Latest Water Heater / Geyser Technologies in India 2023

There is nothing more refreshing than having a hot water bath, especially in the cold wintry mornings. Besides, a hot water bath relaxes your body and mind and ensures sound sleep at night.

Even if you leave its therapeutic effects aside, a hot water bath is an indispensable part of every Indian home’s daily routine.

So, purchasing a geyser for your home or replacing an old model is nothing new. But what is new is the latest technologies available in the market that everyone might not know. This article dwells on the latest technologies in Water heaters or geysers we use at home. However, before diving into the details, let us understand the different water heaters we generally use.

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Varieties of Geysers

The Indian market offers an extensive range of water heaters. We can classify them depending on the technology they use.

Immersion Water Heaters
Immersion Water Heaters

This basic water heater design consists of a metallic heating element connected to a cable that directly plugs into the electric mains supply. One has to immerse the heating element into the water and switch on the current for the water to get heated.

Though it is portable and convenient to use, it has its risks. People have suffered electric shocks if they touch the water with the power source switched on.

Besides, one should keep these devices out of reach of children. Nevertheless, it is a handy device. It is better to purchase a reputed brand like Bajaj or Crompton if you decide to go for this rudimentary design.

Induction Water Heaters

Crompton offers induction water heaters, an innovative technology that uses magnetic induction to heat water. The advantage is that it allows heating a larger surface area of water than traditional geysers. Besides, it heats the water quickly and reduces electrical consumption by 33%.

Instant Electric Heaters

If you are looking for a water heater to deliver hot water quickly, instant electric heaters should be the ideal choice. Though these geysers can provide hot water within a few minutes of switching them on, they are available in low capacities, somewhere around 1 to 5 liters.

instant geyser water heater model

Besides, these water heaters are comparatively cheaper than the storage geysers, and they occupy less space in the bathroom. Hence, Indian homes favor instant electric water heaters to satisfy their requirements.

Storage Water Heaters

While small Indian families love instant water heaters, storage geysers are always in demand. As the name suggests, these appliances can store sufficient water to cater to the needs of large Indian families. Almost all manufacturers offer storage water heaters.

Storage Water Heaters model

These geysers are available with capacities ranging from 10 liters to 100 liters. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the ideal one for your home. Brands like Racold and AO Smith are prominently available on the Indian market.

Solar Water Heaters

India is blessed with good sunshine throughout the year. Hence, solar water heaters offer an excellent alternative to traditional storage or instant geysers. Besides, these appliances are energy-efficient because they do not consume any electricity.

Solar water heater

However, they require sufficient space for installation and incur higher costs. Some popular brands include Racold and Venus. Therefore, commercial establishments prefer to install solar water heaters to save on energy costs. Besides, solar water heaters last long enough to recover the product and installation costs over its lifespan.

Gas Water Heaters

The electrical water heaters are convenient, but they consume a lot of electricity. Installing gas water heaters is an excellent alternative. These geysers use compressed gas to heat water. You can find various apartment complexes offering PNG (piped natural gas) heaters, whereas individual homes prefer LPG (liquified petroleum gas) geysers.

Generally, the gas water heaters are instant heater types that occupy less space and provide quicker heating.

Solar & Pump Geysers

Though solar water heaters save power, they have their demerits because they are powerless without sunlight. Hence, they prove ineffective in the evenings or the rainy season. Venus, a reputed brand, has introduced a hybrid geyser that harnesses solar energy during the day and uses a water pump to generate hot water. Thus, it provides hot water 24 x 7.

Air2Heat Water Heaters

AO Smith has introduced a new technology that heats water by generating heat from the environment instead of directly heating water. Air2Heat geysers use technology used in refrigerators but in reverse order. Compared to traditional geysers, this water heater saves energy but is expensive.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater is not new because these appliances were available even before introducing storage water heaters. These geysers come equipped with a heating coil that heats water instantly as it passes through the device.

AO Smith Zip Digital Tankless water heaters work on similar technology but feature digital temperature control features. One of the best aspects of these appliances is their safety because you need not keep the geyser on while taking your bath. 

