine an excellent investment to make. Having used this appliance for more than eight months, I can rate this machine as 4.5 out of 5

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Overall, I find this LG 6.5 Kg fully automatic top-loading machine an excellent investment to make. Having used this appliance for more than eight months, I can rate this machine as 4.5 out of 5LG 6.5Kg 5-Star Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine Review (T65SKSF4Z)