Latest Refrigerator Technologies in India (2023)

The fridge was considered a luxury many years ago. But today, it has become an essential appliance working 24x7x365 in almost every Indian kitchen.

With more people purchasing refrigerators today, the demand is rising. So, there is intense competition in the market. Therefore, manufacturers are introducing path-breaking technologies in their products to serve the consumer better.

This article discussed the latest refrigerator technologies in the Indian market in 2023. It can help prospective buyers to make an informed decision.

Before we discuss the technologies, let us see the different categories of refrigerators in India

Compressor – Digital, Dual, Triple, Intellisense, Linear Inverter

The compressor is often considered the heart of the appliance. Conventional compressors work at a single speed and alternate between switching on and off at regular intervals. Since these motors work at full speed regardless of the cooling settings or loads, they consume more power. Besides, they make more noise, especially when they switch on.

In contrast, compressors working on inverter technology are more efficient. These engines do not switch off but vary their working speed according to the cooling requirements and loads. Hence, they save power and make less noise.

Samsung and LG offer refrigerators that work on digital inverter technology. This technology uses nine sensor track variables, like humidity levels, usage patterns, internal and external temperatures, and refrigeration loads, to optimize cooling and save power.

The latest models from LG and Samsung offer dual inverter technology that uses two rotors to enhance the cooling performance and save more power.

LG calls this technology Inverter Linear Compressor technology. It claims that this inverter compressor saves 32% energy by adjusting its speeds to the cooling demands and the refrigeration load. Besides, the compressor operates within a small temperature range of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the compressor has fewer friction points, making 25% less noise.

Haier has taken this technology further to provide triple inverter technology in their latest models. These refrigerators are initially expensive, but the manufacturers claim that consumers can recover the initial cost through additional power savings throughout the appliance’s lifespan.

Haier bottom mount refrigerator reviews

Whirlpool offers advanced refrigeration technologies like the 6th Sense Intellisense Technology and Plasma Inverter Compressor that consumes power according to the refrigeration load, temperature levels, and refrigerant pressure.

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Cooling Technologies – Better utility, comfort, and convenience

Cooling technologies have improved tremendously over the years. The single-door refrigerator models feature Direct Cooling technology. Such refrigerators come with manual defrosting systems. The advantage is efficient cooling, but the prominent drawback is frost accumulation. Excessive frost accumulation can affect the appliance’s efficiency.

However, double-door refrigerators offer frost-free technology that does not require manual defrosting. Besides, refrigerators feature multiple cooling vents inside the appliance to ensure uniform cooling.

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Manufacturers have different names for the cooling technologies they offer. Haier names it 360-degree Air Flow because the vents are located strategically inside the appliance to ensure continuous airflow from multiple locations. It provides cooling to every corner of the refrigerator without any warm spots. Thus, your food remains fresh for extended durations.

Whirlpool has a similar technology known as 3D airflow that offers uniform cooling. The advantage is that the user can customize the cooling and set the preferred direction for the airflow.

LG has improvised with new technology, Ice Beam Door Cooling, that decreases the temperature gap between the door compartments and the inner part of the appliance. This technology ensures uniform air distribution throughout the refrigerator to maintain your food fresh for extended periods. In addition, LG claims that this technology provides 35% faster cooling than conventional cooling technology.

Usually, refrigerators have a single fan for cooling the refrigeration and freezer chambers. But the latest models from Godrej, Hitachi, and Haier offer a dual fan system to enable independent cooling to the freezer and the fridge compartment. This technology ensures efficient circulation of cool air throughout the appliance.

Hitachi claims its Dual Fan Air Jet technology allows its premium refrigerator models to offer efficient cooling even if the ambient temperature touches 60 degrees Celsius.    

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Convertibility – Use your refrigerator the way you want

Selecting the ideal refrigerator for the household is always challenging. For example, some families do not use the freezer as much as the fridge compartments. On the other hand, some require more freezer space.

Haier 14-in-1 convertibility refrigerator

Conventional refrigerators prove inadequate to cater to such varying requirements. So, Samsung has introduced a convertibility feature that allows users to convert the freezer into a fridge and vice-versa, according to their preferences. Besides Samsung, LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, and others offer this convertible facility.

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Here are the different convertibility options available in some latest Samsung refrigerator models. The other brands offer similar features.

  • The Normal Mode: Refrigerators usually function in the Normal Mode by default, where the freezer and the refrigerator compartment perform their respective duties. So users have adequate freezer space to keep their frozen items and make ice faster. Simultaneously, they get enough space for their refrigeration requirements.
  • Extra Fridge Mode: Users might need more fridge space at times. Under such circumstances, they can change the settings to convert the freezer compartment into a fridge. Usually, people with vegetarian dietary preferences use the Extra Fridge Mode.
  • Seasonal Mode: Users might not need ice or freezing during winter. So, the convertibility option allows them to switch off the freezer entirely and use the refrigeration compartment alone.
  • Vacation Mode: This mode works opposite to the Seasonal Mode. Users can switch off the refrigeration compartment and use the freezer alone when going on a vacation. Thus, they save electricity.
  • Home Alone Mode: Users can switch off the refrigeration compartment and convert the freezer into a mini fridge if they do not have many food items to store. Hence, this mode also saves power.