AO Smith Zip Digital Tankless water heaters

Now that we have discussed the different water heaters available on the Indian market, let us go through the technologies. The instant water heaters provide quick heating but consume more electricity. In comparison, storage geysers are better, but they occupy space. Solar water heaters are expensive, and gas heaters do not have many takers in the Indian market. Therefore, geyser manufacturers are constantly exploring new technologies to serve their customers better. The solar & pump heaters and the Air2Heat geyser are excellent examples.

Here are the various technologies used in water heaters one should know to make an informed decision.

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Anti-corrosive Coating Technology

Generally, the geyser water tank contains water all the time, especially in storage water heaters. Even the instant water heater tanks have water most of the time. As a result, the inner walls of the geyser can get corroded with time. Hence, the inner surface of geyser water tanks comes coated with anti-corrosive material to prevent corrosion.

Usually, the coating mechanism and materials used are the same for all brands. However, the marketing strategies of water heater brands differ. First, let us look at the prominent coating technologies used in modern-day geysers.

Porcelain Enamel

Water heater brands like Venus use dry powder enamel coating to protect the inner walls of the water tank from corrosion and rust. The manufacturing technology involves heating porcelain at high temperatures to create vitreous enamel. This technology has approval from IEC, DIN, BIS, and UL.

Blue Diamond Glass
Blue Diamond Glass Lining

AO Smith uses this patented technology in its latest water heater models. Blue Diamond Glass coating prevents the build-up of scale and sediment residue on the inner walls of the geyser tank due to constant exposure to hard water.


Prominent water heater manufacturers such as Bajaj use Glassline inner coating technology to protect the water tank from corrosion. This commonly-used technology involves applying glass powders on metal and heating it in a furnace leading to a protective coating on the surface. This technique is effective in resisting corrosion.

Titanium Enamel

Manufacturers like Racold use Titanium enamel coating technology, a comparatively expensive technique in premium water heaters. It is one of the best technologies to counter corrosion due to hard water. The technology involves coating the water tank’s inner surface with Super Polymer High-Performance coating. 

Nano Coating

Geyser water tanks usually have multiple welding lines that lead to water leakage. Compton has introduced a nano-coating with a single weld line for its geyser water tanks to reduce leakage by nearly 66% compared to traditional water heaters.  

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Remote App Control Technology

We live in the era of smart appliances, a sign of changing lifestyles making way for modern homes. The younger generation loves to use devices like smart TVs, smartphones, and other app-controlled appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. Hence, you have reputed brands like Havells, AO Smith, and Racold introducing ‘smart functionality‘ in their latest geyser models. Remote and smartphone apps can control these appliances.

Havells LED color-changing display panel water heaters

Havells has introduced the LED color-changing display panel that changes from blue to orange as the water heats up. This technology, available in Havells Adonia Series, has been patented. Therefore, you cannot witness this feature in other water heaters. Furthermore, Havells water heaters also feature a digital temperature display, a change from the regular temperature displays found in other models. Besides, one can control the digital temperature display with feather-touch options.

Havells Adonia-I Series geysers are compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity allowing users to control their operations using a smartphone app from remote locations. In addition, the Wi-Fi Direct feature on this geyser enables you to control the appliance even in the absence of an active Wi-Fi connection at home. This exciting feature allows you to schedule your hot water bath. Besides, you can decide the water temperature you would like to have for bathing.

Havells Adonia water heater

Similarly, Racold offers Wi-Fi technology with smart-control features in its latest Omnis Series models. The personalized features allow users to control the geyser’s functioning and set the water temperature between 40 and 80 degrees Celsius. The exciting feature of the Omnis Series is that it allows users to instruct the appliance whether they would like to have a bucket or a shower bath. In addition, it enables the geyser to cool the water accordingly. The smartphone app control feature allows users to assume complete control over energy usage, making this geyser an energy-efficient appliance.

Venus offers a multi-function smart digital display in its latest Lyra Smart premium model. Its excellent features include a visual indication of temperature levels and programming options like morning and evening showers. It also offers a smart ring feature that changes color to indicate hot water. Furthermore, the wireless control feature lets users operate the water heater using innovative button options. Besides, the Lyra Smart model has the most aesthetic looks of all.

