Latest Robot Vacuum Cleaner Technologies in 2021

Cleaning and mopping the floors is a thankless job. Besides, it can be challenging for families where both spouses go to work.

Moreover, the dust flying all over the place when using brooms to clean the floor can cause health problems.

The introduction of vacuum cleaners eliminates the dust issue. However, it still required a human to operate the vacuum cleaner manually.

The robotic vacuum cleaners are an improvement on the conventional vacuum cleaning machines because they do not require human intervention.

These machines come equipped with the latest technologies to make them convenient for the household. Let us understand these innovative technologies to enable us to get the best out of these appliances.

Different Technologies – Make it easy for the user

You have different brands of robotic vacuum cleaners available on the market. The top-rated brands include Ecovacs, Eureka Forbes, iRobot, Eufy by Anker, Viomi, and many more.

All these robotic vacuum cleaning machines work on similar technologies but having different names. These devices come with special sensors for detection and navigation. 

This article discusses cleaning and mopping technologies, as well. Some advanced robotic vacuum cleaning appliances display smartphone app compatibility. 

Detecting Technology – Avoid collisions and prevent accidents

A robotic vacuum cleaner is advantageous because it does not need any human intervention other than switching the machine on or off. Once switched on, this machine vacuum cleans the floor and mops them simultaneously.

Anker Eufy G30 Robovac

Now, there can be obstacles in your home such as stairs, furniture, humans, strewn toys, walls, etc. Hence, these appliances come equipped with intelligent sensors that detect such obstacles and helping to avoid them. 

Manufacturers refer to this technology by different names. Ecovacs names it TrueDetect 3D Advanced Technology. This technology is available in the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro model. These robots feature a smart anti-collision sensor that detects obstacles with the minutest precision of 1mm.

Therefore, besides furniture and other large objects, this robotic vacuum cleaner can detect small objects like magazines, newspapers, pens, and toys. Thus, it avoids any collision with these obstacles.

This smart detection technology can also identify wires and cables lying on the ground. Its sensors prevent the machine from forming tangles and thus, provide a tangle-free floor cleaning experience. 

This detection technology allows the vacuum cleaning robot to identify uneven floor surfaces like staircases. It prevents the machine from falling off and causing damage to itself. 

The detecting technology also enables the robot to identify dust particles with a greater degree of accuracy. It allows the machine to clean more areas quickly.

Eureka Forbes equips its robotic vacuum cleaners like Robo Vac N Mop with nine smart sensors that help detect obstacles and adjust its cleaning path accordingly. 

IBell Robot Vacuum Cleaner features 360-degree Smart Sensor Protection, preventing it from falling over staircases or colliding with furniture items. The Viomi SE robot vacuum cleaner model features 12 sensors, including anti-drop sensors, anti-collision sensors, and anti-wall sensors.

While detecting technology is available in all robotic vacuum cleaners, the more advanced models feature an innovative technology, Navigating Technology, that enables the machine to map your floor plan and navigate its way accordingly. 

Ecovacs introduced this mapping and navigating technology in the industry. They named it TrueMapping laser-based navigation technology, similar to those employed in the aerospace industry.

The Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro model works on Smart Navi 3.0 and intelligent SLAM algorithms to map your floor design and create an optimal route to satisfy your cleaning requirements.

This navigating technology works cohesively with the detection technology to prevent colliding with obstacles, even the fresh ones that emerge after the mapping. Thus, this technology offers a unique way to clean your floors.

Smart Navi 3.0 Navigating Technology

TrueMapping technology is highly advanced as it can map your entire home with twice the coverage and four times the accuracy using the patented dToF technology. This technology redefines your home cleaning experience by making it simple.

The 360-degree full coverage scan maps your entire house in great detail. The High Precision Restoration feature detects up to 33 feet and ensures safe navigation for your robotic vacuum cleaning machine.

Viomi appliances work on Lidar (Light Detection and Range) technology, the same used in airplanes and satellites. This system uses an infrared laser to map the floors. This technology helps make high-resolution maps.

Ilife A10s also uses similar Lidar technology that relies on the laser bounding back from the obstacles to the machine to enable it to calculate the distance and act accordingly. Usually, this device is placed atop the vacuum cleaner, where the laser rotates at 360 degrees to search for obstacles. 

The 360 S7 Laser navigation robot vacuum cleaner works on LDS Lidar and SLAM algorithm to plan its routes efficiently. Besides, this appliance features memory cleaning to remember the navigation routes and ensure efficient and complete cleaning of large houses. 

The navigation system also enables you to mark off areas where you do not want the robot vacuum cleaner to clean. The Eufy by Anker robotic vacuum cleaner features 6-feet boundary strips so that the machine stays within its borders. It enables you to focus on specific areas for cleaning. 