While the convertibility option is excellent, it takes time for the settings to become effective. LG claims it offers the fastest conversion times of around 70 minutes in its latest model, Dual Fridge.

Power Blackout Cooling Options – proves helpful during power outages.

Power cuts are not new in India, with almost all cities, except the metros, experiencing extended power outages. Under such circumstances, your food can get spoilt inside the refrigerator. However, the latest technologies help overcome such problems.

  • Home Inverter Compatibility: Top manufacturers like Samsung and Bosch use Smart Inverter technology that allows the refrigerator to work on the home inverter system during power cuts.
  • Solar Power Compatibility: The latest LG and Samsung refrigerator models are compatible to work with solar energy. These appliances can work on the home inverter system also. So, users get 24×7 refrigeration, regardless of power cuts.
  • Cooling Gel Technology: Godrej offers StayCool gel cooling technology to maintain the cooling for a few hours during power cuts. This technology can keep the freezer compartment cool and prevent ice creams from melting during power outages.
  • Cool Wall Technology: Samsung offers this technology comprising a specially designed cooling wall that enables the refrigerator to retain its cooling during power cuts. This technology works with Cool Pack, a cooling gel technique, to keep the freezer chilled for up to 12 hours.
  • Insulated Capillary Technology: Whirlpool has introduced insulated capillary technology that provides additional insulation to the capillary that carries the super cold gas. Using this technology, the freezer can achieve a temperature as low as -26 degrees Celsius. Hence, it ensures the refrigerator remains cool for up to 12 hours during power cuts.
  • Unique design: Haier uses cooling gel technology to retain refrigerator cooling during power cuts. Besides, Haier fridges feature a diamond-shaped design that can slow down the ice-melting process. So, it prolongs the cooling retention period.

Customizable Interiors – More space for storage

Optimizing storage space inside the refrigerator is always challenging. Modern-day fridges offer excellent options like adjustable shelves, extra-large vegetable boxes, crispers, bottle-holders, wine racks, and chillers.

The crisper is a crucial feature available in almost all refrigerators. Whirlpool offers multiple crisper options like Twin Seal, Fresh & Soft, and Trizone crisper options. These arrangements provide more space for storing vegetables and fruits. In addition, it prevents moisture from escaping. Thus, it enhances their freshness and discourages the mixing of odors.

Whirlpool refrigerator models feature Adapta shelves with a zigzag shape, making them flexible to adapt to varying storage requirements.

Haier vegetable crispers are nearly 50% bigger than conventional crispers. Besides, the 90-degree contour door design allows users to remove the crisper entirely, even if there is less space for opening the door.

Haier bottom mount storage

Godrej double-door refrigerators have a unique polybag suspender containing hooks to enable users to hang frozen foods. In addition, some Whirlpool models feature collapsible wine racks holding up to five bottles.

Energy Saving Features – Light on your pocket, but high on efficiency

We have discussed the use of inverter compressor technology to save power. Other measures to conserve energy include the use of LED lights. Besides saving power, LED lights save space. In addition, LED lights emit less heat (around ten times less than conventional bulbs). Hence, the refrigerator experiences fewer temperature swings.

The latest models feature Eco-technology LED bulbs that consume up to 20 times less power than ordinary light bulbs.

LG’s premium model, LG Signature, offers Lumishelf LED lighting that provides different lighting for each shelf. These high-quality LED bulbs consume 77% less energy and are 26 times more durable than traditional lighting. Hence, consumers save power.

Godrej also offers LED lighting in their refrigerators. Besides, they have motion-sensing lights capable of detecting any movement. So, they illuminate the areas you search for your food items. It proves helpful at night.

Other features

  • Premium LG refrigerators offer transparent door sections that allow users to view the fridge contents without opening the door.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators from LG allow users to control their appliances using a specific smartphone app, ThinQ. In addition, it offers remote control, smart diagnosis, and monitoring facilities.
  • The latest French-door refrigerators offer water and ice dispensers on the appliance door. It saves the trouble of opening the fridge to have a glass of cold water.
  • Some single-door refrigerator models offer additional storage space outside the appliance in the form of a vegetable drawer to store vegetables like onions and potatoes.


Refrigerators have become indispensable kitchen appliances, with almost every home having them. The technologies have improved tremendously. We have discussed the latest technologies available in refrigerators in India. They help deliver better cooling performances while saving power simultaneously.

The extent of competition in the market has forced manufacturers to offer exclusive technologies like convertibility, all-around cooling, home inverter compatibility, and Wi-Fi-enabled appliances. The use of inverter compressor technology is necessary today for reducing the overall carbon footprint and conserving the environment.

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