AO Smith ranks amongst the top geyser manufacturers globally. We have discussed the critical feature of the Air2Heat water heater model earlier. This model has exciting features like timer controls, temperature control, different modes, select hot water quantity, and power-off memory.

AO Smith Air2Heat geyser

AO Smith Air2Heat geyser saves energy because of the AES (Adaptive Energy Saving) feature. This intelligent feature analyzes the user’s water heater usage patterns and adopts the heating cycles accordingly. For example, suppose you have the habit of switching on the geyser every morning at a specific time to have a warm shower.

The AES feature analyzes your pattern and adapts the software program to prepare your warm water a few minutes before your regular bathing time. The best aspect is that users can undo this feature by selecting the Override option.

Bajaj water heaters rank amongst the most popular appliances in India. Though Bajaj heaters do not offer the top features discussed above, the models like Majesty and Flora feature a neon indicator that delivers the water heating status and readiness on the display panel.

Accidental Mishap Protection Technology

Water and electricity have never been good friends. There have been incidents of people suffering electric shocks when using water heaters. It explains why immersion heaters have become less popular today. On the other hand, modern-day geysers offer high-quality protection from electric shocks because of better technology and insulation features.

Circuit Breakers

Havells geysers come equipped with ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) that shuts off the power supply to the heater if there is current leakage. It protects the user from electrocution. Similarly, Crompton heaters feature a fuse plug to switch off the current supply if it overshoots limits.

Digital Thermostat

The water inside the geyser tank can get extremely hot. Hence, modern-day water heaters feature a thermostat to switch off the power supply once the water heats up. AO Smith geysers feature a digital thermostat to monitor water temperature and ensure safe operations.

AO Smith Storage Geyser
Child Lock

Gas water heaters can be risky because users, especially children, might accidentally leave the gas supply open. Therefore, all Bajaj gas heaters have a child lock feature for safety.


People living in hill stations and places experiencing snowfall in winter have to worry about the water freezing inside the geyser tank. Bajaj geysers come equipped with anti-freeze additives to lower the water’s freezing point and prevent it from freezing if you do not use the geyser for an extended period. At the same time, it increases water’s boiling point to ensure that it does not vaporize at high temperatures.

Flame Failure Protection

Gas heaters experience a gas build-up if the pilot system runs out of gas. The top gas heater models like Bajaj, Havells, and Racold feature a protective arrangement comprising thermocouple, coil, and valve. In addition, the latest models feature a default timer that shuts off the gas supply to the heater if it is not used for 15 to 20 minutes.

Fire Protection

Bajaj geysers have a fire-retardant cable to resist combustion and restrict flame propagation as a fire safety measure.

IPX4 Protection

Generally, you find this feature in smartphones to protect them from water spills. The latest Havells models feature IPX4 Pentashield technology to protect the electrical parts from water splashes. The latest Bajaj water heaters also exhibit IPX4 protection features.

Silver Ion Technology

Water accumulation inside the geyser water tank causes bacterial contamination. Racold water heaters use silver ion technology on their anodes to eliminate bacterial proliferation and ensure a healthy bath. This technology is similar to what you experience in appliances like water purifiers. It can kill up to 99% of bacteria.

Pressure Valve

The pressure valve is a consistent feature observed across all water heater brands. This safety valve protects the geyser components by relieving pressure and releasing water if the pressure levels overshoot the prescribed limits.

Miscellaneous Technologies

Havells geyser models use Whirlflow technology to prevent the mixing of hot water generated by the geyser and the cold water flowing into it. Thus, it enhances the hot water flow rates and saves up to 20% energy.

Manufacturers like Racold, AO Smith, and Bajaj offer geysers injected with PUF to ensure that the heat does not dissipate quickly. As a result, this technology minimizes standing loss.

Final Thoughts

India has a vibrant water heater market, with top manufacturers like Bajaj, Venus, Crompton, Racold, etc. Besides, you have international brands like AO Smith offering high-quality geysers, with technology like Air2Heat and AES. Hence, choosing the perfect geyser for your home can be challenging. Besides, manufacturers tend to confuse customers with fancy names. Therefore, this article should have made it clear for everyone by explaining the technologies in a straightforward manner.

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