Suction Technology – Determines the machine’s power

Vacuum cleaners work by sucking out the dust and impurities from the floor. These machines come equipped with high suction power to suck out the minutest of dust particles.

The more stubborn the dust particles, the more is the sucking power required by the appliance.

Some of the top-end vacuum cleaners offer variable suction power. For example, the Eufy by Anker vacuum cleaning machine works on BoostIQ technology that increases the suction power within 1.5 seconds when it encounters stubborn dust. This machine works on 1500Pa of suction power to ensure a spotless cleaning experience.

The 360 S7 device enhances the suction power to 2000Pa when it senses carpets that require deep cleaning. The Viomi SE machine is a powerful one with a suction power of 2200Pa.

Mopping Technology – Ensures a thorough cleaning job

Robot vacuum cleaners come with highly intuitive features like mopping systems that can mop the floors with greater efficiency than humans.

Ecovacs uses the Ozmo Mopping system that can exhibit five times the efficiency that humans are capable of. This advanced technology can vacuum and mop the house simultaneously. They come equipped with a water tank of varying capacities to help mop the floors and remove up to 99% of bacteria on the floors.

Ozmo mopping technology can clean the most stubborn stains with ease. Another highlighting feature of the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro is that this technology helps the machine detect carpets when mopping to avoid them altogether. 

The Ilife A10S robot vacuum cleaner comes with a patented vibrating water tank to imitate the way humans mop the floors by rubbing back and forth while vibrating up and down. This tank comes with 3-level adjustable water flows that help loosens and dissolve stubborn stains.

This technology envisages the placement of mopping cloth beneath the machine that proves helpful for scrubbing the floors while mopping. 

The 360 S7 vacuum cleaner works on a system that automatically switches to the mopping mode after installing the water tank. It also allows you to earmark specific areas for mopping. The smart water tank ensures to use of minimum water for cleaning your rooms. Thus, it does not leave any water stains on the floor.  

The Viomi SE robot displays Y-pattern mopping to stimulate manual cleaning and two-way cleaning with high efficiency and coverage.

Smartphone App Compatibility – Make your home a smart place.

The high-end robot vacuum cleaners are compatible with smartphone apps that allow you to operate, control, and schedule the vacuuming sessions conveniently. These machines also work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home

The iOS and Android compatibility feature is available on all Ecovacs Deebot robot vacuum cleaning models. You can give instructions for vacuuming or vacuum plus mopping, depending on the circumstances. 

Similarly, other models like iRobot Roomba 971, Eufy by Anker, Viomi SE, etc., are compatible with their respective smartphone apps. This smartphone app compatibility allows for hands-free controlling and operating the machine anytime and from anywhere.

Automatic Docking technology – Recharge your batteries on time.

The robotic vacuum cleaners work on battery power. These batteries require frequent recharging. Generally, a machine can work for anywhere between 90 to 150 minutes on a full recharge.

These appliances come with automatic sensors that sense the battery levels continuously. Once the level reaches below the critical 20%, these machines automatically return to the docking point for recharging the batteries.

It can take approximately three hours for a recharge. On recharging it to 100%, the machines resume the cleaning job from where it stopped during its operations.

Deboot Automatic docking

All robotic vacuum cleaners feature automatic docking technology. Thus, it eliminates human intervention in this area of its functioning. This technology is helpful, especially when you schedule the cleaning at night or when you are unavailable. The machine goes on with its job as programmed.

Other Innovative Technologies

Ultraviolet Sanitation – Hygiene of the highest order

Some robot vacuum cleaning devices like the Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop come equipped with unique UV sanitization technology that sanitizes the floor as it cleans them. It ensures to eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria from the cleaning surfaces.       

Similarly, the Viomi S9 features a UV floor sanitizer to kill five types of harmful Germs.

Smart Dust Tank Detection – Ensures safety 

The Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop features a unique safety measure in smart dust tank detection. This machine alerts the user that the tank placement is incorrect. Thus, it allows the user to rectify the mistake and ensure its proper functioning.

Remote Control Operations – Hands-free control from anywhere

You have robotic vacuum cleaners with smartphone compatibility to allow you to operate and control the machine from anywhere. Similarly, some of the vacuum cleaners allow controlling them using a remote control device. The iBell Robotic Vacuum cleaner allows you this facility.  


Robotic vacuum cleaners are machines that make it comfortable and convenient for everyone to clean their floors. These devices, ably assisted by advanced technologies, can navigate to the far corners of your home and ensure a thorough cleaning job.

Most of these technologies are available on all robotic vacuum cleaners, with the high-end models featuring mapping and navigating features. These advanced technologies help ensure a perfect vacuuming and mopping job. 


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